Sample College Admission Essay: Stepping Out Into The World

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Sample Admission Essay Prompt:

Talk about a personal accomplishment that is unrelated to academics, but means a lot to you. 

One of the most common prompts for college admission essays is “talk about a personal accomplishment that is unrelated to academics, but that means a lot to you.” Read this admission essay that discusses a personal accomplishment.

When the COVID-19 pandemic first hit the US, I was frustrated and dejected because I could not do the usual things I did. Everything suddenly seemed dangerous and more complicated. What I did not immediately realize, however, was that what I and my family experienced were mere inconveniences. There were people for whom the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions it gave rise to were a matter of life and death. One of these people was the elderly, my grandparents for example, who could not step out of their homes to get their basic necessities. This realization pulled me out of my haze of selfishness and propelled me to find a way to support the elderly while the government and healthcare workers fight the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Being 19 years old at the time, I realized that I could step out of the house and buy groceries for others. So, that is what I did. It was a one-man show. I have used our house phone—a first in a long time—and called up our elderly neighbor Martha to ask her what she needs from the store or pharmacy. She gave me her grocery list over the phone, then I walked over to her door to get her prescription and cash. After I got everything she needed, I left the items at her door, taking care to sanitize the bags first. When I got home, I asked her again if she knew of others who needed help with their groceries or prescriptions. Like wildfire, she spread the news to others in our area. My little project of helping my neighbors became a full-time volunteering job. Despite my efforts to consolidate their groceries, I still found myself leaving our house every day. Prior to this pandemic, I had not participated in volunteering activities , nor was I proactively aware of political issues. For the first time in my life, I saw how political issues seep down and affect the daily lives of people. 

I would say my actual accomplishment here is not really realizing that I needed to help our elderly neighbors but starting a movement in my neighborhood. This movement that started as simply getting essentials for my neighbor became a small-scale movement. With the growing demand for my “services,” I decided to recruit my friends. I worked with my friends first to ensure that my neighbors’ needs were cared for. However, I belonged to a group of friends that one would describe as detached from reality. We are, at nineteen, still living like kids whose political socialization was incomplete—unbothered by the political issues that affected the country. We were abominations to the stereotype that Gen Z is highly political. Nevertheless, as I went on my grocery and pharmacy runs, I became aware, and to be honest, angry, at how little support the government provides to people who need it. Although I was proud to have managed to mobilize even a small group of individuals to do something for others and of my friends for their willingness to risk their health to help others, I was aware of how little a dent all our efforts were making. Our little grocery runs were helping only a handful of people in our immediate surroundings when there was no doubt that countless others were struggling, too. 

The issue was simply far more complicated than a simple teenager could handle. My friends convinced me that making a difference in a few people’s lives is just as worth it as, for example, speaking to Congress about climate change as Greta Thunberg did. However, my issue was not about doing something great for myself. I worried about the other older people in other parts of the country who may not be able to get food or medicine for themselves. So, overnight, I created a Facebook group that eventually became “Walk A Mile.” I wrote a long post about the struggles of the elderly and what younger people can do. I then shared it on Twitter and Instagram. A lot of teenagers and young adults took notice of my post and shared it on their platforms as well. Within a week after my post, other groups have formed throughout our town and state.

I am well aware that what I have done is nothing groundbreaking. In essence, I merely posted on social media. However, I cannot help but consider this my most important accomplishment so far. I am proud that I did not isolate myself from the world figuratively during the pandemic. I opened my eyes and saw a problem that needed to be solved and instead of waiting for someone else to do something about it, I went out and did something. For me, this is not a one-time project. Although this type of service may no longer be relevant once we open again, I’m sure that many other issues need the attention of creative minds. 

I have become a lot more politically aware nowadays, too. This is another thing I am proud of, though it is a given for most. More than that, I was also able to inspire my group of friends to be aware of the social issues of our time and, eventually, move on to influence others to do the same. I have always thought that I would not be able to make a difference in society as an individual and, most especially, as a teenager. However, my perspective changed after this experience. I realized that it did not matter how big or small your contribution is; it could make a significant difference either way. I’m proud that I realized this and that not only did I make a difference for the people in my community, but also inspired others to do the same for theirs. I do not doubt that this is just the start of a life of volunteering and political involvement for me.

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