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Sep 30, 2019

The wonders a piece of paper can do are endless. Among other things, a single-page document can even book you the job of your dreams. A resume is your gateway to adulthood you might actually appreciate if you organized it right and it lands on the table of a company you want to work for. 

The first step to getting hired is the attempt to persuade a potential employer into calling you in for an interview through your resume. You want to appear impressive and more than fit to get the job. Furthermore, your accomplishments aren’t the only information that would entice your potential employer to read your resume. Most people enjoy reading texts that are easy and pleasant to look at. There are steps to writing the perfect resume that would invite potential employers to learn more about you through a piece of paper. Moreover, the perfect resume does not stop with merely writing it down neatly – we also have some tips for writing the perfect resume.

Steps to writing the perfect resume

Writing the perfect resume is not something you do instantaneously. You cannot just enumerate basic information, your achievements, and educational attainment in the document and expect your potential employers to enjoy reading it. Most companies are very picky about the people they hire because they believe they have a lot of people to choose from. Students graduate each year, meaning more and more people pose a potential threat to taking your dream job from you.  

Luckily, you may have an actual advantage here. Once you learn the art of writing the perfect resume, then you might as well have that job in the bag. Here are the steps to writing the perfect resume:

Step one. Add the right information in your resume . Of course, you want your potential employer to able to reach you if they want to call you in for an interview, so add the right contact information and personal details like your name, age, and address. 

Step two. Choose a suitable resume format. Your resume will contain information you have collated since you were young, so make sure the format you choose can cover all of it. There are different formats to choose from depending on which aspect of your life and career you want to highlight. 

Step three. Include relevant work experience and key achievements . If your experiences and achievements seem to be too many, then maybe you can filter out those you think will not be too important for potential employers. Only include information that they’ll be pleased to read about and what you think is necessary for the job you are applying for. 

Step four. List your education attainment correctly . Put your highest degree first while other degrees should be in reverse chronological order. Make sure you put in any other relevant coursework, honors, and awards you received throughout your education. 

Step five. Add relevant skills . Any valuable skills you think your potential employer might be pleased to know about should be included in your resume. You might also want to include are the languages you can speak. Many companies prioritize multi-lingual applicants because it might prove to be useful for the company one day, like maybe when overseas investors visit the office. 

Step six. Proofread your resume . Take a second look at your resume before you finish writing it to make sure you did not include any unnecessary apostrophes or misuse any particular word. Have your friends look at it for you and let them check if something is missing or there’s more work to be done. It is vital to proofread your work to ensure it's in its best condition. 

Tips for writing the perfect resume

After you follow those steps, you have already scratched the surface of writing the perfect resume. Additionally, writing the perfect resume also includes other neat tricks and techniques to help boost your resume on top of a potential employer’s application pile. Here are tips for writing the perfect resume:

Writing the Perfect Resume

Tip #1: Include a cover letter

Most employers believe a resume is not enough to make a decision, so a personal cover letter or job application letter might hit the mark. A cover letter allows you to speak easily in normal sentences while you introduce a bit about yourself and why you are perfect for the job. Let your cover letter will match your resume to give you an advantage over other candidates. All you need to remember is to be polite and confident. 

Tip #2: Write a resume overview or resume summary

If you forgot to write a cover letter, then at least add an overview in your resume. Include information that would surely impress your potential employer. Consider the overview as a place where you can leave a first impression. Employers only skim through numerous resumes sent to them each day, so you want their first glance at your resume to be notable. Let your resume overview be professional with a striking image of your candidacy. 

Tip #3: Craft your resume specifically for the job you are applying for

Those with chosen career paths and stick to it throughout their life will find this easy to do. But if you are someone who has recently considered to change careers, then it’s important to note that your resume should be written specifically for a job position or a company. Only display achievements and relevant skills that you know your potential employer will enjoy. Let them see how valuable you can be for the company. Avoid adding information that’s easily snubbed and will take up too much space. 

Tip #4: Limit your resume to one page 

Nowadays, people avoid writing resumes that are too long and have too many pages. Resumes with more than one page tend to make employers feel overwhelmed and they will most likely look past it. Potential employers prefer resumes that they can look over with ease and will have all the necessary information squeezed into one page. Going through a thick document can be time-consuming, and some companies do not really have all the time to review applications word by word. One way to help your resume be limited to one page is by being strict with the word count on each section. Keep your sentences short and on point as much as possible. 

Tip #5: Maintain an active online presence.

One important website a potential employer might review to get to know their applicants is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is like Facebook but for professional networking and working individuals. Your LinkedIn account contains your work experiences and the people you associated with through it all. In your resume, include a link to your LinkedIn account; however, sometimes your potential employer will take the initiative to look for it themselves. In addition to basic work information, add links to your portfolio and blog in your LinkedIn account. Showcasing a portfolio, blog, or whatever necessary links might encourage your potential employer to invite you for a personal interview, and in the best-case scenario, it might even seal the deal. 

Tip #6: Use a language that is fit for the work you are applying for 

You will want to use words that emphasize and highlight the job you are applying for to show that you are aware of the career path you are taking and the work it involves. So, if you are applying to be a lawyer for a certain law firm, then you need to write a resume that uses legal jargon and words that adds weight to your knowledge and capabilities. In this way, you will show how serious you are and you will sound professional at the same time. Avoid keywords that will be detrimental to your application. 

Tip #7: Add strategic margins and visually helpful lines and markers 

To fit all the necessary information, you will have to strategically place each section. Ensure that you have it all in a fitting space and arrange it with lines in between if need be to serve the aesthetic of your resume. This might pull your potential employer’s interest and curiosity. If they have something to ponder over, like the visuals of your resume, then they will most likely look over your resume longer. 

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