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Sample Expository Essay: How Factory Farms Work and Treat Livestock

The purpose of an expository essay is to present information to the reader. This sample shows what an expository essay looks like as it discusses the poor treatment of livestock in factory farming.

Sample Expository Essay: Everything You Need to Know About the Ukraine and Russia Crisis

The Ukraine and Russia crisis has gained the attention of most media platforms and the public. Read this expository essay to learn more about the crisis and the situation in Ukraine.

Sample Expository Essay: The Global Economic Effects of the Ukraine-Russia Crisis

The Ukraine-Russia crisis has varying effects on the global community. One of which is its economic effects on international trade. Read this article to learn about the global economic effects of the crisis.

Sample Expository Essay: Environmental Effects of the Ukraine-Russia Crisis

Individuals tend to overlook the environmental effects of international conflicts because of news about violence and politics. This expository essay discusses the existing and possible environmental effects of the Ukraine-Russia crisis.

Sample Expository Essay: The Annexation of Crimea

The annexation of Crimea is an event that preceded the Ukraine-Russia crisis. During this event, Russian troops annexed the Crimean peninsula right after the signing of the association agreement. Read this essay to learn more about the topic.

Sample Expository Essay: Factors Behind Success

Many believe that achieving success is only a matter of working hard and having the right mindset. But there are actually other less obvious factors at play including chance and privilege. This sample essay discusses some of the determiners of success.

Sample Expository Essay: Effects of the Witchcraft Trials on the U.S. Legal System

The witchcraft trials showed how a poorly-written law caused serious problems and led to the deaths of innocents. Read this sample expository essay to learn how the witchcraft trials affected the legal system.

Sample Expository Essay: The Nazi Ideology and the Aryan Race

The Nazis’ believed that the Aryan race was the master race and the non-Aryans were inferior to them. The Nazis used this concept to establish their power and weaken the influence of Jews and other Nazi enemies.