Writing a Personal Profile

Believe it or not, preparing and writing a personal profile, also known as a personal statement, is not difficult. A personal profile is a short summary of your personal qualities, strengths, and career goals. This should be on top of your resume, and it serves to advertise your qualities to your potential employers. You’ll be surprised to know that you’re under no obligation to learn writing a personal profile when you’re seeking to bag that promotion or that dream post. And you might even ask, is writing a personal profile still needed in this day and age when almost everyone has an online profile that can be easily accessed by company recruiters? Well, you have a point. However, studies show that recruiters and hiring managers only spend an average of 10 seconds looking at an applicant’s resume before disregarding it. So let’s make sure yours does not go the same way. Honestly, not all resumes are impressive so if yours is not that excellent, instead of letting your resume be just another one of those buried under the pile, you might as well write something that will surely catch their attention.

Main considerations

  1. Format specifications.
    This is the commonly accepted length of personal profiles. Anything more than 200 words is likely to bore the recruiter. As much as you are excited to write everything, you need to choose only the highlights. Construct a minimum of four sentences and the limit should be six. 
  2. Be direct.
    Go straight to the point. Do not play around with deep or dramatic words. 
  3. Be natural.
    Remember that your writing must create that impression that you feel natural and relaxed without appearing overconfident. 
  4. First person or third person.
    You may choose to write in whichever perspective. Choose whichever it is you find easier to write in. But it’s either first person or third person, you must not mix the two. 
  5. Grammar.
    If you’re not confident enough about your grammar, enlist the assistance of an editor or someone qualified who can proofread it for you after you have finished.

how to write a personal profile
The writing part

A personal profile consists of three parts: the introduction to yourself, what you know and your qualifications, and your long term goals.

  1. For the first part, you may write:
    “A Literature graduate from the University of Michigan looking for an entry level in…”
    “An enthusiastic sales manager seeking to continue career growth into…”
    “A software developer with 27 years of experience wishing to manage aspiring and junior level…”
  2. For the second part, you only need to base it on what’s stated in your resume. Do not exaggerate or fabricate information because you may end up in trouble if a background check is carried out. Mention only relevant and worthy information for they can boost your chances of success. Remember – the shorter, the better. Beware of using redundant description of your past job experiences.
    For example, if you have past experience as a salesman, you simply have to say that “an experienced real estate sales agent.” 
    You don’t need to write that you’re a “results-driven real estate professional who has extensive experience in expert marketing to upper-class clients.” That is guaranteed failure.
    Here is a good example:
    “I am an experienced architect with an impressive array of skills, with a background in advanced carpentry and a graduate of a short term interior design course. As a result, clients of my previous company enlisted my services for a holistic approach.” 
  3. The third part contains your goals. Like a thesis and conclusion to an essay, this determines your success. You must convince the recruiter that hiring you is a wise and worthy move.
    Here is a good example:
    “I am seeking to utilize my writing and editing skills in a diverse, intellectually stimulating environment where I can grow in, where I can be a solid contributor.” 

Writing a personal profile is not hard at all. As you notice now, this article is actually longer than the personal profile that you are preparing to write. Follow these tips and you'll have a good chance at landing that job!

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