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Dec 22, 2019

The time has come: you have to make a resume . For many college students, this may be their first time doing this. We have seen our parents do it, decorated with so many bullet points of their job experience. Because of that, we want to make our resume similar to theirs. Only one problem : they have long since graduated from college, while you are still studying. By then, you are now thinking about how to make a resume for college students.

Some hiring managers share some opinions on what makes a good resume. Likewise, these are also some signs of a great resume example for college students:

  1. Limit your resume to one page and keep it short . There are hiring managers that receive dozens, if not hundreds, of resumes on their desk. At the same time, they have other tasks to deal with. Thus, they only have so much time to go through each resume. Unless you are a seasoned professional with decades of experience under your belt, you must aim to limit your resume to just one page. This is also the case for the best resume for college students, as they are not really expected to have a lot in terms of job experience.
  2. Make sure your resume looks professional , or at least that it is legible . The worst thing that could happen is your resume being thrown in the bin either because it looks too aesthetically spiced up or uses font that is too small or hard to see. No one wants to read small text—even less so hiring managers with little time in their hands. As much as possible, use black font. Using colored font should be done sparingly, advisably for emphasis on things that you want to highlight. The best resume for college students is one that follows suit with this. As colorful as college can be, the professional world demands some measure of control. Besides, a little black and white does not hurt.
  3. Tailor your resume to the company’s needs . One of the most common mistakes in making a resume is sending the same resume to all the companies being applied for. To many, this seems convenient and intuitive: you want to show that you are worthy to be hired, and so you list experience in as many jobs you had. However, this does not yield the best chance of landing a job interview . For instance, it would not do much good to send a resume that shows experience in retail, IT, and culinary work to a restaurant; show only your culinary experience. In the same way, you do not use Calculus to prove a literary argument. As such, the best resume for college students shows what it needs to—and just enough of it.

Beyond all of these, however, the best way to learn is to look at a resume example for college students. There are many resume samples on the internet. While they are fine, however, many of them may not be very helpful in knowing what to put in your own resume. For instance, one of them has a lot of experience and awards listed down, primarily because the resume is made by an experienced professional—not exactly a good resume example for college students.

The best resume example for college students is one that shows not only exactly what to put, but also one that is made by a college student. As not a lot of college students have professional experience while studying, they want to look at a resume sample by one just like them. 

We at CustomEssayMeister hear you—you want to see the best resume example for college students, made by a college student. This is the best way you can learn how to make a resume for college students. So, we have one right here for you and your learning pleasure. The resume sample below is by a second year Computer Science major looking for a position in an IT company. Take note how brief it is and how the information that he shows is precise and necessary.

Let us get on with it! Read further for the resume sample.

Resume example: Applying for a position in an IT company

Resume Example: Applying for a position in an IT Company

Connor E. Mason

Chicago, IL | (555) 555-3545 | |


  • Work in a team-driven environment
  • Accomplish company goals in the most efficient, effective ways
  • Exhibit attention-to-detail, accuracy, professionalism, and resourcefulness in work


Hardworking, creative tech enthusiast always eager to knowing the next best thing in technology. Always driven to success, individually or with a team. Takes initiative in getting to the next step of the process and in solving the next problem. Has experience as IT Virtual Assistant with glowing recommendations.


University of Chicago | August 2018 – Present

Bachelor of Science

Major in Computer Science


ABC Solutions | January 2019 – Present

IT Virtual Assistant

Communicates with clients about software and hardware issues


  • Excellent with Microsoft Office (latest version: Word, PowerPoint, Excel)
  • Adept in Visual Basic, JavaScript, and Python
  • Knowledgeable in C++


Ben Gillard , PhD in Information Technology

Professor, University of Chicago

(555) 555-1773

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We hope that the above resume example for college students will help you greatly. Understandably, it may still be difficult for some who are not exactly inclined to presenting themselves professionally. Knowing how to make a resume for college students is, again, like selling yourself to the hiring manager: you have to show him the things about you that he will like.

Once again, this is something that not everyone may be good at. The difficulty may come in the form of either what is being shown—the skills, experience, etc.—or how it is being shown—the words and sentence structure. If you find yourself having a hard time doing either of them, fear not. We at CustomEssayMeister will write the best resume for college students, entirely tailored to their preferences. As a ghostwriting service company, we are devoted to helping college students from all throughout the world in their academic endeavors. Whether it be essay help or general academic help, or more particularly in custom essays, custom term papers, and so on, we are highly equipped and ready to assist you with the expertise of our professional writers, many of which knowing how to make the perfect resume for you. Want to get invited to a job interview right away? Go on: give us a message now! We will get to you shortly.

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