The Politics of Abortion in Society

Feb 5, 2010

The issue of abortion is a passion item in current politics. The two major political parties stand in the extreme ends of the abortion spectrum when it comes to ideas and decisions regarding abortion laws. On one side is the Republican Party, which is ruled by religious individuals driven by morality, and they believe abortion should be illegal because it is a sin to murder unborn children. However, that opinion is solely based on their feelings and religious beliefs. On the other side is the Democratic Party who believes it should be a woman’s choice whether or not to have an abortion, and she should have complete freedom to make decisions regarding her body and her pregnancy. One can see that for many reasons, access to abortion should not be controlled by emotional or logical reasons of two ruling parties that are a part of a conflicted government.  

Abortion should be a woman’s choice. A woman should have the freedom to choose if they would suffer the pain of childbirth – something which is not only considered to be one of the most extremely painful experiences but can also permanently change the form of women’s body and put her at risk for several diseases and complications. "Maternal mortality" is among the top causes of death of women in every 100,000 pregnancies. This figure has been commonly listed as eleven, compared to deaths from induced abortion, which are listed as one or two. A woman should be able to decide if she wants to go through many years of maternal care. It should be her choice whether or not she will go through the restrictive lifestyle of pregnancy for nine months.

This issue affects a woman’s political freedom. It obstructs women’s right to opt for abortion of their pregnancy. Women should have the right to control their bodies. It is not for people from religious organizations to decide whether or not women must endure unwanted pregnancy. Furthermore, women should be free from attacks from religious groups. Medical professionals who provide abortion services do so at tremendous risk to their safety because of how some people choose to resort to violence than meaningful discussions over the abortion debate. Since 1993, three doctors who provided abortions have been murdered, and five others have been shot at by anti-abortion extremists in the U.S. and Canada. Abortion gives women freedom from being tied down to an unwanted pregnancy, which might prove to be a real problem if she has no means to raise a child.

If people, not only women, were given more information regarding the risks of sex and pregnancy, then a woman wouldn’t have to go through an abortion. Although, abortion presents to be a way for women to have options regarding control over their bodies. A bigger picture would be giving women a chance to prevent unwanted pregnancies. An alternative to abortion would be having the means to be well-informed and well-versed about the repercussions of being sexually active and reproductive health.

Additionally, abortion clinics should remain open. They should have their privacy and profession respected. To operate safely and smoothly, this means they should be free from harassment, as should any other medical facility. Doctors and nurses should be free to practice without coercion from those with opposing beliefs. The privacy of pregnant women getting an abortion should be respected without violation, or efforts made to control them through guilt or shame created by religious extremists.

Women having access to abortion benefit society. One social benefit of abortion is that it reduces the number of unwanted children, which can contribute to the growing number of child poverty or child trafficking. An unwanted pregnancy can be a difficult time for anyone, especially for those who are financially incapable to parent a child in a constrained economy where raising a child can be detrimental and limiting instead of blissful which is what is usually associated with starting a family. Abortion helps to deal with overpopulation and was used as a common birth control in Eastern Europe for decades. It reduces the number of crimes and makes the procedure safer as the legalization of abortion purposefully makes abortion cleaner and more accessible for women. For purposes of health, freedom of choice, and the rights of women over their body and reproductive health.

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