Abortion and Society: Worldview on Life and Murder


Half of the arguments regarding abortion speaks of the complex jargon for human rights laws and statutes. The other half screams of emotional dilemmas and personal beliefs. In that line of difference lies the controversial question, is abortion a form of murder or is it the better option? A lot of legal and moral questions have been raised and the answers are anchored from various perspectives as expected, and often concludes in a religious note. However, it is important to keep in mind that a woman’s decision to terminate an unwanted pregnancy depends solely on the involved individual’s point-of-view, and that religion cannot impose on such decision-making.

Abortion is legally and medically defined as the deliberate removal of a pregnancy tissue or an underdeveloped fetus from a woman’s uterus before the natural birth occurs. Parenthood is not like any other experience – it is a type of experience that will never end. It comes with great sacrifices because it is a huge responsibility which is most likely the main reason why not all women see pregnancy as a blessing. The choice of going through a full-term pregnancy to witness the “miracle of life” should not be based on the societal norm. The decision women will make over their own body poses a permanent effect on their life. 

The wonders of a woman’s body include the ability of carrying new life for nine full months as a crown, however, if a pregnancy is not something they have anticipated and was conceived through unknowing circumstances, then abortion presents as a way for them to terminate it. The position of pro-life advocates can be seen through a sympathetic view considering that there are actual cases where fetuses are seen in dumpsters, bushes, and trash bins, while some babies – born alive and have developed in full term – have been seen in similar places. It may not be deliberate killing like how pro-life advocates label abortion, but it can be seen as an attempted murder for leaving a helpless child alone where dangers are imminent. Fetuses which have not reached its full form actually look like tiny humans. Seeing lifeless fetuses abandoned in common areas invokes the clemency, sympathy, and other emotional pains of many people, giving pro-life advocates an avenue to preach and call for action against abortion. 

On the other hand, pro-choice advocates argue sympathy on the side of the carrier – the woman, particularly, a woman was impregnated because of non-consensual sex or rape. The problem here is that both the woman and the child, in cases of rape, did not have a choice over the pregnancy. The fear of having an unplanned child is most prominent on women who conceived a child through unwarranted sex, and they see abortion as an answer for they are aware of their incapability to give the child the life it is supposed to have, the love that it is supposed to feel, and the acceptance that everyone deserves. The pro-choice stance highlights a woman’s right to terminate a pregnancy after her choice over an intimate intercourse was stolen from her, and that is of course, within its own merits, acceptable.

The choices and beliefs of each and every one of us, unfortunately, is anchored on one of the most important laws around the world: Human Rights. The legalization of abortion is formulated with a lot of considerations and limitations, meaning, one cannot simply abort a pregnancy just because of wanting to do so. There is a due process where the mother is being evaluated from her physical health to her emotional stability if she can handle abortion, the same way with if a woman can handle pregnancy. Sadly, back-alley abortion clinics have popped up everywhere, and that is where the law should work. Regardless if one considers abortion as a choice or a murder, illegal abortionists should be banned all over the world because we are not talking about merely the health of the child, but also the health of the mother. Illegal abortions, as well as self-operated abortions are very dangerous, not to mention the percentage of maternal death and the low success rates of unknown abortion pills, chemicals, and other techniques.

In the end, probably the most reasonable thing to say is we really cannot control how a woman should feel about an unwanted pregnancy, all the more that we cannot push our own worldviews regarding how right or wrong abortion is, but what we can do is to understand that this is a personal matter. Just because one is Catholic, does not mean a woman who got pregnant out of rape should adhere to the rules of the Catholic Church. The same goes with if you are Pro-Choice. In a way, we all need to understand that abortion is not a collective issue that everyone should have a singular decision, rather it is a decision only the sole woman involved can make. Furthermore, the rest should just standby and provide support by being sensitive, calling out the government for better security in abortion clinics, faster processes for voluntary foster and adoptive parents, and to improve the birth control and contraception practices and education among people. A woman should not be limited in her options. It is time to simply accept that we are in the era where personal choices should be respected if it is grounded on correct reasoning. After all, continuous chattering and clashing arguments cannot give a child a family nor a woman her peace of mind.

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