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Jeremy Reed Senior Seminar March 19, 1998 One of the most daunting tasks facing political scientists and students of international relations today is the effort to develop clearly defined parameters of when a group of people has the right to self-determination. With the global rise of ethnic and nationalist conflict precipitated by the fall of the Soviet Union and the resultant end of the bipolar international system, groups such as the Kurds in the Middle East are staking claims to sove

Although they are alike in many ways, The Blues Brothers, Jake and Elwood, also have many differences. Both are great singers and have good taste and knowledge in music. Physically, the two are opposites in how they are composed. When attitudes are in mind, Jake and Elwood generally agree on situations, but there are occasions when the two have different thoughts. When it comes to music, Jake and Elwood are connoisseurs. Both having sung in "The Blues Brothers," they know just what to play

Tupac Shakur was born in New York City. His mother's name was Afeni Skakur. She was a member of the Black Panther Party. She was pregnant with him while in prison for bombing charges. Tupac comes from the Incas meaning shining serpent and Shakur is Arabic meaning "thankfull to god". In 1986 the Skakur family moved to Baltimore. In Baltimore Tupac enrolled in the Baltimore School for Arts. At this school he writes his first rap song under the name MC New York. Then in June of 1988 t

David A. Beuerman English 11 April 10, 1998 Hemingway's Depiction of a Man in The Sun Also Rises Common among many of Ernest Hemingway's novels is the concept popularly known as the "Hemingway hero", an ideal character readily accepted by American readers as a "man's man". In The Sun Also Rises, four different men are contrasted and compared in the world of the 1920s as they engage in some form of relationship with Lady Brett Ashley, a near- nymphomaniac Englishwoman who indulges in

Meat Inspectors Case Ed Wywiorski worked as a USDA meat inspector for 42 years when he was indicted, along with 39 other inspectors, for "accepting things of value," or "accepting bribes"(353). Immediately, all 40 inspectors were suspended without pay. The USDA office gave the inspectors a written notice of their suspension and 48 hours to respond. However, several of the inspectors appealed to the Civil Service Commission stating that it was illegal to suspend them before they ha

Football Football, outdoor game, played by two opposing teams with a ball of various types, usually an inflated bladder or rubber bag in a leather or rubber cover, spherical in shape. The object of the game is to score points by carrying the ball across the goal line of the opponents, or by kicking the ball through or over the goal of the opponents. The principal types of football played today are American football; association football, or soccer; Canadian football; Australian football; Gaelic

Imagery in "The Fall of the House of Usher" The description of the landscape in any story is important as it creates a vivid imagery of the scene and helps to develop the mood. Edgar Allan Poe is a master at using imagery to improve the effects of his stories. He tends to use the landscapes to symbolize some important aspect of the story. Also, he makes use of the landscape to produce a supernatural effect and to induce horror. In particular, Poe makes great use of these tools in "The Fall

Immigration in California Over one million immigrants enter the United States every year and approximately half of those immigrants migrate to California. For some, this is an advantage. Economically, this means there are more consumers- more people to take advantage of the opportunities and resources that this state has to offer. On the other hand, this increase in population has put this state in debt. The educational system is suffering from a lack of programs that may be essential to f

Honors English 9-7 January 28, 1997 #6: Characters in Great Expectations: Static or Dynamic? The characters in Great Expectations are the products of extreme characterization. Each personality type represented is in its extreme, as though to make a point to the reader. Overall, the lesser characters in Great Expectations do not undergo a massive character change; that is, they remain static the whole time. The main role players, Pip, Miss. Havisham, and Mrs. Joe Gargery are the o

About the Olympics Although the Olympics are both patriotic and at an enjoyable level of competition, there is also an unneeded generalization and over commercialized element evident here as well. The competition has moved from personal glorification to biased and sometimes prejudicial feelings towards an athlete towards their country. As I flip through the channels on my television, I can't help but notice all of the Olympic scores and events. The camera scans through the more then en

Analysis: Dr. Heidegger's Experiment "If all stories were true, Dr. Heidegger's study must have been a very curious place."(p.2). From the very start we are warned that the stories about Dr. Heidegger may not be true. This becomes important in analyzation because we can no longer depend on the stories as fact, but at the same time we have no reason to doubt them. Dr. Heidegger is known to be a peculiar man, and it is said that he held consultations with a bronze bust of Hippocrates. His s

Position of Animals In Modern Day Society Do animals have rights? A frequently asked question among our Canadian society today. Well we, humans, have rights, and we're animals. Should our pets and wild animals have rights? The responses differ throughout our society. Some people believe that all animals should have rights just like humans, but other people believe that non-human animals having rights is just a bunch of nonsense. My essay will answer a series of questions t

In 1567, the year when Mary, Queen of Scots abdicated, she tried to explain for her faults that, "Prudence and reason were swept away by a cataract of human passion."* Mary's true battle was not with her English cousin Elizabeth I, but with herself. In George Malcolm Thomsom's piece of non-fiction, The Crime of Mary Stuart, the reader must go to when before Mary was crowned Queen of Scotland to see where this conflict originated. First, influenced by her proud, aristocratic French heritag

"Leave the people free to do as they please (Stephen Douglas as cited in Safire, 261)." This sentiment would seem to apply to the argument in favor of the death penalty, or capital punishment. In our democratic system, we must listen to the people. And on the critical issue of capital punishment, the people of the United States agree it must be used (Ogloff, 2). The following discusses why the American people agree with our present system. Capital punishment is necessary because it deters c

Boys Games In the 1500's children were very imaginative and creative in how they used their spare time. Peasant children did not have the opportunities to go to school, doing the days they had lots of time when they were not doing chores. Many Tudor time children played games common to the ones children play today. They would build their own little river dams and slide down rivers and streams creating their own watersides and pools of water. Dreaming of pirates, treasure islands and floating

Symbolism used by Nathaniel Hawthorne in the first eight chapters of The Scarlet Letter. Nathaniel Hawthorne, author of The Scarlet Letter, uses symbolism as a main part of his story telling throughout the first twelve chapters of said book. While they seem very subtle to the inexperienced reader, one must realize the meaning displayed through the use of his symbolism. The representation of Hester's soul shown through the descriptions of the letter on her chest, the rosebush's meaning and re

ABORTION IS MURDER Suppose a person intentionally kills another adult. The victim was innocent, and not the agressor. That would surely be murder. Size, age, color, race or creed are irrelevant here. If it was an infant, a baby not yet born, but about to be born. The child still had a month or two to go before birth. If it is murder at a late stage of development, it is also murder at an early stage. Being a child or an adult is no different. Merely being in another place (the womb), and smal

Delinquents By, David Jones Question: "discuss how the director of a print text influenced viewers to respond to issues raised in one TV drama or series": :The movie Delinquents is about Adolescence, the time when teenage friendship boils over into adult desire, the time when a young girl Lola meets a young boy Brownie Hansen. Society tells them they are too young to be together, but yet they are too in love to be apart, Lola and Brownie's obsessive passion for each other breaks all the

The Australian Stock Exchange Assignment for year 11 Economics By David Jones Part 1 Telstra- 2272 shares @ $4.40 each = $99998.80, yield 2.5% (fully franked) Telstra has been very strong on the market recently, as brokers have come out with increasingly positive assessments of it's worth. Telstra is one of the few full service telecommunication companies in the world. After applying "indicative valuation parameters" to all of Telstra's businesses, one broker told me that Telstra is unde

Question: Explain the implications of having adults filled with suggestions from the State. (Positive or Negative) The positive implications of having adults filled with suggestions from the State are that everyone acts the same way and emotions have been eliminated from the Brave New World. Everyone in the Brave New World acts in the same manner. To function properly in the Brave New World, it is believed that one must take soma. Soma allows one to have fun without consequences. The peo

Jan van Eyck & Hubert van Eyck Jan van Eyck, a Flemish painter who perfected the newly developed technique of oil painting in his life. His naturalistic panel paintings, mostly portraits and religious subjects, made oil painting a great success, using religious symbols to attract the eye. His masterpiece is the altarpiece in the cathedral at Ghent, the Adoration of the Lamb, completed in 1432. Hubert van Eyck is thought to be Jan's brother, but it is known that Hubert did help with the perf

Mike Art "Clarity, Condour, urbanity and virtuoso ability to handle paint-such are the qualities which first strike us in Manet's art". A quote by John Richardson still life grapes and figs 1864 Frank Jay Gould collection. Cannes- "The dark rich tones of this painting carry in them the strong popular Spanish influence the light hitting the fruit from the left creates

In January of 1998, President William Clinton; forty third president of the United States, was publicly accused of monogamy while in the office of presidency. The accusations were made by a female Whitehouse Intern named Monica Lewinsky. Lewinsky, whom was a Whitehouse Intern, claims to have had sex with President Clinton in the Oval Office of the Whitehouse. These accusations shocked the American public, but in recent polls that asked if Americans believed President Clinton, the polls were spl

To what extent should the Government of Canada allow regions (provinces) to separate from the Country? To what extent should the Government of Canada allow regions (provinces) to separate from the Country? It would not be very good to Canada as a whole, but it does have some good points in its favor, especially the fact that Quebec is the only province that is seriously acting toward it. It should also be looked at with different viewpoints. It may be better if a province left economically,

I intend to prove that buying a laptop computer is a waste of money when compared to buying its desktop equivalent. The following definitions will be helpful. A computer is a programmable electronic device that can store, retrieve, and process data. A desktop computer is a computer that is designed to be placed on a desktop, hence the name. A laptop computer is a light-weight computer that is specifically designed to travel, for purposes such as collecting field data. Transportability is ho

The Bear The wind wailed through the towering pines of Grand National Park. The sun illuminated the landscape. Those pines were more than five hundred years old. They stood unchanging like the forest itself. The animals lived in a flawless balance with nature. No humans had ruined this pristine wilderness for some time. The trails overgrew with shrubs. Gathering, clouds brought an ominous dread to the forest. It became darker by the minute. Suddenly, lightning brightened the ter

Mars is the God of war. Mars Is located In between Earth and Venus. Its mass is 6.42 x 10^23.Mars has a diameter of 6787 km and its mean density is (kg/m^3) 3490 Escape velocity on Mars is 5000 (m/sec). Mars average distance from the sun is (AU) 1.524Mars Rotation period is 1.026. It takes Mars 686.98 days to make a Mars' year. Her tilt on her axis or Obliquity is 25 degrees. Mars' orbit inclination is 1.85 degrees. Her orbit eccentricity (deviation from circular) is 0.93 and her maximum surfa

William Thomoson Kelvin DONT USE @ ST JOE William Thomoson Kelvin was born into a large family in Belfast, Ireland on June 26, 1824. The young Kelvin's mother had died when he was only six years old. Kelvin was taught mathematics by his father beyond the level that the universities were teaching at the time. Kelvin's father accepted a teaching job at the University of Glasgow in 1834. Kelvin, now age ten, also entered the university at this

Moral Courage In 1952, The Crucible, by Arthur Miller was written. This play is viewed by many as a condemnation of McCarthyism, now seen as a modern-day witch hunt, or the prosecution of people accused without proper cause, who are forced to conform to society to avoid public denunciation. The Crucible is based on one of the strangest and most dreadful events in American history, the Salem witch trials of 1692. During this time many innocent people were put to death. Throughout t

On 31 August 1997, Princess Diana died tragically in a car crash driven by a drunken chauffer. Her death was shocking on several levels. It was violent. "It sent those she had touched through her charity work into heartbroken mourning, and saddened millions more who had never met her but who had followed her troubled and sometimes troublesome life with the intimacy that modern celebrity affords." This accident would not have happened if the driver was not intoxicated by alcohol. The recent

Scientology describes itself as an "applied religious philosophy" addressing humankind's mental, spiritual, and physical well-being. Scientology shares some beliefs with many religions, the dual nature of humankind and the attainment of spiritual awareness and freedom through the application of Church philosophy; other beliefs are unique, such as the extraplanetary origin of the spirit and the use of an electro-psychometer in counseling sessions to measure the mental state of the individual. S

Everyone sees all the malnutrition children dying overseas because thy cant afford to purchase food for themselves or their families. Everyone also sees the people of America sending food and other relief items overseas to aid them. But there is a flip side to that coin which anyone can see by walking into one of Americas many restaurants. People can witness Americans spending allot of money on food then throwing half of it away. Most of the food that is wasted is for

The inner thoughts of a person are constricted and covet. To find some one who has a talent to express themselves in accuracy is rare. Although some expressions are unpleasant censoring the material that is created is denying the artist their thoughts. Michael Diana is a precise example of this. Michael Diana was a median to the dark side starting as a child. As time progressed he found that using a comic book set up to show his art was appropriate. His art was obscene and graph

What is love? It's silence when your words would hurt, It's patience when your neighbor's curt, It's deafness when the scandal flows, It's thoughtfulness for another's woes, It's promptness when stern duty calls, It's courage when misfortune falls. By: unknown My interpretation of the poem "What is love" is that the author was in love and he had to do all these things. He eventually got sick of being kind, patient, and thoughtful but he\she was in love with his\her

In my family, as in many peoples' families, it has always been tradition to go to the mall on the day after Thanksgiving. The day is usually very predictable. We wake up, have breakfast, go to the mall, walk amongst the large crowds of people, indulge on free samples of chicken, pizza, and ice cream, and sign up for credit cards just to get the free gifts. At least that is what it is usually like. This day, however, was different. It was cold and rainy. My sister and I chose to ride with my aunt

Gandhi Essay Have you ever heard of an 80 lb. Man gaining independence for a country? Mohandus Gandhi had some good ideas on a perfect life. I agree with most of Gandhi's beliefs on what a good life should be. I believe in his idea of how people should live with one and other, the priorities of life, the role of religion, and how problems should be solved. He has a great start on what could be a somewhat of a bible of life. He did this by describing in great detail what he should do to

I S C H R I S T I A N I T Y A P A C I F I S T R E L I G I O N? _______________________ Christianity is a monotheistic religion, which means that God is identical with Christ, the saviour who redeemed sinful man by his suffering, death and resurrection. Christians follow the teachings of Christ, normally as interpreted by reason, authority and the natural law. Pacifism is the belief that all war is morally unjustified and that all international politics should proceed by a

THE AMERICAN FEDERATION OF LABOR Early american workers dealt with many problems. These problems ranged from child labor to unemployment. The workers also tried to set up groups, called unions, that they could call their own. The owners of the companies they worked for could not give the workers what they deserved because of their unions. Many unions also helped shape our modern US history by helping the people come together as a whole. One such union was the American Federation of Labor

"Time is money, people!"declares the vice-president in charge of finances as he rushes out the doors of his office building onto the crowded streets of downtown. He is on his way to an important meeting involving the future of his company. Once in a cab he takes notice of the traffic and knows that he will be late. Out of his briefcase comes his mobile office: laptop computer and digital camera connected via modem and cellular phone to the conference room thirteen blocks away where he will

author's note: The basis of this report was to pick at least 3 stories of an author(Poe) and comment on the gothicism in them. Enjoy. Edgar Allen Poe's stories are full of hidden themes, mysterious people and dark elements. Poe, one of the first modern horror writers, has influenced some of the greatest and most well-proclaimed writers of the twentieth century. His style of writing, which combines a use of gruesome detail and dark, creepy settings leaves the reader with a macabre feeling. P

Trademark counterfeiting robs the U.S. of $200 billion annually. It is a highly profitable tax-free cash business and it's lining the pockets of the same criminals involved in murder, drug trafficking, gun running and extortion. The following information regarding the average life of a Federal Reserve Note was provided by the Federal Reserve System - please note that the life of a note depends on its denomination: $ 1 ...............18 months $ 5 .

Swimming competitively is one of the most difficult and challenging sports there is. Why? Because like basketball, football, baseball or any other team sport you can never "win" the game, because a swimmers main goal is to improve there time not to win. Of course all swimmers like to win though. Part of what make swimming so difficult is not just the in the water part but also what is called "dry-land", which is various exercises a swimmer would do on land to work there swim specific

During the two decades following World War II, Hungary was transformed from a predominantly agricultural land into an industrial-agricultural state. This transformation was carried out under a system of central planning patterned on that of the Soviet Union. Consumer desires were ignored, tight labor discipline was enforced, and living standards were depressed, so that the largest possible share of Hungary's resources could be used to develop an industrial base. Investment in industry was encour

Miguel de Cervantes once said, "Blessings on him that invented sleep! It covers a man, thoughts and all, like a cloak; it is meat for the hungry, drink for the thirsty, heat for the cold, and cold for the hot. It is the currency with which everything may be purchased, and the balance that sets even king and shepherd, simpleton and sage." But what of those poor wakeful souls, staring at the ceiling night after night, spending their days in dazed semislumber? Well, they are among distinguished c

Welfare, it is on just about everyones' mind, whether it is Medicare or the A.F.D.C. Some believe there is too much and others think there is too little. As the years go by, the need for welfare reform increases. President Clinton had pledged in his 1992 campaign to "end welfare as we know it". Only time will tell by what extremes welfare will change. As technology continues to increase and jobs continue to go overseas, the United States must decide what direction the welfare system should

The History of The Hog The rhythmic throb of a low-idling engine and the teeth-chattering vibration of the entire machine consume the rider. He is seated in a low-slung saddle, swathed in leather, anticipating the road ahead. Gingerly he twists the throttle backward. The thumpety-thump-thumpump becomes a steady thud-thud-thud. The rider tenderly balances the throttle and clutch, and crisscrossing the pressures on each, roars away in a thunder of rubber and chrome. Har

I got a 96 on this one :-) Character Commentary and Personality In Arthur Miller's The Crucible several characters are described in the commentary of Act I of the play. Three of the major characters of the play are described in the commentary of the first act. John Proctor, Thomas Putnam, and Reverend Parris are described in the first act and their characters that are developed from the commentary are developed by the character's actions in later parts of the play. John Proctor was

I Have a Dream Analysis The "I Have a Dream" speech by Martin Luther King Jr. is one of the most influential speeches ever. Martin Luther used different parts of the English language to enhance the meaning of his speech and bring out the details. The different rhetorical devices, allusions to historic documents, and metaphors seemed to have brought about the emotions that King was trying to arouse in his listeners. This helped him influence his listeners towards wanting equality for all a

Nothing about Seinfeld I've spent a large portion of my life watching television. Being something of a self proclaimed couch potato, I think somehow qualifies me as an expert on the subject of television entertainment. Even though, I have not been able to enjoy the lazy 14-hour TV binges of my late teens. Despite the lack of time in recent years, I can still state with out any doubt in my mind that no television show has ever been more entertaining than a good episode of Seinfeld, regardless

Jim W. Polygamy Now! In response to the article by Elizabeth Joseph, I agree that polygamy for some people has worked out for the best. Although I sympathize with the argument Joseph makes, I prefer a monogamous lifestyle. In our society both parents generally have to work to afford a house and all the incidentals that go along with it. Housing is only one of the bills accrued by a typical family of the 90's. Day care is another major expense of families. Yet despite all the hardships of