Tips to Write a Financial Need Essay

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Jul 30, 2018

You are likely here because of your need to bag that college scholarship meant for financially challenged but academically outstanding students. Knowing how to write a financial need essay does not just involve your desire to be granted a traditional college scholarship because almost all students want that. This is a different kind of scholarship essay – the requirements are much higher than those of other scholarship programs because the award depends on your merit and need. You need to learn how to write a financial need essay  because you need to secure your entire college education, something that is otherwise impossible due to financial incapability. 

A short, honest introduction

Start by expressing the special scholarship need group you belong to. Are you the first in your family to graduate from high school and thus, could be first to get a degree? You can express that here. Are you from a refugee family that sought political asylum? Are you recently orphaned and hence left without a financial source? Are you a member of a marginalized ethnic group? In the introduction, you describe yourself, the circumstances, and reasons why it would be impossible for you to go to college without this help.

State your willingness to do what’s needed

Tell the committee that you are willing to exert effort to pay for college expenses. List down the remedies that you have already sought to pay for the tuition, such as other scholarship programs and their requirements. This will give the committee a picture of your financial standing. Thus, it’s their first step in knowing what kind of financial aid fits your need best. 

Explain the reason for your need

Knowing how to write a financial need essay requires you to be honest in stating why you need help. You may discuss the recent events in your life that made your ability to pay suffer. For example: your parents' jobs were affected by a massive layoff, or there has been a recent illness or death in the family that drained finances, or you are part of an immigrant family that has just settled and still has no financial capability yet. But make sure to tell the truth in a matter-of-fact way. Be honest but do not, in any way, include self-pity. Plus, make sure to make the committee know that you are financially responsible and that you would make good use of the aid. 

Discuss the potential impact of the scholarship

Mention in the essay that if granted, you will be able to choose your desired career path . For instance, if you wish to earn a degree in Nursing, you may add that for your practicum, you wish to be a volunteer nurse in medical missions to countries recovering from war. Let the committee know that you intend to give back to society in the future if you are granted the scholarship and after have gotten your degree. This way, they will be made to see that you are worth helping.

Be polite in closing your essay

Avoid trying to sound like you are begging for mercy. Do not try to appeal to the emotion of the committee. Remember, the scholarship is awarded only to the most deserving. While the committee already understands that you are in need and that you are academically competent, never forget that your character also plays a part.

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