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Just like the dreaded research paper, an academic essay is one of the most popular written assignments done by high school and college students. A typical student is bombarded with homework and gets to write hundreds of such essays. If you have the writing skill and can manage your time effectively, then you're golden. If not, don’t break under pressure! It's natural to have difficulty juggling between social life, family, friends, leisure and your health. Today, there are thousands of students who are turning to an online writing service for a custom essay or a customized paper.

What is a custom essay?

A custom essay is an academic essay that is done-to-order or written to exact specifications by a classmate, a friend or an online writing service. Like a custom guitar, a customized chair, or a custom suit done by a tailor, a custom essay (or "customized" as some websites call them) is one that is written according to the professor's specifications – it is to be written from scratch without any plagiarism. A true custom essay company writes such essays from scratch. They are written by a real human writer with a University degree. A 100% custom essay will always pass any plagiarism test.

What is a customized paper

There are websites that use the term "customized essays"  in reference to their academic works. A customized essay is most probably an essay that was written for somebody else in the past , that closely resembles the current project. A writer then tweaks the essay here and there to make it address the requirements of the current project. We consider that practice unprofessional and never offer simply "customized" essays. A genuine custom essay must be written from scratch without any plagiarism. 

Reasons to order a custom essay

Two reasons drive students to buy essays from a writing website:

  • No time.  Students are under constant pressure in college. Some have a major discipline they need to excel in. Others have to do sports or theater. Then, there are family issues, parents, girlfriends/boyfriends, and jobs to do.
  • Lack of ability to write well . Many people simply cannot write well or have a writer's block. There are many foreign students in the US, UK, Canada and Australia for whom English is a second language. While they can excel in most other disciplines, they cannot keep up with the writing skill set of their native counterparts.

Imagine a situation. You and your buddy need to write essays for your midterms and both of you started late. Unfortunately, you’re also stuck with other equally important tasks for another class. You rush writing your essays because you want to finish quickly so that both of you can focus on another assignment. As a result, you end up with subpar, poorly-written essays while your other tasks also suffer because your attention was deeply divided. In the end, you fail both classes. 

Had you asked for help online, the disaster could have been prevented. If you knew a reliable helper online, you could have ordered an essay simply doing the following:

  1. Go to the website.
  2. Fill out the order form.
  3. Supply all the instructions along with any additional files.
  4. Use your mobile phone to chat with the writer, making sure the work is started and headed in the right direction.
  5. Download the completed paper when done.
  6. Read through the work and tweak it to make it sound like yours.
  7. Submit the project.
  8. Receive an A+ and pass the course.

How to order your custom essay

Custom essays for sale

Custom essays for sale can be bought from a plethora of websites that are run and operated by large companies most of which are based outside of the United States for business and confidentiality reasons. Such companies operate dozens of websites that are connected to the main writers' hub where custom essays are written by freelance writers. In order to avoid getting in trouble, while looking to buy a custom essay, keep the following points in mind:

  • Not all essay writing companies are created equal. There are huge differences in management and the quality of writers they hire
  • Not all custom essays for sale are created equal: The quality of custom essays depends solely on the competence of the writer.

How custom is it?

That depends on the company you're dealing with. A high quality writing service will accept an order for a custom essay, only if they are sure it can be written to perfection. The essay is written based on the instructions of the project, from scratch. It is very difficult to find a prewritten paper that would match your exact requirements. You will easily notice when the essay is custom-written to your instructions and when it is simply tweaked. 


There is one very specific concern that is always present when dealing with an online writing service. A writing service is a business and it employs writers from all over the world. Some online writing services have poor management and they accept anyone as a writer to write papers for clients. As a result, such writers want to earn money quickly and then run off, so they take projects and use stolen content they find on the Internet. Sometimes, they use private online libraries and the paper may look authentic on the surface or even pass a plagiarism test. It is not advisable to order from websites that promise "customized essays" because, by definition, their papers are not original and are simply modified to partially meet the requirements.

Plagiarism becomes harder to control with fast-turnaround projects like 3 hour or 6 hour custom essay orders. There are too many hoax websites that will gladly accept an order for a 20 page essay with a 3 hour turnaround. Can their writers write 20 pages in 3 hours? Only if they copy and paste from the Internet. Always ask and steer clear of such outfits.

Can I get a custom essay in 24 hours, 12 hours or 6 hours?

Custom essays in 24 hours

Normally, a good writing service will have a variety of turnaround options. Most writing services will offer a 24 hour turnaround for a custom essay. Here are a few things to consider while ordering a custom essay with a 24 hour turnaround:

  • Make sure the project can be realistically done within 24 hours by one writer. The writer may need to work all night.
  • Do not order complicated projects and lengthy essays that will take more than 24 hours to write.
  • Make sure your actual deadline is in 48 hours or more so that you can check the custom essay and potentially revise it.

Normally, a responsible writing service such as ours will not accept projects longer than 20 pages with a 24 hour turnaround

Custom essays in 12 hours

12 hours is a short turnaround for a custom essay. If you are ordering a custom essay with a 12 hour delivery, be on guard and order only from a reliable writing service. Ask yourself a question: Can my essay be really written in 12 hours or even less? Is it not too complicated? Most high level academic assistants can write a page or 2 per hour so it is safe to order up to 10 double spaced pages, provided your instructions are not too complex and there are not too many external sources to study. 

How about a custom essay in 6 hours or even 3 hours? 

We are in the danger zone here. Today, companies offer to write essays on a ridiculously short notice. Beware of unscrupulous essay providers here. A respectable company knows that it needs time to write a quality essay and that even the best writer can write a maximum of 5 pages in 3 hours when the essay is just a personal take on an issue. It is not recommended that you order essays that are longer than 3 or 4 pages. The whole enterprise becomes very risky and you need to make sure you are dealing with an honest essay writing service that will not give you a runaround.

Again, ask yourself a very straightforward question: Can my essay really be written in just 3 hours? Is it that easy? Can anyone write it in 6 hours?

Custom essays in 2 hours or less

Technically, it is not unheard of to have to write an essay in 2 hours or less. If a writer knows the subject matter very well and can type very fast at a speed of the current typing World Champion than 2 or even 3 pages can be crafted in 2 hours or less. So in theory, a 2-3 page custom essay in 2 hours or less is possible. Would you be able to get that? Only if you deal with the best academic ghostwriter.

Things to consider when ordering a custom essay online

  1. Originality of content
    A reliable writing service such as ours will never sell you a recycled essay that was done for another client in the past. Alternatively, the writer will never use other people's writing from the Internet. That is a crime, period! A custom essay is always 100% custom and written from scratch.
  2. On-time delivery
    Your custom essay must be delivered before your deadline. If the writing service encounter difficulty meeting your deadline, they must contact you before the deadline to discuss the possibility of an extension. You should steer clear of websites that do not have 24/7 customer service.
  3. Confidentiality
    A serious essay writing service must respect the privacy of its clients. Your use of such services must remain private at all times. Online writing service companies based in the United States or the United Kingdom could be subject to harsh government measures that may force them to surrender client information. It is recommended that you avoid the companies that brag about their US or UK presence.
  4. Customer satisfaction
    If you’re unhappy with the first version of your custom paper, feel free to request a revision until all your initial instructions are satisfactorily followed. If there are valid concerns, you can also request a new writer.
  5. Moneyback guarantee
    Any serious writing service such as ours will have a clear and simple money back guarantee. A typical money-back guarantee would provide a complete refund after 5 rounds of revision. If the custom essay is still lacking expected quality after the extra efforts from the writer, the client can ask for a refund. Another situation would be a plagiarized paper or late delivery. In both cases, any serious writing service would issue a complete refund and an apology.

A custom essay can be written on any topic

When you hire the services of an academic ghostwriter, it’s natural to worry about the qualifications and expertise of the writer who will write your essay. We ensure that all our writers are highly qualified and versatile enough to be trusted with papers on any subject and level of difficulty.

Our writing service covers all subject fields across all levels – academic and professional. We have an on-line platform for hundreds of battle-tested writers and you can find one for any subject and discipline.

A true custom essay

Our company is probably the most reliable provider of custom essays. After your order is in, your essay is our business. When you set your deadline, we deliver before that time. The company has more than a decade of extensive experience in the writing service industry, and thus, plagiarism is never an issue. We have written over 100,000 successful custom essays for clients from all over the world.  We are one of the very first companies to practice strict quality control policies and inspect every single completed work for plagiarism. Thus, your completed custom essay will be your own unique personal property for a lifetime.

Why our writing service is a good place to order a custom essay from

Experience, expertise, originality, punctuality, and confidentiality. These are the qualities that every student looks for in a writing service that will handle their papers. These are the qualities that we take pride in. 

In the field of custom essay writing, when we say confidentiality, we mean complete anonymity.  Your personal information and all data that you’ll provide will not be accessible to any third parties. After you’ve purchased, you’ll be provided with a secure personal account. Through your personal account you can communicate all your concerns to your writer and our well-trained, articulate, polite, and dependable Project Managers and Customer Service Representatives.

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