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Sample Narrative Essay: Personal Recollection on a Disaster

Personal recollections are a great source material for writing captivating narrative essays. Read this sample document to see proper narrative essay formatting and learn what to do when writing your paper.

Sample Speech: Recent Proof of Climate Change and the Danger it Poses

Climate change is a concerning issue that many tend to disregard. Read this sample speech to learn about the proof of climate change and the detrimental effects it can cause to humans and the Earth.

Top 5 Most Interesting Countries To Write About For Your Next History Paper

Looking for something to write about? Consider the following countries which culture is so colorful that you will never run out of something to write about!

Sample Research Paper: History of Alaskan Aviation

Alaskan aviation is a significant part of the state’s culture and daily operations. Aircraft come and go through the state to deliver supplies and reach isolated communities. Read this sample research paper to learn about the history of Alaskan aviation.

Sample Research Paper: The Effect of the Great Depression on Mechanized Transportation

A research paper is a written project that advances a specific idea or claim and relies on credible evidence to support its thesis. This sample research paper discusses the effects of the Great Depression on mechanized transportation.

Sample Term Paper: Semiconductors

Semiconductors are materials that has a conductivity level between conductors and insulators. Since the invention of silicon chips, these materials have become an integral part of the tech industry. Read this paper to learn more about the invention.

Sample Research Paper: History of Submarines

Learning about the history of submarines is a great way to learn about how humans conceptualized the idea of traveling underwater. This sample research paper discusses some of the key designs and concepts that influenced submarine development.

Sample Essay on Abortion: Who Chooses Between Life and Death

Abortion is an issue of life and death. This essay argues for the pro-life stance, emphasizing on the argument that abortion is a form of murder of a human being. Read on to see how to write a good essay on abortion.

Sample Character Analysis: Brutus from William Shakespeare's The Tragedy of Julius Caesar

A character analysis is a type of literary analysis paper that seeks to better understand a character. This sample work analyzes the character of Marcus Brutus in William Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Julius Caesar.

Sample Research Paper: Dental Caries

Dental caries is a common oral disease that infects children, adults, and the elderly. It is one of the most common diseases but is also an easily treatable and preventable condition. Read this research paper to learn about its pathology.

Sample Article Analyses on Cultural Anthropology

Analyzing articles is an important skill in the field of science. Read the sample article analyses of some seminal articles in the field of cultural anthropology.

Sample Research Paper on Communism: The Transition from Leninism to Stalinism

The aim of a research paper is to comprehensively discuss a topic using information and evidence from reliable sources. This sample research paper discusses the transition from Leninism to Stalinism in the Soviet Union.

Sample Research Paper: Microscopes

Microscopes are scientific instruments that can produce highly-magnified images. This sample research paper on microscopes is about their parts, functions, and purpose. It also includes a review of a study that utilized microscopes to analyze data.

Sample Essay on Technology: Submarines

Submarines are sea vessels that can submerge completely underwater. Humans use them to aid in scientific research and explore harsh high-pressure environments. Armies also use them for waging war and patrolling naval territories.

Sample Research Paper on Religion: The Protestant Reformation

The purpose of a research paper is to present a specific claim, idea, or argument and support it with facts and evidence. This sample research paper discusses the roots of the Protestant Reformation that spread in Europe.