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The Problem of COVID-19 and Social Stigma

Stigmatization against certain groups of people have been present for a long time now. With a highly contagious pandemic going on, what social stigmas have formed and are there ways to prevent it?

How Social Psychology Addresses Cult Development Brainwashing

People join cults due to peer pressure, curiosity, or brainwashing. But what do psychologists think of brainwashing and its effect on cult development?

Sample Term Paper on Sociology: "Arranged Marriages"

Are arranged marriages really a thing of the past? Read more on this full free essay only here at CustomEssayMeister

Sample Discussion Board Post on Sociology: Applying the Sociological Imagination

A discussion board post is a type of short written assignment that students post in an online forum. This sample discussion board post on sociology applies the concept of sociological imagination to a specific facet of life.