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The Goal by Elihayu M. Goldratt

Sample literary analysis on The Goal by Elihayu M. Goldratt

Thomas Jefferson and the Native Americans

The role of US President Thomas Jefferson was tantamount to the removal of the Native Americans from their lands. Here, we explore the reasons and effects of his role.

The Grievance of Loss: A Comparative Essay on Miscarriage and Abortion

There is a minor but significant difference between abortion and miscarriage. This comparison essay delves on this key difference. Use this sample essay to master the craft of comparison essays.

Waiting for Godot, Waiting for God?

Waiting for Godot is about two men waiting for Godot. The cryptic and confusing nature of the play allows viewers to interpret its aspects differently. This paper discusses how waiting for Godot is a metaphor for waiting for god.

Literary Analysis on Mary Shelley's Frankenstein: "What of Man and Demons"

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein explores the tragic story of a creator and his failed creation. This literary analysis highlights Shelley’s portrayal of romanticism, accountability, and failure in the novel.

Nuremberg Laws and the Escape of Jews: What exactly is the Nuremberg Law?

The atrocities committed by the Nazis did not take place overnight. They were the result of systematic oppression that began with the Nuremberg Laws. This sample essay discusses what the Nuremberg Laws are and how they impacted the Nazis’ victims.

Sample Research Paper on The Greenhouse Effect

Greenhouse gases and the greenhouse effect have been taught and talked about since grade school. This essay is a refresher on the dangers it poses and how to tackle it

Sample Expository Essay on Police Brutality: George Floyd's Murder Case

Last year, George Floyd was murdered while being arrested by police officers. Learn more about the case that united millions against police brutality

Sample Lab Report on Photosynthesis and Plant Respiration

Lab reports are challenging to write simple as it may be. Read this full sample of a biology lab report on photosynthesis and plant respiration

Literary Analysis Sample on Emily Dickinson's 'As Watchers Hang Upon the East' - Heaven or Hell

Emily Dickinson is one of the most famous poets and is a paramount figure in American poetry. Read a free analysis on one of her poems only here at CustomEssayMeister

Is It Possible for a Nation to Achieve Near Utopian Status?

Is It Possible for a Nation to Achieve Near Utopian Status? Read the full essay on the topic here at CustomEssayMeister

Sample Speech: Is Medea Guilty of Murder? (Euripides)

Medea is a tragedy written by Euripides. The play has been the subject of debate, as many have argued about whether Medea is guilty. In this speech, I argue that Medea is guilty as charged

Sample Narrative Essay: Why I Want to Become a Nurse

Even at a young age, I harbored no illusions that nursing is an easy or glamorous job. But I cannot think of a profession more rewarding than being a nurse, for helping others is the nurse's reward

Other Forms of Discrimination in the Modern World

Despite all the progress achieved in the last few centuries, discrimination remains a rampant issue affecting millions around the world. This sample essay discusses some of the reasons why discrimination has no place in the modern world.

Research Essay on Medical Purposes of Marijuana

Cannabis sativa or marijuana is a controversial substance and is continuously a topic of research and debate in the healthcare industry for its many advantages and disadvantages