Legal Issues of Marijuana

Apr 7, 2010

Cannabis sativa, more commonly known as Marijuana, is among the most abused drugs in the world. The plant contains delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) chemical which alters the minds of individuals who use them. THC plays a role in normal function and development of the brain. It is the most commonly utilized illegal drug in the United States. Its use is mostly seen among the youth, as they feel that its use is less risky as opposed to what most studies show. However, there is more public hold up for the reforms regarding marijuana law than ever due to the new polls arising from time to time. These reveal that most of the American population is for marijuana legalization. Marijuana ought to be removed from the system of criminal justice and be regulated like any other drug, for instance, tobacco and alcohol.

Marijuana is a matter of utmost importance in public discussion in the United States, particularly because it is difficult to get the most recent research information on the drug to answer issues regarding state or federal laws. The policy concerning marijuana states that it is an illegal drug. This is because some of the Americans believe that legalizing marijuana would enhance the use and availability of drugs that are illegal and increase safety and health risks to people, especially the young individuals (National Institute, 2016). However, some states have made the use of marijuana legal. For example, some states have medical marijuana regulations, states that have detached jail time for possession of marijuana, states that have detached jail time and have medical marijuana regulations, and states that have legalized the use of marijuana for adults.

Marijuana is a very controversial topic of debate among the American people. This is because a large number of the population supports it legalization while the others are against its legalization. A majority of the people feel that there is no need of putting restrictions when it comes to marijuana because it has a relatively harmless effect. Besides, the harm it can cause to an individual has no clear evidence. There is also the fact that marijuana has some medicinal values to individuals (Gerber, 2004). For example, its components are used in the treatment of cancer. They feel that it is not right to tell people how to enjoy what gives them pleasure. However, the individuals who feel that marijuana should not be legalized say that it is bad for people in all manners. Even if cannabis is considered to have medicinal values to humans, it does not mean that it is entirely good for people. Especially the fact that it is considered a hard drug will make other individuals be at ease while using other hard drugs like heroine which are very harmful to one’s health. Personally, I feel that marijuana ought to be legalized because it does not cause major harm to individuals. Marijuana has fewer effects on people’s health than tobacco and alcohol. Another reason cannabis should not be banned is because of its primary medicinal values. For example, it prevents epilepsy, used for glaucoma treatment, and eases symptoms of various sclerosis. No solid research shows that marijuana causes addiction that is psychological, but tobacco is more addictive than even cocaine. Marijuana is just a fairly perilous pastime.

Although the federal lawmakers have not yet supported the legalization of marijuana over the past several years, some reports show that the Congress could very soon consider establishing policies that decriminalize marijuana possession across the whole nation. The United States has become a country with more cannabis that is legal because of the several states that have successfully managed to make the drug legal. Research shows that the District of Columbia and twenty-five more states have legalized marijuana due to its medicinal purposes while some states have brought to an end its prohibition, for example, Oregon, and Alaska. The lawmakers and activists have mentioned that it is the potential for more markets that are legal that will make the Congress make radical alterations about marijuana soon. Unrelated issues like transgender and gun rights have had debates that stole the spotlight, thereby killing the issue of legalizing marijuana because more considerations have been given to others when it comes to the American national budget. This has enhanced tension in the Congress halls that could eventually remove the provision with the intentions to protect patients and law-abiding dispensaries. Furthermore, there is much legislation regarding the legalization of marijuana in the American parliament that has not been given the slightest hearing however much they are of importance. In an interview, President Barrack Obama mentioned that marijuana should be treated as cigarettes and alcohol. He mentioned that it ought to be treated like issues of public health alike to alcohol and tobacco (Ingraham, 2016). The president also mentioned that marijuana had less harm compared to cigarettes and alcohol in a previous interview. He stated that the country needs to have more conversations serious enough about the drug laws, along with how to treat marijuana as a medicinal wonder. Furthermore, the 2016 presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, advocated for more research on medical marijuana and mentioned that people who need it because of their health issue should be given the drug but under the right situations (Wallace, 2016). She also mentioned that her decision would depend on the outcomes of the Washington and Colorado states that are undertaking the experiment. This simply means that if marijuana is not harmful during consumption for recreational purposes, then she will advocate it to be decriminalized. 

In conclusion, the legalization of marijuana is a very controversial subject for the American people. Ordinary citizens and world leaders alike have various opinions regarding marijuana legalization. However, more than half the population of America feels that the drug is only dangerous because it is illegal, and not because the drug is harmful. The relevant authorities dealing with the issue of marijuana ought to do what is radical which is using science in establishing what drugs are either or not going to be scheduled. Most of the Americans believe that marijuana ought to be treated as an issue of public health and not a criminal issue.

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