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It is undeniable that the conditions of today’s life and age emphasize in instant results. Everyone wants a quick answer to their problems. Perhaps, this is why traditional medicine appeals to many. If a patient is sick, he or she is diagnosed and instantly receives a synthetic drug to treat his or her illness, regardless if this is the best form of treatment. Alternative medicine is the most effective method of treatment because it is based on natural healing methods, treats patien

Bipolar disorder was called as “manic depression” due to the extreme changes an individual shows in terms of physical and emotional behavior. This disorder is a certain mental health condition wherein the victim suffers from severe changes in emotions commonly called as “mood swings” from depression to hypomania – the condition of being severely elated. Depression and Hypo

In the movie, What About Bob , the main character Bob Wiley is one of Dr. Leo Marvin s newest patients. Dr Marvin is an uptight, egotistical psychiatrist who can t wait to get on Good Morning America to introduce his new book about emotional disorders. When Leo goes to New Hampshire to prepare for his TV appearance and vacation with his family, Bob decides to tag along, tricking the doctor's answering service into revealing his location. Before long, Bob turns Leo's vacation into a nightmare,