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The functional curriculum vitae type emphasizes an individual’s skills over their work history. Individuals with a limited work history can use this format to help make their curriculum vitae more appealing to employers. Employers initially look for applications that contain useful information about the applicant. Fresh graduates that have no previous work experience will have nothing to include in a work history section. Putting jobs like dog-walking or babysitting may not be enough when applying for office positions.

What should I put in my curriculum vitae?

1. Personal Information

A curriculum vitae will begin with the applicant’s personal information. This includes their name, current position, phone number, home address, email address, and other contact information. Information like email addresses, Linkedin profiles, and complete home addresses are optional since employers can contact the applicant through their phones. Requesting for an applicant’s gender, ethnicity, and nationality is illegal and employers should avoid asking for the information.

2. Profile Summary

The profile summary is a brief summarization of the contents of the curriculum vitae. It must highlight the strengths of the applicant and act as a pitch. Individuals should avoid writing a long profile summary. The section should only be three to four sentences long. If possible, applicants should ask their employer if they should add a profile summary. This is because some employers may not like seeing a profile summary in a cv.

3. Skills Section

The skills section of a functional curriculum vitae is the highlight of the document. The section must include a detailed list of all the relevant skills that an applicant possesses. They should state how they applied the skills to previous works and projects. For applicants that do not have a work history, they can state how they utilized the skill in academic projects or extracurricular activities. The skill section is the main part of a functional cv and applicants must ensure that employers can retrieve enough information from the section to create a good assessment.

4. Work History

Applicants with no previous work can exclude the work history section in a functional cv. This is the main benefit of using the functional type. However, employers may find this suspicious especially if the applicant is not a fresh graduate. Applicants can avoid this issue by including a brief work history section that simply indicates previous job positions. For fresh graduates or working students, they can exclude the section and employers will understand.

5. Education Section

The education section should contain the educational background of the applicant. Employers will look at this section to see if the applicant posses the required educational level for the position. Individuals must ensure that they include their degree, the name of their university, and the year they graduated. Undergraduates can still include their current university but should indicate that they are still attending school. Applicants should also include academic achievements like Latin honors and interuniversity awards.

Additional Sections

After the education section, applicants can include sections for their hobbies, interests, affiliations, published works, and other qualifications. When including this information on a cv, individuals should prioritize relevant qualifications by putting them on top of the lists. Sections like affiliations, languages, and certifications can be good additions to a cv as they provide relevant information regarding an applicant’s background.

Are there other types of curriculum vitae? Yes! Learn more about its two other types - chronological type and combination type.

Below is a sample of a functional type curriculum vitae:

Patrick Taylor

Graphic Artist

#8 Pellen Building, Heddle Street, 

Easthampton, TN



Dependable graphic artist with 5+ years of experience in digital arts and videography looking to find an environment where I can further improve my craft. Interested in working alone or with a team to produce innovative artworks and projects that clients will enjoy. I have produced 300+ pieces of art for both my personal website and for clients.


Graphic Design

  • Regularly work on different graphical designs for personal websites and freelance commissions.

  • Worked with online businesses to create innovative visual designs for their marketing needs.

  • Lead a team of digital artists to create designs for various marketing campaigns.

Concept Design

  • Developed art bibles for small and large indie game developers.

  • Created character designs that became the flagship of video games, cartoons, and animations.

  • Helped clients develop concept arts and ideas that fit management requirements.


  • Utilized a large variety of videography gears such as green screens, drones, lav mics, and teleprompters.

  • Produced over 20 videos for corporate and regular clients that met strict requirements and deadlines.

  • Knowledgeable with a variety of video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Pinnacle Studio, and Da Vinci Resolve.

Other Skills

  • Sound editing

  • Proficiency in Microsoft office

  • Sculpting and oil painting

  • Digital animation

Work History

Freelance Digital Artist

March 2020 - Present


Tristore Media Inc.

May 2019 - March 2020

Concept Artist

Bethpunk Studios

January 2015 - August 2018


B.A. in Liberal Arts

Floren Creek University



  • Floren Creek Artist Association

  • Easthampton Daily


  • English - Native

  • Italian - Intermediate

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