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The fall of the Berlin Wall, along with the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s, pushed neo-Nazis to spread their doctrine in the East. During this time, there was an air of hostility towards the triumphant liberal order; a widespread feeling of revanchism also plagued the nation. Today, the ideals of Nazism lives on in Eastern Germany, but what most do not realize is that its foundations were established long before the early 90s. 

Germany, divided then by East and Wes

With respect to racism in American literature during the Reconstruction Era, awfully rare are the instances wherein racism is not a pure, potent concoction of prejudice, utter dehumanization, and limitless exaggeration of the supposed physical and mental “inadequacies” of African American former slaves. Case in point is “Our Brother in Black: His Freedom and His Future,” written by Atticus Haygood, a Methodist minister. Haygood’s work is a hodgepodge of both mora

More than 80 years after Hitler’s descent to power and two decades after the fall of Berlin wall, right-wing extremism poses as a significant problem in Germany once again. According to survey falls, roughly a third of the youth in Germany agree with neo-Nazi ideologies, and almost twice as many show attitudes of racism and anti-Semitism. The very existence of neo-Nazi groups and their growing numbers only goes to show that Hitler may have rotted not only the tree’s roots, but the

We all have heard it sometime, somewhere . . . that racism is just like a Cadillac, they simply bring out a new model every year. Malcolm X said that and it is a highly agreeable statement, because it is evident that the racial discrimination recorded in our history books, even from personal accounts, just transformed into something new, and the name of the game now is covert racism. Over time, racism has given birth to many names - all of which, simply boil down to discrimination. And for as

Neo-Nazism is a modern movement, primarily seeking to preserve and finally accomplish the failed goals and ideologies of Nazi Germany. Their groups are characterized by upholding the values of white supremacy, white nationalism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, and what is known as the Holocaust denial. To better understand the roots of today’s neo-Nazism, it’s integral to discuss what foundations remain today. Experts believe that the Holocaust denial, in particular, continue to fuel t

These walls are funny. First you hate 'em, then you get used to 'em. Enough time passes, you get so you depend on them. That's institutionalized.” – Shawshank Redemption

Institutional discrimination refers to the covert racial profiling, peppered with sediments of slavery and guilt. We all are unlucky enough to be living in a society where historical accounts of violence ag

No community, let alone a society, remains calm in the face of a drastic change in the status quo, especially if the party inheriting control is perceived, or is made to appear, as incompetent and deplorable. The situation becomes tenser if the new leadership is preceded by a reputation propagated by myths and misinformation, and backed by no evidence. Alas, the very same situation becomes a lot more predisposed to chaos and violence if racism, prejudice, pride, credulity, and ignorance are i

The Elizabethan era (1558-1603) saw a magnificent bloom in many aspects of English culture. Society was at its peak during this time, its higher echelons even more so. Many enjoyed prosperity and abundance of works by great innovators whose legacies resounded throughout the ages. Unfortunately, not all received the same enjoyment. Rife - and even heightened - here is racial prejudice and discrimination, as slavery was still in motion and at large at the time. Some authors wrote work

Progressive parenting is well-practiced recently to induce various potentials from a child, and the first rule is to not compare one’s kid from the kid of another, regardless if one is a parent or not involved in the family unit at all. The modern society talks about the probable concerns regarding how kids were raised then, challenging a better way of parenting as a modern approach to meeting the child’s needs. This includes a better way of teaching to meet each student’s l

Racism is not only around today- racism has been around for a long time. It became a huge issue in the United States when we started to bring slaves over from Africa. The racism grew after the civil war when the blacks were freed from the bondage of slavery. Racism hit a high around the time the "Jim Crow Laws" were passed. Blacks and whites were segregated; each had to use their different sections of public property, and the racism grew stronger and stronger. Maya Angelou lived, around W