What Happened to Wuhan A Year After the COVID-19 Outbreak?


It has been more than a year since the Coronavirus outbreak began and the world went into lockdown. Most people’s lives have drastically changed since strict lockdown and health protocols were observed. Remote jobs became the norm, going out without a mask is now a criminal act, and distancing yourself from your loved ones is the best way to show that you care. The novel coronavirus outbreak is believed to have started in Wuhan, one of China’s transportation hubs. (Zhu et al., 2020). 

It is no wonder that the virus was able to spread quickly in all of China and into the rest of the world. Most of the trade in China had to pass through the city of Wuhan. A large mass of people would gather in Wuhan marketplaces to buy necessities and engage in business. This made it the perfect place for the coronavirus to begin spreading. As the epicenter of the pandemic, how is the City of Wuhan in 2021? Is the area still in strict lockdown? How does Wuhan in 2021 compare to the rest of the world? Are Wuhan cases still high? Or is Wuhan now partying as if they have beaten the coronavirus pandemic?

The Wuhan Wave Party

Photos of what people called the Wuhan Wave Party circled the internet last August 2020. The photos showed a large crowd of people, relaxing together and enjoying what seemed to be a pool party. The Wuhan Wave Party photos received outrage from netizens who saw an absurd display of irresponsibility. Social distancing was not observed and the people in the pool did not wear masks. The pool was filled with people casually enjoying their day as if there was no epidemic. Wuhan is now partying while the rest of the world is locked inside their homes. In the eyes of those who are still affected by the pandemic, the Wuhan pool party was a mockery of the current state of the world.

Despite the backlash that it received, others have defended the Wuhan pool party. Some argued that it was to show that Wuhan Covid cases are at a minimum and that their efforts to fend off the virus proved effective. The city entered a strict 76-day lockdown back when the virus spread was just starting. Some individuals may suggest that a lockdown may be the wrong strategy to tackle Covid 19 . For Wuhan, this helped a large deal in their fight against the Coronavirus pandemic. The Wuhan citizens endured the hardships that came with the 76-day-long lockdown and Wuhan itself sacrificed its economy to safeguard the country from the virus. (Global Times Published. 2020) The Wuhan pool party was to show how effective their efforts were and how discipline helped control the virus spread.

The Wuhan Strawberry Music Festival

Thousands of people joined a Wuhan rave called the Wuhan Strawberry Music Festival early this May 2021. (Pollard, 2021). Unlike the Wuhan Wave Party, this gathering is less absurd since people are not sharing a pool. Though a high density of people is still gathered in tight spaces, some of the attendees at the Wuhan rave party wore masks. The attendees of this Wuhan rave party dance and cheer as singers and bands play their music. They are celebrating the results of their hard work and sacrifice. 

Some of the attendees of this Wuhan rave party even come from other provinces of China. This shows how freely the citizens of Wuhan in 2021 can move amidst the threat of the pandemic. Of course, some provinces in China are also celebrating the Strawberry Music Festivals. Most likely in the form of rave parties as well to celebrate their victory against the pandemic.

Citizens of the city stated that Wuhan is one of the safest places from the coronavirus pandemic by 2021. The ground zero for the Coronavirus pandemic is now almost free from the virus. Official data shows that Wuhan Covid cases are at an all-time low. This allows the citizens of the city to go out without fear of catching the virus and continue with their everyday lives.


Wuhan in 2021 is very different from what it was over a year ago. One can say that the state of Wuhan in 2021 is opposite to what is happening to the major parts of the world. The Wuhan pool party and Wuhan rave party showed the city’s strength and how effective their way of handling the situation was. Over 4,600 death cases were recorded in Wuhan during the early days of the pandemic. The city managed to keep this number from rising and is now almost virus-free. A lot of countries may learn a thing or two from looking at how the city of Wuhan fought the coronavirus.

Wuhan pool parties and rave parties aside, the country is not yet fully free from the threat of the coronavirus. There are still reports of Covid cases within the city. The reports, however, suggest that the infections originate overseas and did not spread from within the city. Showing once again that the hard work of the city and its citizens are paying off. Wuhan in 2021 is nearly a virus-free city and perhaps before the year ends, Wuhan will be completely free from Covid-19.

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