Sample Admission Essay: Why Should We Accept You - Accepted by University of Pennsylvania

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High school is a dizzying time. After the awkwardness of developing an identity and friends in middle school, teens are expected to mature immediately the moment they step foot in high school. As a naïve teen, I thought that the persona I had developed in middle school will be who I am for the rest of my teenage life. But that was not true. I felt like I shed the skin I cultivated in middle school. Although a little late, I transformed from being a naïve and happy-go-lucky teen into a more mature and responsible teen—one that is ready for the  common problems students face in college.

As a ninth grader, I did not fully realize the impact of my grades from the beginning of high school on my future. As a result, here I am, applying to college with a flawed application, anxious about my college admission essay . If I had worked harder instead of prioritizing socializing, I would not be applying to colleges with a 1300 SAT and a 2.7 GPA. If I had spent an extra hour or two studying, I could have been the ideal candidate with a higher SAT score and better GPA. I suppose I’m still lucky that I realized this before my senior year started. It’s not entirely too late. 

In my senior year, I made an earnest effort to somehow salvage my GPA and, more importantly, improve my work ethic. I still hung out with my friends, naturally, but I made it a point to limit the time I spend with them so I could still have sufficient time to study. At home, I remove all possible distractions and honed my study method. I am quite proud of the progress I have made as a student and found my grades rising and myself finding my studies easier. However, my hard work in this final year of college is not enough to pull up my GPA. I have come to accept that my GPA will not reflect the hard work I did and the transformation I underwent this year. 

Regardless, I am determined to make something of myself. I have so much time yet to do this with a great university. My realization left me with a new attitude toward grades. I no longer see grades as an arbitrary way to measure students’ intelligence but as a way to demonstrate my discipline, responsibility, and ability to work hard. With this new attitude, I am confident that I will only grow into a more responsible student and will not revert to the type of student I was in ninth grade.

Moreover, I am excited about choosing a major in college that genuinely interests me. I am positive that having the ability to choose my own classes would supplement my newfound interest in studying. In high school, I have always found it easier to study for classes that I found interesting. However, I also understand that college entails taking required courses that don’t necessarily interest me. All the courses required by the university will hone me into a well-rounded individual. After all, I would rather struggle to become a person with a comprehensive understanding of the world and with multiple skills than be complacent with one skill and a narrow field of knowledge.

Armed with my goal-oriented nature, I know that I will study for such courses just as hard. I will keep my goal in mind—that all the courses I take will bring me closer to my college degree and future success. There is no guarantee that I will always be 100% enthusiastic about studying. I know because I experienced this in my senior year, but I trust that I will immediately regain the drive to excel. I will keep my eye on my goal of becoming a well-rounded individual and future professional and understand that all aspects of my college life will lead me to this. There is no doubt that the courses will be challenging but I guarantee that my resolve will be more steadfast. I am still new to being a responsible, mature young adult, but I am a changed man with an unwavering determination to learn and succeed.

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