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Sample Research Paper: Maya Angelou - A Woman of Hope

Maya Angelou is well-loved memoirist, poet, and activist. This research paper explores Angelou's life and her contributions to literature and American society as a Black woman

Free Literary Analysis on Flannery O'Connor's Good Country People

Pretending to be someone else is a plot often taken by those who want to make their story interesting. Flannery O'Connor's writing style had brought something new to the world of ironic short stories

Sample Literary Analysis: George Orwell's 1984 and its Parallelism to Today's Society

The novel 1984 introduced multiple concerning ideas regarding a totalitarian system. In close inspection, these ideas tend to mimic the world today. Read the essay to learn more about these similarities

Understanding American Slang for English Language Learners

English language learners must learn American slang to gain a better understanding of the language. American slang is a necessary tool in day-to-day conversations with English speakers and an effective method of conveying certain messages.