How to Increase SAT Score

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May 31, 2019

Your SAT score plays a vital role to your college application, as it holds the power to open up more opportunities and scholarship grants, just like the ACT. Most students who seek to improve SAT scores take the test again. Most of the time, especially they have found the best way to prepare for SAT , they end up being successful on their goal to improve SAT scores. With this statistic in mind, it is highly encouraged that a student take the SAT more than once. It could just be before junior year, during the same year, and once again in the fall of senior year. SAT is given many times during the school year, so you are more than free to choose which date will work best for you. In any case, succeeding in taking the SAT is the main goal. Whether you’re looking to get a good score on the SAT for the first time, or have already taken it and now looking for ways to improve SAT scores, read this step-by-step approach:

How to Increase SAT Score

First Step: Determine which target score range is attainable for you

Before deciding to take the SAT again, spend some time to ponder on how and what a better score will help you accomplish. Perhaps attaining a certain score will help you stand out over other applicants at your dream college, or improving SAT score by a number of points will help you meet application requirements for that scholarship you’ve been eyeing. Raise your SAT score by having a clear goal, as this will help you determine how much you need to improve. It will also keep you motivated as you prepare to take the exams again. 

Second Step: Take some time to register for the SAT

This step is essentially common sense, but nevertheless vital to the process of improving SAT scores. Now that you have determined your target score range, look at the upcoming SAT dates available and decide when you wish to take the test again. Remember to choose a date that works with the timeline of your college application, and give you plenty of time to prepare and practice before the test. Experts recommend that you practice six to eight weeks before the SAT schedule, so that studying won’t be crammed, and will help to improve score needed by the student. As soon as you’ve settled for a date, register right away, as test centers tend to fill up early for certain test dates. It is better to reserve a spot in advance. If you are retaking the SAT for the second time around, registering will only take a couple of minutes, as you already have a College Board account. Simply sign in, choose a test date and test center, and then pay. Do not forget that there are registration fee waivers, so if you are qualified, make sure that you take advantage of this.

Third Step: Create a practice schedule that will work best for you

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to pay for a private tutor, or even an SAT preparation class to improve your SAT scores. Khan Academy, which can be accessed on the web and on your mobile, offers the Official SAT Practice. It contains a comprehensive study course, and comes completely free. Statistics show that over 100,000 students have used Official SAT Practice in the school year 2017–2018 have increased their SAT scores by 200 points and above, and that’s entirely possible for you, too. If you’re looking for answers on how to improve SAT scores, this is it - it only takes a little more of determination, hard work, and organization.

Here’s how it works: Create an account for the free Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy. As you sign up, remember to link Khan Academy to your College Board account. This way, Khan Academy will gain access to your past SAT scores, and will personalize your study plan. As soon as you have signed up, look for a button called Create Schedule,  which is located in your account dashboard. Enter the date you are going to take the SAT, and set up a custom study schedule leading to that day. As you begin crafting your schedule, ponder on what time of day works best for you, and how many hours you are willing to allot for it. Khan Academy will send an email reminder every day, to help you stay committed to studying and your study schedule. Also think about how many points you are aiming for to improve your SAT score, and ensure that you have enough time to practice to realize this goal.

Khan Academy has also reported that those students who spent 20 hours on Official SAT Practice a week gained average point gain of of 115.

Fourth Step: Practice, practice, practice - and practice some more!

You’ve finally signed up for Khan Academy, and your practice schedule is finally mapped out. It’s time to finally start the work, which means a lot of practicing. Attaining solid SAT score improvement means spending most of your time on Official SAT Practice, but since you’ve linked College Board and Khan Academy, you will be given a study plan that focuses on things you need to improve on the most - perhaps you’re looking improve SAT math score. As you study, remember all the reasons that drove you to take the SAT again – to get a better SAT score for your dream college, or increase SAT score to bag that elusive scholarship. Perhaps you could place photos of the colleges you wish to study at to help you stay motivated. Your studying time now will also help you improve on your actual classes. Studying for the SAT will help you master concepts, which can help you earn better grades for your English and Math subjects. Whichever the case, you’ll be learning and improving.

Fifth Step: It is integral that you take a full-length SAT practice test

After a couple of weeks practicing on the Official SAT Practice, then it’s time to take a full-length practice test. This is one of the best ways to improve SAT scores and prepare for the actual test day, and it will help you determine how ready you are. It’ll be easier to do on a weekend, since you’ll be needing over three hours to complete the entire test. Research has shown that the score you receive on these official practice tests within thirty days of your test date will be predictive of the actual score you’ll get on the SAT. Because of this, experts recommend that students should take at least one practice test, two weeks before taking the actual SAT. A wider time range is needed if you need you have a high target score in mind, so that you’ll be able to reach your goal just as well.

As soon as you are finished with the practice test, it is highly likely that you are now ready for the real deal. You’ve gone through planning, a ton of practicing, and a whole lot of patience - and now it’s time to take the SAT again. On the night before test day, make sure to get a good night’s sleep. Also ensure that you have all the materials you will need, such as test permits, pens, pencils, and IDs. As cliché as it may sound, believe in yourself – channel that confidence, fueled by the fact that you know of the hard work you’ve put in preparation, and now you’re ready to do your best to get that significant SAT score increase.

Once you have finished taking your SAT, keep in mind that the scores will be made available to you after two weeks. When you view your SAT score report online, you will be able to obtain valuable information about your performance on each section, and it will help you determine if you’ve improved on your weakest points.

Sixth Step: Retake the SAT

If the results finally come in and you find that you did not reach your goal score, do not be disheartened – simply just register again and practice. You can use the Official SAT Practice by Khan Academy once again, which will help you create a more personalized plan to focus on the areas you need to improve on. Your goal once again is to improve SAT score, and doing that will require you to work even harder - avoiding cramming for the exams is key. 

The SAT test is highly significant to college applications, as well as scholarship grants. It is no wonder why students continuously scour the net with keywords like “ improve my SAT score” or “raise SAT score ”, as this determines the course of their future. Whether you’re taking it for the first time, or have been taking it several times, it’s never a bad thing to keep searching for ways how to increase SAT score.

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