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Sample Admission Essay: Why Should We Accept You - Accepted by University of Pennsylvania

Read this college admission essay written by a successful candidate of the University of Pennsylvania

Sample Admission Essay about Failure

Learn how to write a post-graduate level admission essay by reading the work of others. Read this admission essay delving into one’s failure and how it affected them.

Sample College Admission Essay: Stepping Out Into The World

How to write a college admissions essay that will get you into your dream school? Check out this college admissions essay about a personal accomplishment that is unrelated to academics but means a lot.

Sample College Admission Essay: Why Credit Cards Should Not Have Existed

An admission essay is a paper that college applicants need to submit as part of their application. Read this sample admission essay to learn how to construct a proper paper for your application.

Sample Admission Essay: Appreciating Different Ideologies

A college admission essay can be about any prompt that allows students to express themselves and their skills. This sample admission essay is about changing one day in an individual’s life.

Sample Admission Essay: Failure on the Way to Success

Make your college admission standout by writing about topics that others would not dare write about. This sample admission essay is about a goal that you failed to attain because of the pandemic, how you felt about it, and how you coped.

Sample College Admission Essay: What Captivates You?

There are many prompts for college admission essays and each aims to learn something about the applicant. Read this sample college admission essay to learn what to put in your paper and improve your application.

Sample Admission Essay: What Happens When Rules Disappear?

College admission essays require you to answer questions that will assess if you are fit for a certain university. This sample admission essay raises the question of what happens when rules disappear.