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Throughout Margaret Laurence's novel "The Diviners" the character of Morag Gunn experiences values which are ever evolving from her childhood until she reaches old age. As we read the novel, it becomes apparent that Morag learns from the values of those whom she is in contact with for a prolonged period of time. Because of Morag's tendency to learn from the values of others and then move on, she experiences many changes in her value systems, and personality during her entire

Purgatory-Any condition or place of temporary suffering or punishment. Kino's people were happy and peaceful people. The ways that were supposedly better than the old ways changed Kino and his people's lives forever. Not black or white, but black and white. A heaven, a purgatory, and a hell, thrust into their lives, with no just "good" anymore. Hell. The root of all evil. A thing that Kino thought to be fine, only because it was a thing that he did not know and could not recognize.

Frivolous Frippery With the seventeenth century came a season of change, a sentiment of modernism. Along with these new "modern" ideas (which would become the forefathers of Enlightenment philosophy a century later) came a blatant rejection of traditional values and ideals. Naturally, this change of philosophy was reflected in the literature of the period, and many times this rejection of olden-day tradition was magnified and inflated into outright mockery and ridicule. Tartuffe, perhaps

Sula in Tony Morrison's Sula as a Defiant Self-Exile Morrison's Sula, features a protagonist who shares her name with the book who has the decided attitude not to form social bonds in the Bottom, a black district inside, Medallion. Sectioned into two parts, the book divides between Sula Peace's coming-of-age experience before she leaves the Bottom and her return to the Bottom as a mature woman. Sula's unusual exorbitance results from an eccentric upbringing that openly accepts and welcomes tra

Some people strive to make a name in this world for themselves. Most, who actually succeed, are forgotten about in a matter of years. However, some are remembered for tens, hundreds, and even thousands of years, because of their great intellectual achievement to feats of outstanding skill. In The Epic of Gilgamesh, Gilgamesh achieves many feats of skill, which makes him famous, but that is not the reason it is an epic. The Epic of Gilgamesh fulfills the requirements of an epic by being consi

Struggle for Survival; The History of the Second World War, 1989 R.A.C. Parker R.A.C. Parker is Fellow, Tutor, and Praelector in Modern History at Queen's College, Oxford. Although Parker first had interests in English agricultural history his thoughts changed to the histories of the 1930's and 1940's, especially the origins of World War II./ Among Parker's other works are Chamberlain And Appeasement: British Policy And The Coming Of The Second World War, and Europe 1919-1945, which has been

"How Much Land Does A Man Need?" by Leo Tolstoy The Greed of Americans During Westward Expansion The story, "How Much Land Does a Man Need?", by Leo Tolstoy is a story about Americans taking advantage of the Indians. Although it is set in Russia, it is about the greed that many people had at the time and the outcome of that greed. The opening scene represents the Europeans coming over to America. During that time, the mid-1800's, the Europeans were rich and their relatives in America

Man Without A Face By Marcus Wolf Book Critique Secrecy, deception, role playing and above all loyalty to his cause, these qualities and many more are just a few required for a person named Markus Wolf to obtain the title "Man Without A Face." For almost twenty years Markus Wolf's life was so shrouded in secrecy that no one, not even western intelligence had any idea what he looked like, who he was and more so where he was. He directed agents who successfully infiltrated the West Ger

A Doll's House Nora is an enigmatic character, a chameleon. It is hard to say what exactly she is. Is she a empty-headed, silly child as she appears to be in the beginning? Is she a naive, young woman needing protection from a harsh world as Torvald perceives her? Or is she actually a very intelligent, underestimated, conniving but good-intentioned woman as she appears to be in the end of the book? Did she do anything wrong? In the beginning of the play, The Doll House, by Henrik Ibse

Lord Of The Flies vs. U.S.S.R leaders The events in Lord of the Flies seem to model what happened in the struggle for power in the U.S.S.R. in the mid-1920's. Both show what happens when dissension grows and people get desperate. There is an obvious battle between good and evil. In the beginning of the novel, there is one group, where all the boys essentially work together, and there is order and peace. As the book progresses, a split and this rift grows until there are two completely sepa

REINCARNATION, RESURRECTION AND CHRIST IMAGERY Golding creates the effect of reincarnation, resurrection and Christ imagery in this passage by the death of a character, Simon, and the resulting response of nature to this death. In this passage there are a lot of symbols of reincarnation, resurrection and Christ imagery. The word imagery in this passage and in the entire novel, Lord Of The Flies, presents the character, Simon, as a Christ figure that is going through a reincarnati

Keeping in mind the symbolism of water as a source of purification and rebirth, what do we learn of Sivd on the last night of his life? In many religions, water serves as a mode of cleansing sins and redeeming yourself in the eyes of God. Children are baptized with water. In India, people will crawl on their knees to holy water just for the chance of dipping themselves in this water to repent all of their sins. In his novel, Crime and Punishment, Dostoevsky uses water as a mode of purific

Dostoevsky created Svid as a kind of double of Ras in that he is a projection of Ras's lesser self. Svid symbolizes complete depravity. Throughout his novel, Crime and Punishment, Fyodor Dostoevsky created many similar characters that were parallels of one another, and at the same time, represented what the other tried most to get away from. Two such examples are Ras and Svid. In the eyes of society, no one is any worse than the other. It requires an examination of their souls to unde

Alex: The Life of a Child While reading "Alex: The Life of a Child" I learned a lot about people. I learned a lot about how different people deal with tragedy and death. Ths book is the story of a young girl named Alexandra Defor. Alex was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis when she was an inant. I learned a lot about CF. Cystic fibrosis harms the lungs, the pancreas, in males their it damages their reproductive system, so they can never have children. CF is a progressive diseas

Catcher In the Rye Holden cannot accept change in his life. He wants everything to stay the same. Since his brother, Allie's death, Holden has trouble adapting to new situations. He is most afraid of adulthood. He would like to remain a child forever and be the catcher in the rye. If everything was as changeless and as pure as the exhibitions under glass in the museum, Holden would be satisfied in life. Adulthood scares Holden. He would like all children, including himself, to remai

Cafe with Character Carson MacCullers wrote her novella, The Ballad of the Sad Cafe, in third person. In this dramatic narrative, the narrator is an observer. In the novella, character serves to accent the narrator's limited point of view. The motivations behind Miss Amelia's, Cousin Lymon's, and Marvin Macy's actions are often a mystery to the narrator. Miss Amelia is the main character of the novella. She was a " . . . dark, tall woman with bones and muscles like a man." (p. 4) M

The story of "To Kill A Mockingbird" by Harper Lee is an insight into a little girl's life. Through the eyes of Jean Louise Finch, also known as Scout, her world, the township of Maycomb, is a place of pleasure for her, but that pleasure also contrasts with the pain and suffering she deals with due to the thoughts and actions of the townspeople. Even though she is extremely intelligent for her age, Scout can not understand why so many of the town's relatively small population feel the way

William Shakespeare's play, King Lear is about power and the misuse of power, although this is not the sole theme or idea the play presents to its reader. It is a detailed analysis of the consequences of one man's decisions. This fictitious man is Lear, King of England, whose decisions greatly alter his life and the lives of those around him, particularly those of his daughters, Regan, Goneril and Cordelia. These four individuals: Lear, Cordelia, Goneril and Regan are to be considered the main

WAITING FOR GODOT, WAITING FOR GOD? By Michael Cunningham Samuel Beckett was born on April 13, 1906 near Dublin Ireland. He was the second son of William and Mary Beckett. The Beckett family lived comfortably in Ireland, and Samuel received a quality education. He eventually graduated from Trinity College of Dublin in 1927. While attending Trinity, Samuel directed his focus toward foreign languages, majoring in French and Italian. During his tenure at Trinity, Beckett made several tr

Title: Island of the Blue Dolphins Author: Scott O'Dell Character: Karana Summary: This is the story of Karana, an Indian girl who lived alone for years on the Island of Blue Dolphins. It is an island in the Pacific that looks like a big fish sunning itself in the sea. Around it dolphins swim, otters play, and sea elephants and sea birds abound. The story began when the Aleuts came to the island of the Blue Dolphins to hunt for sea otters. On this island their lives a small Indian

Santiago: A Perfect Role Model for Manolin In the novel, "The Old Man and the Sea", Hemingway builds a character that is easily comparative to any great hero or idol in history. This character, named "Santiago" displays the characteristics needed to conquer his battles or at least do all he can to achieve his goals. This is especially important considering the fact that he is looked at as a mentor of sorts by another character, the young boy named "Manolin." Manolin has know

Frankenstein's Monster: Villain or Victim? "Am I to be thought the only criminal, when all human kind sinned against me?" (Shelly 165) - Frankenstein's Monster Upon reading Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, it is all too easy to come to the conclusion that the creature Dr. Victor Frankenstein creates is a "vile insect" (68) that should be "overwhelm [ed] with... furious detestation and contempt" (68). But is this really accurate? Is this "monster" truly the "wretched devil" (68) Vict

In her novel, The House on Mango Street, Sandra Cineros portrays Latino women in a society that treats them as second class citizens who are dominated by men and valued for what they look like, and not who they are. She wants us to see how hard the life of the Latino woman is and the obstacles she must overcome to be treated equally. The women in the novel are looked upon as objects by their men. The girls grow up thinking that looks and appearance are the most important things. Cisneros a

A Tale of Two Cities By: CHARLES DICKENS Published by: THE NEW AMERICAN, INC. Published in the year 1960 354 PAGES Guillermo Chiu Social Studies Period / G Summary of Novel "A Tale of Two Cities" is written by Charles Dickens and it takes place in France and England during the troubled times of the French Revolution. The characters travels to both country but most of the story happens in Paris, France. The hot spot of the French revolutionists, mostly takes place

Brian Joseph 4 March 1998 English Three themes from the novel, Great Expectations Theme. (Them), n. 1. Topic; subject. 2. A short written composition. Great Expectations was a great novel with many themes. The themes I am going to tell you about are the following: Self discovery and maturity, loyalty and responsibility, and how wealth and position corrupt. The theme, "Self discovery and maturity" took place when Pip went to Miss Havisham's house

ESSAY-TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD The novel "To Kill A Mockingbird" illustrates many different points of view of racism. Long ago, when discriminating against black people was a part of everyday life, most people used very cruel words to describe them. Black people couldn't get jobs, and most didn't go to school because they were not accepted by white people. Most white people were taught to shut out black people from society. Communicating with a black person was completely unacceptable, and in

Tessa Stephens English Literary Analysis The novel My Antonia tells us that it takes time to find out what people are really like. It also helps us realize that it is scary to be new and it takes time to adjust. When Jimmy sees his grandmother give Antonia's mother her metal pot, he realizes that he didn't really know Antonia's family as well as he thought he did. When Antonia's father killed himself, Jimmy saw that something like a change in environment is dramatic enough to make some

Jurassic Park The novel, Jurassic Park, by Michael Crichton had many rich, and interesting characters. Crichton seemed to be able to make them come alive and jump out of the pages into three-dimensional people. One such character was John Hammond. This man had dreams of greatness. He had extravagant plans and the money to back those plans up. He had always been a child at heart and he was in love with dinosaurs. His company, The Hammond Foundation financed many different digs for paleon

Alas, Babylon: Essay Composed by: (\/)ATT ©( )LL][ /V S English II Honors Mrs. Cottingham The possibility of thermonuclear war is a relatively new concept. The author of this novel, Alas Babylon, by Pat Frank, was a journalist during World War II. After the atomic destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, thus bringing an end to the War, Pat decided to explore the possibility of an all out nuclear exchange with our most powerful e

Mark Twain's Shots at Society in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Ernest Hemingway once said of Mark Twain's novel, Huckleberry Finn, "All modern American literature comes from Huckleberry Finn." Mark Twain is perhaps one of the greatest American writers and is known as a pioneer for the American novel. His books during his time were immensely popular among rich and poor. He introduced the "adventure" style, where the main characters travel around having interesting experiences together

Look at the Dark Side of Life: A Comparison Between Conrad's and Joyce's Imagery To children, night lights give a sense of security and leave the imagination to rest. The comfort of light is helpful for children who often conjure up monsters that lurk under the bed and ominous shadows from tree branches. Dark scenes are often depicted as the foreboding unknown and things one may not rather learn more about. However, when Jake comes to a divine revelation to reunite the band in the mov

In Other Words: Symbolically Representing Transformation A physical transformation is an incredible thing to watch. Whether it is a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, or a child growing up, it is always interesting to see the "before and after". In the novel, Demian, the character Sinclair goes through a series of transformations prompted by his ongoing relationship with the Demian family. During the novel, these transformations are not stated directly, rather, they are shown through symbo


Attention, I really screwed up the author's name in this. His name is Sherwood, not Sherwin. I guess that comes from writing the paper at 3am. I actually spent several days rewriting this paper. The paper compares and contrasts two stories from Winesburg, and received an 89 or 90, I don't remember. It was submitted in an Honors English class, the hardest english level at my school. I hope it's high quality bullshit. Have a nice day. Sherwin Anderson's collection of short stories about a

There are very few people on earth who associate Edgar Allan Poe with happy little children's stories of bunnies and squirrels peacefully frolicking in the fields and flowers. And that is because he never wrote anything like that. Mr. Poe was not a very happy man. His writings were dark and foreboding, and some were just plain scary. But the reasons for his unhappiness are the hardships which he had to endure throughout his life. Poe was born in Boston, Massachusetts, on January 19th, 1809.

This paper was written by a junior in the Honors English program. It's the goddamn hardest english class at the whole school. This paper received a borderline B plus, A minus in a 5.0 class, so it counts as a 4.0 on the grading scale. This is a quality bullshit paper, and if you believe its ideas, you must be an atheist like me, do not turn this in to a Christian teacher. Not only will it offend him, he will castrate you. Fortunately, my teacher is a nice guy, but a really tough grader. Enjoy th

The Crucible is a play written by Arthur Miller, a great twentieth century author. It is set in early 1600's Salem, Massachusetts during the Puritan era. During that time many witch trials were held, which this play describes. The Puritans believed in many superstitions including witchcraft and appointed their Priests as the judges of those accused of it. The play begins with the girls of the village running off into the woods where Tituba, the servant of Minister Parris, is supposed to make m

As the Preface states, Other Voices, Other Rooms (Random House, New York 1948) was Truman Capote's first published attempt to write a novel. His first, called "Summer Crossing," was lost, and how anyone could lose their first novel, I have no idea. The story is of Joel Knox, a boy about thirteen years old from New Orleans, who receives a letter from his father. The letter tells how his father wants Joel to come to live with him in Paradise Chapel, Louisiana. Joel's mother had died, and when

Edgar Allan Poe's story, The Fall of the House of Usher is set in the early 19th century United States. Oddly, it uses a castle for the place-setting, despite the fact that there have never been any castles in this country. The story illustrates the effect of isolation on the human being. It begins with the narrator having been asked to visit his friend from long ago, Roderick Usher, who is having many problems. The narrator describes in exquisite detail the gloomy appearance of Roderick's c

Jesus Christ is the Lord of Heaven and earth. He died on the cross for your sins and forgave you of all of the sins you've ever committed and ever will commit. He loves you more than life itself! Without Jesus in your life, their is no way you can go to Heaven. If your life isn't given fully to Christ, than you will spend the rest of eternity in hell! Please don't make the mistake of not following Jesus! He is the only way you will ever experience REAL happiness and REAL joy and TRUE peace

In the novel Billy Budd, Herman Melville uses biblical allusions for significance. When the Drumhead Court found Billy guilty of insubordination he was to be killed by hanging. The usual time for a hanging to take place on a ship is 4 o'clock, but in Billy's case he was hung at 8 o'clock. On the ship, they are usually hung on the front mass, but in Billy's case he was hung on the middle mass. When Jesus was crusified there were 3 crosses, Jesus was crusified on the middle cross. This

Your Name Frankenstein Mary Shelley writes a classic novel, Frankenstein, which brings up many controversial ideas and beliefs. Mary Shelley hits the nail on the head on how man should act and his responsibilities. Man's responsibility, Fall from the Grace of God, and man's right to interfere with creation come up in this English Gothic horror novel. The Birth of the Creature involves many things that happens before, during, and after the actual creation this hideous Monster. Frankenstein

Black Like Me was first published in November of 1961. It was originally written as an article describing the rise in suicide tendency among Southern Negroes. John Howard Griffin assumed that "it would be an obscure work, of interest primarily to sociologists." Historically, Griffin was the first white person to experience certain issues known only to black people. By simply darkening his pigment, he encountered a complex reality formerly unknown to him or any other white person. Black Lik

I read The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien. I consider this book a fantasy action adventure. Bilbo is undoubtedly the main character of this book. Bilbo is the hobbit in this book and hobbits have a short a stout appearance. At the beginning Bilbo was reluctant to join the journey ,but as the story progresses he reaches into the hero inside of him. At the beginning you might think Bilbo is a cowardly hobbit ,but his courage comes out toward the end. Bilbo is a good person and he is very tidy a

The Scarlet Letter has been considered a landmark in literature for years and years. Part of the reason for this is because of its message to "be true, be true." This novel demonstrates this moral through the actions of the two main characters, Hester Prynne and Arthur Dimmesdale. Many people have learned this important "moral blossom" and have held it with them, remembering it in their times of confusion. The book teaches us that it is better to show the world your faults than to lie and let th

The Misanthrope takes place in the very late seventeenth century, or the early eighteenth century. It is set in Paris, France. Nearly the entire play set in the upstairs room of a mansion. The conflict in The Misanthrope is man versus man, and man versus himself. Alceste, one of the main characters, is in love with Celimene, another main character. The conflict is between Alceste and the hosts of other suitors that are in love with Celimene. In the end, Celimene needs so much time t

The Lord of the Flies The raven-haired boy stared at the gruesome mass before him. The initial repulsion he had felt at first was now completely gone. This was no longer a bloodied boar's head. It was the monster, it was The Lord of the Flies... Not only Simon, but each of the other main characters made something out of this being. In William Golding's Lord of the Flies, the boar's head symbolized different things for each character. Sweating, trembling, with sickening delight, Jack sli

Indiana Jones Epic versus King Arthur Legends Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is a thrilling, modern-day adventure of a search for the Holy Grail. As a remake of many Medieval stories, several of the characters reflect upon the characters in King Arthur stories. With the ongoing chivalry theme of "Might for Right," Indiana struggles to unveil the secrets of the Holy Grail, and to protect it from theft by evil forces. The characters in this movie were based on those in the legends

Characters in books can reveal the author feeling toward the world. In The Great Gatsby Fitzgerald suggested the moral decline of the period in America history through the interpersonal relationships among his characters. The book indicates the worthlessness of materialism, the futile quest of Myrtle and Gatsby, and how America's moral values had diminished. Despite his newly acquired fortune, Gatsby's monitory means could not afford his only true wish, therefore he cannot buy everything which i

The Blue Sword Author: The Blue Sword was written by Robin McKinley, the author of other books, such as The Hero and the Crown. Both of these books chronicle the continent of Daria. Setting: Most of the book takes place in the small nation of Damar. There are also scenes in an outpost in the Damarian desert, in race's, known as the Homelanders, outpost. One or two chapters also take place in the far north. Note: Harry Crewe is female in case you don't pick that up. Plot: An orp