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Abortion and Society: Worldview on Life and Murder

Unlike many medical cases, abortion has become one issue, although medical-related, that is often evaluated through various societal worldviews and the clash of beliefs has become overwhelming.

Abortion: A Problem-Solving Project

The increasing number of abortion cases is alarming, and if the debate continues, it will stay that way. It is time to finally stop the bickering, and start looking for a consolidated solution.

From the Eyes of the Unborn: A Discourse on Abortion and Life

A puzzling, yet glossed over fact: contemporary pro-life advocates speak for the unborn. To speak for someone or something is to represent them. How can those that never were be represented?

Sample Essay on Abortion: Who Chooses Between Life and Death

Abortion is an issue of life and death. This essay argues for the pro-life stance, emphasizing on the argument that abortion is a form of murder of a human being. Read on to see how to write a good essay on abortion.