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The combination curriculum vitae type is a combination of the  chronological and functional format. The combination type highlights both an individual’s work experiences as well as their skills. Individuals with substantial work experience can better utilize this format since they can highlight all the qualifications they possess. A combination cv will also be longer than the other types since the work experience and skills section will contain a lot of information about the applicant. Fresh graduates and individuals starting their careers should avoid using this format since it requires an applicant to provide a lot of work information.

What should be included in a combination type curriculum vitae?

1. Personal and Contact Information

Similar to the other types, a combination cv will begin with the applicant’s personal and contact information. This section is very important as it will provide employers with the information to contact an applicant for an interview. The applicant’s name, phone number, and email address is enough for this section. However, an individual can include their current position, social media links, and home address if they prefer.

2. Applicant’s Profile

Since a combination cv will provide a lot of information regarding an applicant’s qualifications, including a profile summary can help employers get a quick overview of the document. The section should briefly state an individual’s years of experience, achievements, and purpose behind their application. A profile summary will act as a pitch similar to a cover letter.

3. Skills Section

The skills section of a combination cv is identical to a functional cv’s skills section. It should contain the relevant skills that an employer is looking for in an applicant. Individuals can look at various job postings to get an idea of the specific skills that employers require for a position. Applicants should provide a detailed description of their skills and state situations or achievements that highlights the skills. Including specific statistics like monetary values and percentages can help make the cv more appealing.

4. Work Experience

The work experience section should be in a reverse-chronological order similar to a chronological cv. An applicant’s work experiences have a large contribution to an employer’s assessment. Applicants should make sure that they indicate all the relevant work experiences they have and state the career achievements related to previous positions. It is also a good idea to relate the work experiences to the skills section.

5. Educational Background

The educational background is an important section in any cv type since employers will require applicants to possess a specific degree or course for a position. Applicants should provide the name of their school, academic achievements and awards, dissertation title, and degree. They can also include seminars, online classes, and vocational courses that they took outside of a university.

6. Certifications, Affiliations, and Others

Individuals should also include their other qualifications such as certifications from seminars, conferences, and courses relevant to their desired position. Individuals who are members of exclusive groups and institutions can also include their affiliations. Affiliations can greatly contribute to an individual’s application especially in the fields of science and business. Other qualifications may include secondary languages, published works, interests, and hobbies.

Below is an example of a basic combination type curriculum vitae:

Philip Fracture

Production Manager

582 Fegin Avenue, Seattle Utah



Experienced production manager with 9+ years of experience in client relations and business management. Member of the Golden Support Institute and Accountant’s Association which are exclusive to high-performing managers. Seeking a top managerial position to better utilize the skills I have developed over the years in both managing and communication.


Business Management

  • Managed an overall of 90+ major and minor projects with budgets ranging from $10,000 to $400,000.

  • Coordinated with a variety of marketing and sales teams to develop effective business strategies.

  • Developed managing strategies to reduce employee turnover rates.


  • Coordinated with foreign investors and clients to meet trade agreements.

  • Gives motivational speeches and advice to troubled employees and team members.

  • Built strong relationships with clients, partners, suppliers, and employees to improve the business environment and workflow.

Financial Management

  • Acted as the main signatory for different business accounts.

  • Coordinated with financial officers to develop financial plans and budgeting.

  • Create income projections for client presentations.

Additional Skills

  • Image and video editing through Adobe Premiere and Photoshop

  • Google analytics interpretation

  • Accounting

  • Complaint resolution

Work Experience

Production Manager

Split Enterprise

May 2018 - Present

Key Achievement: Reduced production costs by 10% by proposing alternative workflows and establishing better company-supplier relationships.

  • Collaborated with other employees to generate ideas and improve the quality of products and the business environment.

  • Addressed important issues regarding the needs of employees to avoid sudden resignations or layoffs.

  • Improved production quality by implementing innovative standards and practices.

Retail Assistant Manager

Fireplace Mart

August 2014 - April 2018

Key Achievement: Increased sales by 30% for three weeks after developing a marketing plan for the store.

  • Oversee the daily activities of the store employees through area visitation and daily work reports.

  • Assist customers with issues and complaints regarding product price, quality, and others.

  • Coordinate with the store manager to develop strategies that can increase store sales and traffic.

Customer Service Representative

Trella Marketing

April 2011 - June 2014

Key Achievement: Became “Employee of the Year 2013” and earned the “Most Helpful Customer Service Rep” award in 2012.

  • Assisted customers with concerns regarding company products and services.

  • Conducted online surveys to assess customer satisfaction and interpret the data.

  • Mentored new customer service representatives and helped reduce turnover rates by 60% during 2013.


BS in Marketing Management

Northeastern Fegin University


Graduated summa cum laude


  • Financial Risk Manager Certification


  • The Golden Support Institute

  • The Accountant’s Association


  • Cardiovascular exercise

  • Community service or volunteer work



  1. Do not send a curriculum vitae to your prospective employers unless otherwise requested. This is because this document is lengthy as it has to cover your entire academic and professional background. First, figure out whether the company requires you to submit a curriculum vitae or a resume.
  2. Understand that knowing how to write the perfect resume does not automatically mean you can draft a great curriculum vitae . CVs are extensive thus you need to review your credentials, unlike in resumes, you simply need to highlight your strengths applicable to the position you wish to take.
  3. A curriculum vitae is a document that showcases your capabilities as well as your weaknesses. Hence, seminars and workshops you attended to improve those weaknesses can strengthen your chance to acquire a job.

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