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Defined by Webster's Dictionary, sport is a physical activity engaged in for pleasure. There are many sports divided into two categories. Individual or team oriented sports. In both cases they involve commitment, dedication, hard work, willingness, and pleasure. Without pleasure there is no reason in my eyes that that person should be playing. When I think of sports I think of sports such as football, soccer, basketball, tennis, golf, baseball. In a sport such as soccer there is an extr

Sports are an involved part in today's society. The ways that the athletes act are an important part in the playing of sports. Sportsmanship is found in every single sport there is. Whether it is professional football or the local little league, players on each team should have a certain respect for the other team. Yet, many people still question the ethics of professional sports. Do these men and women who get paid for their talent still have respect for themselves, the fans, and the

My editorial is how the seriousness for school related sports has decreased. Sports aren’t what they used to be. People who say things like “ people are taking these sports too seriously” or “ the sports are meant to be fun”, I think, should rethink their opinion. Of course, they are taken seriously, that doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t fun. Personally I love all of the yelling and confusion that goes on all around sports, whether it’s on TV, or the court, or on t

Being a cheerleader in the summer of my sophomore year gave me a new perspective about people and the stereotypes we put on them. Before I started cheering, I always categorized athletes who lived only for sports as being single- minded and I valued more highly people with a more diverse of interests. After cheering for two months and discovered that I was not very good at it, I realized that sometimes it is necessary to focus inten

My editorial is how the seriousness for school related sports has decreased. Sports aren’t what they used to be. People who say things like “ people are taking these sports too seriously” or “ the sports are meant to be fun”, I think, should rethink their opinion. Of course, they are taken seriously, that doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t fun. Personally I love all of the yelling and confusion that goes on all around sports, whether it’s on TV, or the court, or on t

SHARON ELAZAR, HAY MIARA, ROTEM SHILKROT, OHAD FELDSTEIN. extreme sports Extreme sports are the kinds of sports that makes your Adrenaline rush. It includes: climbing, mountain biking, rafting and so on… They all require high level of skill, concentration, diligence and most of all responsibility. Here we will specify over climbing: Climbing is a way to get from the bottom of a cliff to the top. In the actual sport there are several categories: 1. Quick climbing

Knowles, John. A Seperate Piece. New York: The Macmillan Co.,1959 [196 pages] John Knowles novel A Seperate Piece is about friendship and how important it really is to have a friend that can help. The story takes place at The Devon School in Boston in 1942. The main characters are Gene a 17 year old who is very smart and is not into sports and Finny a 17 year old who is like the sports star at their school. Gene and Finny are Juniors at The Devon School and they are room mates.

I have chosen to write my essay on comparison and contrast by writing about two sports I enjoy to compete at: crew and mountain biking. I have been racing crew boats since the spring of 1997. I began racing mountain bikes the following spring of 1998. I plan to point out similarities and differences in the two sports. I hope to prove even thought the two sports are quite different they benefit each other. I also hope to teach you things that probably don’t know about each sport. I

Brown is committed to recruiting students with diverse backgrounds, and it continues to be the idealistic forefront of providing students with with the ideal aspects of everyday life, on both academic and extra-curricular activities such as sports. In entering school statistics show that 31% of the 1995-1996 matriculates were minoritys. And over the last 3 years, 16% of the student=athletes have been minorities. During the same time athletes gettin on the varsity roster has averaged

When we think of “professional athletes,” the names that come to our minds are players such as Kurt Warner, Andre Agassi, Mark McGwire, Michael Jordan, Brett Hull, and Steve Austin to name a few. These male athletes are very popular in the professional sports world. But what about Dot Richardson, Rebecca Lobo, Sheryl Swoopes, Mia Hamm, and Cammi Granato to name a few more? These are female professional athletes that some might recognize, but their names are not as popular as

Where Did the Love Go? The other day I was looking through a magazine that a friend let me borrow. The name of the magazine was Slam. It is a magazine all about basketball and the players in the NBA. I was halfway through the magazine when I saw an advertisement that caught my eye. It was a picture of a NBA star named Steve Francis. He is in his bedroom watching Sports Center, a television show on ESPN. The advertisement asks “What Sports Center do you watch”. Then it says,

Basketball and football are sports that involve a lot of team work and dedication. In order to succeed in both of these sports, you have to be willing to exercise, and strengthen your body. These sports involve some type of physical contact. Sometimes, you will get hurt, but that is part of the sport. These sports involve a lot of concentration. You put 110% into working with your teammates, and be ready to compete amongst each other. You will sometimes have to work at much harder levels

Most sports work on the same concept, whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins. There are some exceptions, like golf, where the least points win. Sports can be confusing if you have never played. Once you learn one, the rest come easy. Basketball and football are two sports that have the same basics, but very different styles. Football and basketball have many differences. Scoring is one of the differences. You can score one, two, or three points at a time in basketbal

Sports Acrobatics The roots of Sports Acrobatics date back to the time of the ancient Greeks. The word “acrobatics” is derived from a word in the Greek language meaning “to elevate.” This derivation is significant, since Sports Acrobatics combines the aspects of lifting and balancing and the high flight of partner tosses and tumbling passes. Modern Sports Acrobatics began in Russia with the formation of the International Federation of Sports Acrobatics (IFSA). This exciting

To say that my family enjoys sports is a slight understatement. A better statement might be that my family is crazy about sports. I ve probably spent a good quarter of my life watching, discussing, playing, describing, analyzing, or listening to some kind of sporting event. Though I m not quite as athletically talented as either my brothers or sister, I nevertheless find the world of sports both fun and fascinating. I have always enjoyed sitting in the stands, losing my voice to support th

violenceAnyone who likes to watch sports, always likes to see a good fight. Whenever you see a little league game how often do you see a player arguing or fighting? Professional sports players are supposed to be role models for younger athletes. If a youngster sees his role model fighting on television he might believe it is an okay thing to do. A problem with professional sports today is the amount of violence it represents. Many people I talk to do not even like a sport, but they w

Meritocracy The Downfall of Sports A meritocracy is an environment in which individuals are rewarded for their ability to produce. An example of a meritocracy is the sports world at large. In the sports world, athletes are chosen based on their raw talent and ability to score points and win games. Nothing else is taken into account before each player signs a multi million dollar contract. Things like, being a college drop out, having a criminal record and being a poor role model is

Students should be encouraged to play sports whether it be for school or just in their spare time, but I recommend it more for a team. This gives them so much and the lessons learned are unforgettable. It teaches teamwork, hard work, dedication, health concern, responsibility, good sportsmanship and so much more. They get confidence and are much better students in general. Players must keep their grades up and are much less likely to do drugs and have sex as proven by numerous studies.

Knowledge is Sports Bliss When I hear the statement, the more you know the happier you are, it makes me think of my future and it what it holds in store for myself. Is knowledge the key to success and happiness? I believe knowledge is not only the key to happiness but also the key to a better life. Many examples of this may be found in sports. The more an athlete or coach knows the better his life becomes and in most cases the happier is life is. Pat Riley is the head coach of the Nat

NBA lockoutNothing ever can be simple when it comes to labor problems and sports. Everybodyalways wants more than they have. You have your greedy owners and you also have yourgreedy players, both of which are fighting over absurd amounts of money. There aremany issues in the labor problem, of course. But, as is always the case, money is thenumber one issue. Work stoppages in sports lockouts, strikes, moratoriums, Nothing ever can be simple when it comes to labor problems and sports.

Girl’s Sports vs. Boy’s Sports I am a 16-year-old female athlete at Branford High School. I am a goalkeeper for the soccer team at school and have played number one doubles my freshman year for the Varsity Tennis Team. In past years I have played Field Hockey, Basketball, Softball, and swimming. Going from one practice to another. Coming home tired like many other athletes. Most of my friends are boys. I’ve always related better to them. I go to watch my friends play football a

Driving past a local high school, one can not help notice the hundreds of students participating in after school activities. From the football team practicing drills on the field to the cross country runners jogging around the school. All of these students have something in common. They have all volunteered their valuable time to participate in high school athletics. Students play sports for many different reasons. Some hope that their college education will be paid for by scholarships,

Research Project Our group has collectively decided to discuss the topic of violence in sports, especially riots in relation to sports. Riots occur for many reasons, but for our topic we will focus on riots that are caused by or occur at sporting events. We hope to explain why many violent acts happen at sporting events in stands, outside arena’s, and after games. In order to look into this matter, we must first understand what violence in sports is and how it may affect young ch

Ever hear the stories about growing up in Philadelphia, the inner city? Well, this isn't one of them. Nakiea Tsolo grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia. She was born on July 10, 1980 and lived there all of her live until this past August when she moved into her dorm at Slippery Rock. Although you might not be able to tell from the way she looks and most people wouldn't believe me, Nakiea is very big into sports. While in high school she competed in everything she could fit into

Money in Modern-Day Sports Over the years, professional athlete's salaries have steadily risen. The question is if they deserve the money or not. In my opinion, according to the popularity of sports and individual participants, they do deserve the money. Professional sports is probably the basis of American culture and so many things revolve around it. No matter what sport, those athletes are paid to bring a championship to their respective cities. I also feel that their

Sports and Responsibility Responsibility goes hand and hand with sports. If you cannot be a responsible person you will struggle with sports. It many not just from the player side it could very well be from the coaching side. I have had the experience to learn from both the players side but also from a coach prospective on responsibility. On either side there is a huge part of responsibility. From being a coach I was taught the responsibility of having people waiting for you to come to prac

This is the season for winter sports, so this past weekend, I went snowboarding for the first time with my friends. Though I had a great time and lots of fun, I still struggled and had difficulty snowboarding at times. I thought it would be very similar to skateboarding, but quickly found out that there are some differences. Snowboarding and skateboarding are similar in a lot of ways. Both are considered extreme sports. Both require riding on a board and being able to balance yourself

Title IX: Reverse Discrimination Beginning some time shortly after the end of World War II, there has been tremendous growth in women’s athletics. For decades female athletes have been striving to become as equally respected as their male counterparts. After years of reaching for their goals, female athletes finally realized their dreams in the form of Title IX. As stated by Jim Minter, former editor of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “Title IX is the federal government telling c

The statement "sports are an important context for the development of character" is true on the basis of character as being your own person and having your own personal opinions. Organized sports such as school sponsored teams help children build their characters. Whether these children achieve good characters, or what is considered by society as good character, is soley up to the individuals teaching the sport. What types of characteristics that sports promote will be discussed in this pap

James Hartmann 10/22/00 Midterm Exam History 337 The Social and Cultural Factors of Modern Sports When we observe modern sports and see the progress it has made, we can t help but to look at the factors in the past that shaped sports, which has shaped our culture much in the same way. Urbanization, for example, affected organized sports much like it affected our culture. Better transportation and increased communication also helped spread sports and how we know them today. Let us not for

In the United States today the age for a kid to start playing competitive sports continues to get lower and lower. Parents in America have started to get their children involved in sports at a much earlier age than they used to, hoping that their child will be the next superstar. Parents are placing too much emphasis on winning and being the best, instead of teaching their children how to have fun. Parents in the U.S. are also placing too much pressure on their kids to be the best. Parents

PERSONAL ESSAY Participating in athletics gives me an edge. As an athlete, I have learned to interact with many different types of people, work together, and win. Striving for excellence teaches you about your capabilities and how, with practice they can expand. Athletics is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Participating in athletics has offered me many opportunities to make friends, assume a leadership role, and take on responsibilities. Playing sports with a variety of

Gender in sports has been an issue ever since sports were invented. In the early years sports were played by the men, and the women were to sit on the sidelines and watch. Things have begun to change in the last century. Women are being allowed to participate now, and women’s teams, events, organizations and leagues are popping up all over the place. This includes professional leagues such as the WNBA, and the LPGA. Women in sports have become a big business. Women have been parti

GOALS IN LIFE High school is a very important time in a persons life. This is the time to set goals. We not only set goals, but set out to find solutions. My first goal in no particular order is to become a good athlete. My next goal is to be a good student and graduate high school, with a 3.0 GPA. There's a last goal, but I am saving it for later. My goals are simple, but not as easy to accomplish. Athletics are very fun , and may help count towards another goal in life. Sports may be f

tober 1995) David Hall Sports Agent Civil Case In the world of professional sports there is a lot of drive for agents to get a piece of the action if you will. They will go to almost any length to see that they get the best players coming out of high school and that they get first pick. We all know that agents can bend the rules and a lot of times can be very manipulating in some form or another. Technically, if a player talks with an agent about anything dealing with future plans

More recently than ever on the news we re hearing stories of players receiving serious blows to the head and spine which force them to be carried off on a stretcher. The crowd is silent and players stand on the sidelines with an empty look in their eyes. This is the situation that arises during the time of crisis and while medical attention deals with the victim. All the steps of precaution must be taken to ensure the athletes safety. The crowd rises to its feet and gives a loud cheer for the

Growing up, I was an athletic kid who loved playing all sports and doing activities that were physically demanding. In elementary school, I competitively played soccer during the spring and fall leagues. I also played flag football and tee ball/baseball. I was always busy playing a competitive sport. When not competing competitively, I was playing pickup games with my friends. I biked everywhere around town, shot the basketball around at the park, ran around the block inventing games to

ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY SPORTS PEOPLE DO NOT MAKE GOOD ROLE MODELS There is much evidence to support the argument that steroid use is widespread in the Olympics. Rugby League Footballers abuse alcohol, there is widespread corruption in cricket, racism in football, Rugby League and AFL and violence and fights among the players. Sports people generally make very bad role models. Athletes who use steroids are cheats. Steroids users are not the true athletes effort, ability or training. The a

In chapter four of the book titled, ?Sports in Society?, Jay. J. Coakley examines some of the differences between ?power and performance? sports, versus ?pleasure and participation? sports. The ?power and performance? model is geared for more of a ?die hard? athlete, while a ?pleasure and participation? model stresses a relaxed, laid back attitude. For the most part, the majority of the sports games played today seem to fall in the gray area of these two extreme models. Sports attract a wide r

Sport At School Should Not Be Compulsory Essay written by ethan Sport at school should NOT be compulsory. Sports training and PE take up time that could be better spent learning other subjects, and PE and Sport are not as important as other subjects like maths, science etc. It is also my belief that it students should have the right to choose whether or not we do sport/PE, because we are allowed to choose the subjects that are more important, so why are we not allowed to choose

"A Skeptic's Guide to Sports Medicine" Nov. 22, 1996 Many times put all of our trust in a man, or woman, to diagnose an injury just because of what they wear on a white jacket. Where we go wrong is when we trust their credibility without researching this doctor. Was, or will their assessment be accurate? It is important to know exactly how you injured yourself and get the right treatment. A medical specialist can be very costly for your insurance company, and can waste a lot of y

This topic is a very strong topic to me. I definitely know who I am and what Idid to get here. My family background helped me reach the point I am at inmy life now. They are very helpful in guiding me in the right path. They havealways been there for me and taught me a lot. I can say that my parents play amajor part of who I am. There are many traditions in my family which keepus together. I attended Our Lady of Mercy School. This school taught me well andplayed a role on gettin

POLICY PAPER: SPORTS INJURY The ICCWA notes that: 1. Sports injuries in Australia are estimated at 1 million per year. Around 200,000 of these are regarded as serious and 40,000 require hospitalisation or surgical intervention (CHPR, 1990). 2. There is a lack of standardised data on sports injuries in Australia, both in general, within sporting codes and for schools (CHPR, 1992). This lack of information is a barrier to injury prevention. 3. The direct medical cost of sports inj

Play It Smart Most advertisements that you come across in magazines, television, and radio are geared towards one specific age group. The advertisement I have chosen seems to be geared specifically towards students who want to get an education, but also wants to participate in sports while obtaining a higher education. The ad could also be used to attract some kids who really want to participate in sports, but are not really to sure about attending college. By portraying a fun, energetic ima

More recently than ever on the news we’re hearing stories of players receiving serious blows to the head and spine which force them to be carried off on a stretcher. The crowd is silent and players stand on the sidelines with an empty look in their eyes. This is the situation that arises during the time of crisis and while medical attention deals with the victim. All the steps of precaution must be taken to ensure the athletes safety. The crowd rises to its feet and gives a loud che

Sports Illustrated 15, November: The life of Reilly Magic's Greatest Trick By Rick Reilly In a year were so many great athletes are no longer with us, Payne Stewart, Wilt Chamberlain, Joe DiMaggio, Walter Payton, the man we thought would have passed away first is still among us, Magic Johnson. Rick Reilly does a remarkable job on this praising article on Magic. Reilly talks about how fit magic is. "He can bench 325 pounds. Weighing 245, he's about 20 pounds heavier than he was in

Who Am I? Believe it or not, I find very difficult to talk about myself. I think that the only way to accurately describe myself is to give a little background information. I was born in Indianapolis, where I have lived my whole life. I live in an old three-story farmhouse, which was built in the 1780’s. It has been remodeled somewhat since then but all of the woodwork is the same. The surroundings are beautiful, like a calendar picture. The house sat on about 15 acres of land. Mos

Religious Sports At first impression it would normally be assumed there is little, if any, relationship between religion and sports .Sports are a competitive, dynamic, and to a great degree, group activity. Religion, on the other hand, is a non-competitive process based more on self-experience, It is hard to associate saying one's prayers in churches or temples with cheering for football teams in the World Cup. However, let us look at how sports came into being. At the time when p

There are many good athletes in professional sports today. There are many good athletes in college sports today also. Some of the biggest names in sports are Mark McGwire, Steve Young, Michael Jordan, Allen Iverson, and so on. Now, imagine if all of those players never made it to the pros. What would happen to professional sports? Why are they in the pros now? To make it into professional sports you need more than just talent. You need opportunity. College scholarships not only give ath

In the article George J. Bryjak voices his opinions of sports team owners using taxpayers' money to build new stadium and arenas. One of his first statements is a bold accusation of professional sports being unjust in its means to fund a sport stadium or arena. He says "If there is one constant in professional sports in the last 20-25 years, it is that owners and players are becoming increasingly wealthy at the expense of fans, non-fans, and taxpayers." Bryjak (67). The remained of the