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When Does a Religion Become a Cult? When Does a Cult Become a Religion? I think that religion and cults are closely related. However, there can be many noticeable differences. In order for a religion to become a cult, it needs to develop into a negative form of expression. Cults are often damaging to a person and any people that are close to them. In order for a cult to become a religion, it needs to develop into a positive form of expression. This cult to religion change is dependen

Freedom of religion is a very controversial issue in today s society. Recently, there have been controversy concerning prayer in the schools, and in any public place for that matter. I believe that our right is being taken away. First Congress takes religion out of schools; what s next? The definition of Freedom of Religion is right of a person to form personal religious beliefs according to his or her own conscience and to give public expression to these beliefs if worship and teachi

In this present time, it is very hard to achieve anything as an individual. You will always need someone to agree or back you up in your own ideas. Although quite a few individual actions can be done, even thousands of years ago, you could only survive with other people. One example of this would be a religion. In most religions there are professionals or higher administrators. These people are also known as priests, rabbis, bishops and so on. In Theravada Buddhism, they believe that it

"Melting or Boiling" Are all people are created equally? No matter the race, religion, or ethnic background. This is all true, but are people who are different treated equally. There is a long history of racially motivated predijuices that we all face every day. That is why that we are more of a boiling pot rather than a melting pot. I feel that we coexist, we don't live in hormone. The united states is more of a boiling pot because of the differences that make up our country. Ther

Why Religion is Difficult to Discuss With so many different belief systems in our world, it s no wonder why religion is such a touchy subject in our society. It is not to be discussed in schools or any other non-church related activity because some one there might be offended. I personally don t care if you talk about religion to someone just as long as if they believe some thing different than you, don t tell him or her that they are wrong. It is a personal choice on which belief system y

Religion or Run? Religion has been around for thousands of years. Throughout history, religion has made an impact on the decisions people make everyday. People have even gone as far as sacrificing their lives for their religion. There have been countries formed over religion, so too have there been wars started. These events and many others have caused the creation of many new religions and the destruction of others. Even in the present, there are skirmishes between the people of differen

Cult and Religion Religion is a sociological device used to protect its members, and it offers them a common system of belief. Religion, whether it is Christianity, Taoism, Judaism, or Hinduism is a set of commonly shared beliefs, which bring many people together. Religions usually teaches a code of morality with an emphasis on a higher supernatural entity. They give examples and role models for people to follow. Religion, although having nearly the same definition as a cult, has a positiv

Buddhism is a rich religion that affects the lives of millions of people throughout the world. Most importantly, Buddhism is a religion for all people. The religion emphasizes personal enlightenment as opposed to salvation from a higher being. The religion teaches that salvation lies in your own hands, and you are ultimately responsible for what you do, and the consequences that you face. Buddhism molds several ideologies and religions into its practices, appealing to a wide number of p

Losing Our Religion In earlier times and civilizations, religion was a very important thing to most people. In fact, many colonies were started and based solely on religious beliefs. But as we move more into the new millenium, religion seems to be taking a back seat to other activities. Today it seems that many people are more worried about how much money they are making or climbing higher on the business ladder, than they are about religious beliefs. The number of people going to church

There are different styles of writings. Some styles are different due to the different beliefs of writers. In the works of Joy Harjo and Fray Alonso de Benavides, both write about different types of religion. According to Harjo she feels hate toward the Christian religion because, as a Native American, the Christian religion was forced upon her. Alonso de Benavides, on the other hand, feels that it was a good act to incorporate the Christian religion into that religion of the Native Ameri

Religion is one of Lucretius favorite topics to argue against in his poem On the Nature of Things. What religion does to man and the fear of the life after death that is instilled on the living is unjust per Lucretius. For while the nature of the gods must necessarily of itself enjoy immortality, the life of men lay foully groveling, crushed beneath the wait of a Religion. Throughout the texts I find Lucretius to be very harsh towards religion. Religion, brought down under our feet is

Matt Pryor Religion is a belief in a higher power in an organized manor. To have religion is to have faith in something. Faith is needed in life because it makes people feel like they have a reason for being on earth. As if they are here to serve a purpose. Faith comes natural to most people, but is expressed best in a form of organized religion. I think that this should be taught at a young age so that children are given the education about the subject. It should continue until they a

Saudi Arabia, which is located in the Middle East, is known as a religious state where religion and government are one in the same. As the Islamic Religion is the government, its book, the Quran (Koran) is the foundation and structure of the laws in Saudi Arabia. As dictated in the Koran, men hold all governmental positions while the women stay home and perform domestic duties. This seems similar to what the trends of the 1950's in western culture, but this behaviour occurs commonly i

What is Religion? From the moment you take your first breath, you are besieged with strange sensory data pouring into your newborn self. You immediately begin to discriminate this data to find meaning in what would otherwise be a meaningless world. Sadly, we are not born enlightened, but born into what appears to be complete confusion. We are born unknowing of our origin, of why we are alive, of who we are and where we are going. We may have many questions about life and the world, and ar

Definition of Religion: Religion is norms,values, or a way of life to an individual or community. A spiritual guide that governs the way a person lives from day to day by giving that person hope, belief, and reason to exist in this world. Religion can be whatever that person makes of it. Religion can be a persons assets, family, or other individuals or possessions, it can be many things besides worship to a "God" or "Deity". It can be whatever a person deems holy

The dictionary defines religion as a belief in or worship god or gods. As the definition states, practicing religion requires accepting certain beliefs. Unfortunately, these beliefs are largely unproven and non-factual. As a result, people may interpret aspects or elements of their religion differently, and this may cause conflict. In The Chrysalids by John Wyndham. He has the characters have different views of religion that results in such a conflict. Throughout this novel, many characters

“Science vs Religion” The question as to whether or not religion belongs in a science classroom is a very complex and difficult question. Religion can be looked at from different angles, starting from its validity. Despite the lack of evidence to support the idea of creationism, that in itself is not enough to warrant its exclusion from schools. I don’t think students should be told who or what to believe in, but they should acquire enough knowledge on both

Religion Religion is a set of practices and beliefs that allow human beings to search for the meaning of life and the purpose of their existence. These common practices set the foundation for such beliefs to have validity. Every individual must wonder why he/she exists on earth. Questioning about the purpose in one s life and whether or not there is meaning allows an individual to seek a supernatural, Supreme Being or some form of deity. Technically, religion is essentially the passing of

Religion in the United States is considered a way of life to many people. Whether you go to a church, synagogue, or mosque, they are all a form of religious expression. As a person one is entitled to worship whatever or whomever they believe in and that cannot be taken away from that person by anyone. Religion is supposed to be belief in one s worshipped being on a daily basis without question from others but now it has been turned into something much more then just worship. It has now becom

The price of religion to a human in one of the most important factors in one’s life, as well is their own being. People practice religion for several reasons, throughout the world it is practiced as it being part of their heritage. However many people seek religion for the feeling of security. There are hundreds of different cultures throughout the world, some who believe in everything including their health is left up to the Gods to heal, while others believe in praying for the a

Essay - The True Believer Religion is in all of us even if we don't believe it is. Religion was first associated with churches, but there are other means of religion. W.P. Kinsella introduces baseball as a religious base. Ray Kinsella in the book "Shoeless Joe" believes in baseball just as much as a true Christian believes in Religion. Baseball gives him love for the game, guidance and orders, and a certain lifestyle. To love someone or something is to have an intense emotion of affection, w

Why is Religion Important? Religion is the one element of life that has connected the races and societies of the world for hundreds of years. It has given meaning to lives that may seem otherwise hopeless. Religion has provided for a universal language and culture among those who believe in a higher power. The spirit or being receiving the worship and praise may not be the same, but the practices are usually similar and serve the same purpose--to give direction, insight, courage, and a div

Religion has been a strong force in humanity since the first cavemen. Man has always and will always look at the world and ask why. Why does lightning happen, or crops fail? Nobody knew and so religion was born. If humanity did not cause it then something did so we created the gods or the gods created us. IT all depends on your point of view. Religion has many benefits and many flaws. One benefit of religion over atheism is it can act as a unifying force. Through out most of history wh

Tradition Have I ever rebelled against tradition? Sure I have. There were many occasions where I just wanted to go against everything and do what I wanted to do. That is a part of life, doing what you want to do. There are certain things people and society want you to believe, and I am well aware of these things. Here is what I rebelled against. It happened just recently. All my life I had been taught the ways of the religion. I was taught how it was “right” to believe in

Religion in Ancient Greece The ancient Greeks were a deeply religious people. For them, religion was important because they believed that it would make their lives better while they were living. They also worshipped many gods whom they believed appeared in human form and yet were gifted with superhuman strength and timeless beauty. Even though its exact origin is lost in time, Greek religion is thought to date from about the 2nd millennium B. C., when the culture of Aryan invaders com

We are guaranteed by the first amendment the right for freedom of religion. By this right, we as American citizens should be allowed to have prayer in the public schools and teachers should be allowed to teach religion courses trough the high school years. We should also be able to talk about religion in and out of our classes. With our right for freedom of religion we should be allowed to use it whenever and wherever we wish to. To often people are scared to express their faith in public

Temptation comes along our path everyday in our lives; the key fact is trying to avoid being tempted. Many are able to resist but the majorities are not able to. The question of temptation is where is originated from, in a religious sense the devil created temptation to draw us away from the followings of God. For those that do not believe in religion temptation was brought to us by the form of government we are under, things that are labeled as wrong by the government are things we a

In "The Day Zimmer Lost Religion" by Paul Zimmer the poet reflects how in losing religion he has found faith in Christ. He recounts how religion taught him to fear Christ as a young boy which influenced him to challenge religion and eventually find faith in Christ. As a child, he expected to be punished, but the punishment never comes and now as a man he realizes he is ready to accept Christ as he has found faith in Christ and in return his religion. In the first stanza the poet descr

Is Buddhism a Religion? To begin, let us ask once again the huge question that is all burning in our minds: is Buddhism a religion? There are many criteria by which this can be compared to and/or answered by. For example, many religions have the following aspects within them: beginning, ritual, followers/believers, morality, purpose, and goals. This paper will compare Buddhism, other worldly accepted religions, and these criteria from the standpoint and belief that Buddhism is a reli

Binary thinking related to Salem Witch Trials The Puritans were European settlers that established home in Salem Village in the 1630s. They believed that they were a dominant group because of their practices. They saw their religion as superior to any other religion. Their religious authority was one that was honoured by the Puritans. The Puritan society began to look at others with suspicion when something out of the ordinary happened causing great accusations of witchcraft. The

State in your own words why you think the study of World Religions is important? The study of World Religion is important because it will lead us through a series of thinking experiences that will allow us to function more beneficially in today’s modern culture. It will emphasis on method issues, perspectives, and critical thinking. This course also engages students in the activity of self-examination through encounters with different cultural viewpoints on issues of a fundamenta

Zen enlightenment experiences have been shown to have some amount of neurophysiological explanations. These neurophysiological explanations are a new opposition for Zen Followers, but they still do not undermine their religion. Zen enlightenment experiences have often been described as taking place in a different state of mind. Followers of the Zen religion claim that they quiet almost all of the sensory input into their brain, and that they travel through different states of consciousness.

The freedom of expressing oneself seems to be extremely important for us Americans. Yet, because I have not had to fight for my freedom as the generations before me, I often take my freedoms for granted. Now as I think of how a democracy is so open and accepting of a person s right to expression, I realize how thankful I am for all of my freedoms, especially for my freedom of religion. Freedom of religion is the right to believe in and to practice the faith of one's choice. It also includ

The writers of the constitution saw how the kings and queens of many European countries used religion to mold the general population s ideas. For this reason, they decided not to make a government based religion. Also, there are private schools that children may go to if they need to pray in school. If prayer in school is adopted, there will be more religious violence. And finally, it is against the constitution to force your beliefs on someone else. There are private schools that are pai

The word secularization is derived from the Latin word saeculum(world) it was first used to refer the transfer of property from the church to the civil princes. Now it denotes the process by which religion loses some or all of its power, dominance and authority. Secularization as a concept refers to the actual historical process whereby this dualist system this world and the sacramental structures of mediation between this world and the other world progressively breakdown until the entire m

When traditional religion is pitted against modern society, it is a clash of the titans, a clash between Science and Religion. Everyone has their own interpretation of what religion means to themselves and the people around them. Traditional religion is an organized community of many different types of groups that believe in their own divine being(s), stories about why something is the way that it is, and have some type of religious participation. Each religious affiliation must be organized.

MYTHOLOGY AND RELIGION Throughout history people have been fascinated with the subject of religion and mythology. In this paper I will define both religion and mythology, and show how mythology can be seen as a religion. First you must have some understanding and definition of religion before you can see how it relates to mythology. Webster's New Riverside Dictionary defines religion as, "a. Belief in and reference for a supernatural power accepted as the creator and governor of

Voltaire an eighteenth century French philosopher and prolific writer is well known for his literary satirical attacks. One of Voltaire s attacks was of traditional Christianity and the Catholic church in On Toleration. He criticized the church on the grounds that it was overly superstitious. There were many superstitions that were held by the church: a geocentric universe, the tides not being due to gravity, a rainbow not being a phenomenon of light, etc. Voltaire felt that the most grie

From Fetishism to Africism Throughout time there have been many words that have set out to try to describe religion in Africa as a whole. There was a problem with these words, non of them encompassed all of the religions of Africa, there was something that was always left out. In this paper, I plan to discuss what "From Fetishism to Africism" means. I also plan to talk about the word "africism," it’s meaning and it’s origin. Other topics I will cover are "fetishism," "animism," a

Gandhi the movie, a story of one man's devotion to his religion, opened a whole new aspect of the very different ways of the Hindu religion. The movie portrayed Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi as a man of courageous actions and strong will to pave the path for his people. Gandhi was ready and able to do anything and everything for his country. He stood up for the people by addressing the British government of the unfair justice that the people were living. Gandhi's way of non-violence, devot

"Religion" According to the dictionary "religion is the service and worship ofGod or the supernatural."1 I challenge that definition. It is true that allreligions do involve the worship of some supernatural force, however, itis also true that no religion in history has ever stopped at that. For amore complete definition of the word religion we also have to examinetwo other aspects. How has it affected man over the centuries? Andwhat is the tr

The Relationship between Freedom and Civilization Freedom is defined as “a being able to act, use, etc. freely”. Civilization is defined as “the peoples considered to have reached a high social development”. This essay will discuss the relationship between both freedom and civilization, by showing how a increase in one will lead to a decrease in the other and vice versa. With a civilization comes a decline in freedom due to religious and government made laws that restrict cer

Skillful Means as a Result of Buddhism Not unlike any other religion, Buddhism is unique and must be understood only by a broad sense or concepts. Buddhism can be better understood by knowing the importance of skillful means in its religion. Different schools of Buddhism are taught just as there are divisions in other religions such as Christianity. The most fascinating aspect of Buddhism to me is the Buddhist's devotion and willingness to lose his life (worldly things) to find their peace

Politics played a major role in all of the religious positions of the French leaders. The most powerful families would control the top positions in the religion. For example the most powerful families in their religion would control the positions of high stature. The families that were involved in the religious issues of France were the Guise, Montmorency, and Bourbon. All of which had their strengths in different parts of France. Politics influenced religious positions in the nature t

Babylonian and Assyrian Religion Religion is the backbone of all cultural societies. The Rev. Professor E. O. James has assembled a great collation of studies on Babylonian and Assyrian religions. E. O. James has chosen a wide view of their ancient culture through their temple building, rituals, mythology, and daily life and government world. Anyone studying Babylonian and Assyrian religion will find it somewhat similar to early western civilization religions. Early western civilization

Morality is the cooperation of the part to the whole in order to instill conformity in everyone. How does society place morality on people? One of the major methods is through religion. Using the Devil as a catharsis, the single-shared belief in some type of God brings people together in conformity, ethically. Another method is the media. Through movies, we see beautiful people say and do things that we deem to be flawless. We strive to be like the stars, because we admire them. Whether i

IV Attitudes towards Christianity Deep inside most people there is a need for something more then the ritualistic clich of everyday life. People yearn for an explanation, an out of the ordinary stretch past the thin, permeable steel bars of reality. Christianity feeds this hunger for purpose and gives some hope for the future. Yet many go astray, because society lures their hearts to believe that facts are of more relevance and worth then faith. The amount of faith a person has therefore va

Per 5 1/10/01 The religions of contemporary Tibet and the ancient Egyptians are similar in a few ways and different in others. What were their thoughts about gods, sacrifice, and their beliefs after death? The religion of Tibetan people is Buddhism. The goal of Buddhists is to reach what they call nirvana ( total enlightenment. Reaching enlightenment was like having a total peace with yourself and everybody else and everything around you. The perso

Religion and science are two of the most conflicting issues know to exist. Reason being that each individual person has his or her own ideas and beliefs. Everyone makes their own decisions and no one can tell them otherwise. The decision is simply split two ways whether you in science more then religion, or religion more then science, either way both of these must exist because there must be a balance to provide comfort to the people. Religion explained to people the why aspects of life, a

The Right to Pray School prayer has been an issue in the lives of many Americans since 1962 when the U.S. Supreme Court threw prayer out of public schools in the Engel vs. Vitale case. Today school prayer is still an extremely questionable issue, since it touches many Americans hearts due to their beliefs and religious tolerance. Education is mandatory for all children so many feel that the school should maintain separation from any religion. Many religious people are in favor of school pr