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Personal Essay Example: Who Am I As A Writer

Are you one of those students whose thoughts get muddled up in writing a personal essay? Here's an example of a personal essay for free to help you understand its key elements.

Sample Personal Essay on Multiculturalism: Being Different Makes Us The Same

A personal reflection essay on how being different is what makes all people the same.

Sample Personal Essay Example: Tackling Challenges

We face challenges, may it be big or small, every day. Can we find a way to make easier? Read a sample personal essay for free referencing the well-known book Tuesdays with Morrie here.

Sample Reflection Paper on Online Learning

A reflection paper is a type of essay that explores the thoughts, feelings, and opinions of a student regarding a given topic. This sample reflection paper details the challenges posed by online learning as opposed to physical classes.

Sample Journal Entry: Watching a Movie in English Without Subtitles (An ESL Student’s Experience)

This sample journal entry details an English as a second language (ESL) student’s experience watching a movie in English without subtitles including challenges the student faced.