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It has been inculcated to us for many years that cigarette smoking is dangerous to our health more than it is beneficial. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) acknowledges that cigarette smoking is the leading cause of preventable death worldwide, and is in fact causing approximately 7 million deaths per year. Furthermore, smoking causes various diseases as well including tuberculosis, pneumonia, and heart and pulmonary diseases, among others which can cause death as it is &nd

The medical progress in the search for a cure for cancer is an ongoing pursuit. Up until today, there is no known most effective remedy to the most heart-breaking and life-altering disease. In 2018, more than 1,700,000 people are diagnosed with cancer in the US and more than 600,000 are expected to die from the disease. Unfortunately, the numbers just keep on growing. Nonetheless, there are relative treatments available to cancer patients to help ease their battle with the disease -

Benefits of Physical Fitness Physical Fitness has many positive benefits for a person’s body. Exercise provides health benefits, increases strength and energy, enhances a person’s appearance, which helps with self-esteem and also relieves stress. A major health benefit from exercising is reducing the risk of heart disease. Exercise will help increase the HDL (good cholesterol) to LDL (bad cholesterol) ratio. Estimates are that 96.8 million American adults (51 percent) have

The question is what is Alzheimer’s disease and how can medical marijuana help a patient with Alzheimer’s disease. First and foremost, Alzheimer’s disease is a serious and irreversible brain disorder which destroys a person’s ability to remember and critically think, to the point of disrupting even the simplest and most natural tasks. This is because abnormal protein clumps and bundles of fibers are forming in the brain, medically termed as ‘amyloid plaques&rsquo

US Sex education is not effective enough

It is no longer debatable that sex education must be taught in schools, but the means as to how it is taught remains disputed. Almost 95% of public high schools have sex education or HIV/AIDS awareness courses in their curricula. Approximately 500 of those high schools have health clinics and more than 300 make contraception (condoms)

Diabetes is one the most prevalent chronic diseases in the world. According to the World Health Organization, more than 420 million people are living with diabetes today, and this number is bound to rise as more and more people develop prediabetes. As a complex condition, managing diabetes involves a holistic approach that integrates medication as necessary, physical activity, diet modification, and preventive care. Creating an appropriate diet, in particular, is a cornerstone of caring for p