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Research Paper on Management Principles: Party of Authority and Responsibility

Understanding the concepts of authority and responsibility is important in business management. Learning the concepts can help managers and employees to effectively perform their tasks and create a pleasing work environment.

Research Paper: The Most Prominent Management Principles

Managers and other management experts utilize different management principles in their practice. Some adhere to Fayol’s 14 Management Principles while others utilize similar theories. Read this paper to learn about these principles.

Sample Research Paper: Modern Management Strategies to Improve Productivity

Modern management strategies is an interesting topic to write about. Read this sample research paper that presents three of the best strategies for improving employee productivity based on empirical research.

Sample Argumentative Essay on the Importance of Corporate Governance

All top companies have good corporate governance policies in place. This is why they perform well and are well trusted. This argumentative essay defines corporate governance, then argues that it is an important aspect in business.

Sample Reflection Paper on a Leadership Style

Satya Nadella, the current CEO of Microsoft, is one of the most successful leaders in today's world. This reflection paper analyzes Nadella's leadership style and talks about its benefits and potential pitfalls.

Business Research: Challenges in a Cross-Cultural Management

Cross-cultural management offers managers various challenges that result from the difference between cultures. Read this sample essay to learn about the different challenges and possible solutions.