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Earthquake The San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 was ranks as one of the most significant earthquakes of all times. The quake occurred on April 18, 1906 at approximately 5:12 a.m. (local time.) Rupturing the northernmost 430 kilometres of the San Andreas fault from northwest of San Juan Bautists to the triple junction at Cape Mendocino. The foreshock, a minor shock before the earthquake occurred with enough force to be felt throughout the San Francisco Bay area, the great earthquake occurre

Scotland is not actually a country, but is an administrative division of Great Britain. Scotland takes up the northern third of the island of Great Britain. To the north of Scotland is the Atlantic Ocean. To the south of Scotland is England and the Solway Firth . To the east of Scotland is the North Sea, and to the west of Scotland is the North Channel and the Atlantic Ocean. To get to Scotland, you could go by airplane and land at Prestwick Airport near Glasgow. You could also drive t

How Will It All End ? Most things have a beginning, exist for a period of time, and then come to a end. It is also the nature of the universe to begin, exist and end. The universe was born in an unparalleled explosion called the "Big Bang." The universe as a whole has been getting cooler and cooler, but how much longer can this go on? Is the universe going to come to an end? Or will it continue to expand and cool for ever? What is the fate of the universe? Imagine that a ball is thro

Yugoslavia is an intriguing country to me. After playing on a basketball team with a Croat, a Serbian, and a Bosnian, I started learning about Yugoslavia. When I began learning the language each of them would teach me little parts, and when words like scissors would come up, they would fight between themselves to decide on a word. The Croat would say "Scoti" and the Serbian would say "Markse". I was always learning the differences and similarities between the former country, Yugoslavia. As

If the United Nations is to remain an effective force in the world's political spectrum it must reform, and make itself more financially sound and become a more consolidated unit with each country being given equal representation and opportunity to have their opinions voiced and respected. When the UN was formed in the post war 40's its goal was to keep another war from occurring as well as make the world a better place to live. Problems and controversies have recently plagued the UN an

The Bermuda Triangle is shrouded, in a thick cloud of mystery, in a thick cloud of controversy, and a thick cloud of argument. Not even the location of the Triangle is agreed on. The most common description of its location is the triangle formed by linking Bermuda, Miami, and Puerto Rico. But there is also two other descriptions: The Devil's Triangle is more like a blob that covers most of the western Caribbean. The Limbo of the lost is an area that stems from Miami to Barbados to the coast

The Dragons Triangle On the other side of the world from the Bermuda Triangle is similar mysterious place called the Dragon's Triangle. To the Japanese this place is known as Ma-No Umi, which means the sea of the Devil. For centuries Japanese fishermen have told stories of mysterious losses of fishing boats to Sea Demons and Dragon's who inhabit the Triangle. Ships have been recorded missing in the triangle for more than 3000 years some reports go as far back as the Sung and Yaun dynasties of

September 23, 1997 by Jordan Bruins Libya Libya is a petroleum-rich Arab nation located in North Africa. Libya is Africa's fourth largest country. The flag of Libya is completely green which is the traditional colour of Islam. Islam is the state religion. Libya has been under the rule of Ottoman Turks, Italy, and under French-British administration. Its formal name is the Popular Socialist Libyan Arab Jamahiriya which means "state of

Romania: Not Just a Catchy Title Northernmost on the Balkan Peninsula, Romania stands at the westernmost border of the Black Sea. Lying between 43oN and 48oN latitude, and between 20oE and 29oE longitude, Romania is situated in a temperate climate zone. It is located north of Bulgaria, south of the Ukraine, east of Serbia and Hungary, and west of Moldova. Romania lies within central Europe, where it sits in line with many other countries which have had revolutions of late. Romania is div

Come fly with me, across the seas Far East, past Africa, Or India, or if you please, It's South of Sakura (That's Japanese for cherry flow'r.) It's latched to Indonese, But go east, yet, from Java Isle, 'Til Papua you sees. The second-largest nation isle In all the ocean world, It's Papua New Guinea's name That leaves its nature curled. Within the forests, waterfalls, Both rivers curved and staight, The nation is about the size Of California state. Fly and Sepik, rivers two,

Navigation is the science of conducting a vessel to a certain destination. The two types of navigation that I will discuss are global positioning using satellites and celestial navigation. For centuries sailors have guided their ships across the oceans by celestial navigation or nautical astronomy. This is the art of finding position by observing the sun, moon, stars and planets. As they journey for some distance, travelers observe that the celestial bodies appear to change their paths ac

"The only time you don't fail is the last time you try something and it works." Famous person William Strong once said this quote. Mr. Strong, when saying this quote, probably wasn't thinking about how closely his saying related to Nicaragua. His saying relates to Nicaragua because of all the changes they have made not only in their government but also in their people. First of all, I would like to talk about is how Nicaragua got their independence. Spain had control over its colonies in the

When I was first asked to pick a country, I tryed to pick the smallest on I could fine, because I thought that it would have the least amout of information. I was soon prooven wrong, because when I looked up Belize on the internet I was hounded with hundreds of pages of information. Most of which were things I didn't need, but every couple websites would have information that would prove usefull. Lets start with the basic's, then we will get into the history of the country... It's total ar

Costa Rica by Brandon Noll Costa Rica's official language is Spanish. And nearly all Costa Ricans speak Spanish, but many blacks still speak a Jamaican dialect (local form) of English. About per cent of the people belong to the Roman Catholic Church. The basic money unit is the colon which is worth about a penny in the U.S. The total land area is 19,730 sq. mi. In Costa Rica there are three main land regions: the Central Highlands, the Carribean Lowlands and the Pacific Coastal

FORD COUNTY by Brandon Noll Ford County was named in honor of Colonel James H. Ford, of the Second Colorado Calvary, Commander at Fort Dodge, once a Military Reservation of about 12,000 acres. It was the most important military outpost on the Santa Fe Trail from about 1858 to 1882. Land was homesteaded by settlers and some land was purchased, coming from two sources, the Santa Fe Land Grant and the Osage Treaty Lands. Dodge City, was declared the county seat and was a famous fronti

Location and Population Italy, is a boot shaped country in south-south eastern Europe. Italy, also known as the Italian Republic, is one of the seven most industrialized countries in the world. This lineup includes: United States, Russia, Germany, England, Japan, China and Italy. Italy is about the size of North Carolina and it has a population of around thirty-seven million people as of 1991. An interesting fact about the population of Italy is that it is neither growing nor shrink

Famine in North Korea Famine, real, gawd-awful death-dealing famine is now a reality in North Korea. North Korea is a poor country with a detestable Government. There is no doubt that the famine is, in part, caused by their improper government and partly by devastating floods and drought in 1995 and 1996 which destroyed a substantial proportion of its crop land , pushing the country to the brink of famine. Corrupt, sluggish leaders govern in their "peace-loving people's republics" and the

Throughout history, outside influences, such as habitat/environment, other cultures, and the progression of time, have affected many elements of cultures all over the world. A good example of influences like these is in the culture in China. First, their economy has been heavily affected by their environment. The coastline of China is very irregular, and it features many natural harbors, encouraging oversea trade. The environment in China has also influenced the peoples' satisfacti

Canadian Mining Facts Annual In 1997, Canadian mining was hard hit by the current metal downturn that began with a dramatic drop in the price of gold. However, despite a larger-than-expected number of mine closings, the year ended with 21 mine openings (11 mines and 10 re-openings) and 20 mine closings (9 suspensions and 11 closures). Overall, Canadian mines incurred a substantial net gain of some 31 485 t of daily ore production capacity and some 25 mining jobs in 1997

American Media Dominating Canadian Culture The possibility of the American media taking over Canadian culture has always been an intimidating issue for Canadians over the past few decades. It has been known that the American model of life is one that is very different from ours and that the "americanization" of Canada could prove to be a threat of losing our own values and beliefs. The presence of the American media is very tempting for Canadians to forget about our own nation's people

AN OTHER ERUPTION? The January 13, 1999 a new volcano, a stratovolcano, erupted. This volcano is the Soufriere Hills on the island of Montserrat in the West Indies near Cuba and Barbados. Montserrat has three groups of mountains, the highest group is the Soufriere Hills his elevation is 915 meters in the southern part of the island. Chistopher Columbus reached Montserrat in 1493 during is second voyage to the Western Hemisphere. This volcano began erupting on July 18, 1995. This is t

Atlantis: We Will Never Know Fantasy is a tough sell in the twentieth century. The world has been fully discovered and fully mapped. Popular media has effectively minimized the legend and the fantastic rumor, though to make up for this it has generated falsities not as lavish but just as interesting. Satellites have mapped and studied the earth, leaving only a space fro

Benin Benin, independent nation of W Africa, formerly called Dahomey. Once a French protectorate, it is a country of 40 ethnic tribal groups and a low-level economy. Land and Economy Located in the bulge on the S side of W Africa, Benin is bordered by Nigeria, Toga, Berkina Faso, and Niger, with 75 mi (121km) on the Gulf of Guinea. The coast is ho

Brazil The name Brazil comes from Pau Brasil. There are around 145 million people living in Brazil, most of them near the coast. The population is growing rapidly and half of all Brazilians are under the age of 20. By the end of the century, it is estimated that Brazil's population will have reached 180 million. Brazil borders on ten other Latin American countries. Most

Buenos Aries The capital of the country, Buenos Aires is also Argentina's leading city in population, commerce, and industry. It is located near the Atlantic Ocean coast, on the broad Rio de la Plata, an estuary at the mouth of the Parana and Paraguay rivers. The early Spanish colonists named the city for the "good winds" that brought them to the port. Today about 10 mi

Culture of India Nearly one sixth of all the human beings on Earth live in India, the world's most populous democracy. Officially titled the Republic of India, it's 1,269,413 sq. mi. lie in South Asia, occupying most of the Indian subcontinent, bordered by Pakistan (W); China, Nepal, and Bhutan (N); and Myanmar (E) and Bangladesh forms an enclave in the NE. Its borders encompass a vast variety of peoples, pract

Egypt: The Gift of the Nile The Nile, is the longest river in the world, and is located in northeastern Africa. Its principal source is Lake Victoria, in east central Africa. The Nile flows north through Uganda, Sudan, and Egypt to the Mediterranean Sea, with a total distance of 5584 km. From its remotest headstream in Burundi, the river is 6671 km long. The river basin

Japan: Social Customs The information provided, talks about family traditions, marriage customs, and education in Japan. I think the way marriages are setup in Japan are much different than thus of the United States. Family roles are also very different. In Japan, it is common for newly wed couples to live by themselves until their parents get old. Many couples inten

Georgia The state of Georgia has a total area of 152,750 sq km (58,977 sq mi), including 2618 sq km (1011 sq mi) of inland water and 122 sq km (47 sq mi) of coastal waters over which the state has jurisdiction. The state is the 24th largest in the country and has the largest land area of any state east of the Mississippi River. Georgia has a top range north to south of

Melbourne, Australia Melbourne, one of the most beautiful city's in the world. I have traveled through the USA, Canada & the Bahamas, and still, I find Melbourne is the greatest. In 1981 I was born in a New South Wales mid-coast town of Port Macquarie. I lived there until I was the age of four, and that's when we made the move to Victoria. I gr

Multiculturalism in Canada Canada has long been called "The Mosaic", due to the fact that it is made up of a varied mix of races, cultures and ethnicities. As more and more immigrants come to Canada searching for a better life, the population naturally becomes more diverse. This has, in turn, spun a great debate over multiculturalism. Some of the issues under fire are t

The Adirondacks The Adirondacks are a group of mountains surrounded by many lakes and rivers, that cover over 5,000 square miles in the northeastern part of New York. There are a lot of large tourist villages on every lake. Motor boating and other water activities take place on almost every lake in the area. It is a vacation paradise for thousands. But, industrial emiss

The Inuit People Inuit: A People Preserved By Ice Thousands of years ago, during the last ice age, mile-thick glaciers covered a vast portion of North America, and the Asian continent was joined to North America by a land bridge. The Arctic areas of Alaska, Beringia, and Siberia were free of ice. Vast herds of caribou, muskoxen, and bison migrated to these plains. Fol

The Trip to The New England Colonies My trip started off with the 30 day voyage across the mighty Atlantic. Not knowing that I would be sent to the well established colony of Jamestown. I would be staying with the average family. They are to let me stay on account of rent from my publisher in England. My renter, a well developed man. He runs a silversmith shop. He is

What I know about China China is located around Mongolia, Russia, Nepal, Laos, East China Sea, South China Sea, and Myanmar. A better described location would be Southeast of Asia. I know that the people who live in China speak Chinese. Some of my opionions on China are that they make cheap goods that fall apart in a week. The pencils you get that says "made in China,"

Introduction : Le 1er avril 1999 le Canada a du changer sa carte pour y inclure un nouveau territoire. Ce troisieme territoire, situe dans la partie nord du Canada, se nomma Nunavut. Le mot Nunavut est un mot Inuit (Inuktitut) signifiant « notre terre ». Le peuple Inuit habite le Nunavut depuis la nuit des temps. Il a toujours ete le « Nunavut » pour eux mais c'est seulement dans les annees 1970 que quelques dirigeants Inuits eurent l'idee d'en faire leur propre

The Red Sea The Red Sea is an arm of the Indian Ocean. Surrounding it are the continents of Africa and Asia. It separates the Arabian Peninsula in Asia from the western Egypt, northwestern Sudan, and northern Ethiopia: all of which in Africa. The Red Sea is about 1,400 miles long and around 220 miles wide. It's average depth is around 2,000feet deep. The sea alone is a little bit larger than California. The sea is very dangerous when it comes to navigation, for large ree

In France, there are 9 regions plus Corsica. France has wide differences in geography. The northern and western regions consist of plains. Hills and mountain are located in the eastern, central and southern areas. France has 10 main land regions. They are The Brittany-Normandy Hills, The Northern Plains, The northeastern Plateaus, The Rhine Valley, The Aquitanian Lowlands, The Central Highlands, The French Alps and Jura Mountains, The Pyrennens, The Mediterranean Lowlands and Rhone Valley, and T

Population China is the third-largest country in the world. The population of China is 1222,017,000 and growing. Because of this enormous population the government offers jobs to those families who only have one child. If a government employee choice's to have more then one child, they will loose their job. This is to try to encourage people to be responsible and to try to keep the population down Climate In the northern part of China temperatures can reach down to 13oF i

Oman Oman is a great place to go if you like nature. There are wild deserts mountains, and tropical seaside. People travel to Oman because of it beautiful sentry, interesting Arabic traditions, and worm weather. Some of the activities you can do there are relax, fish, scuba dive, or enjoy Oman's interesting cultures. Oman is in Asia and lies on the gulf of Oman and the Arabian Sea. The land is bordered by United arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen. Omans time zone is GTM+4. Oman

The social issue that recently dominated Great Britain has been the "mad Cow Disease" scare. "Mad Cow Disease" is a Bovine infection that is not transmittable to humans. The "Mad Cow Disease" is formally known as Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE). Scientists think BSE was spread by feeding the cattle food with parts of sheep in it who had a related disease, Scrapie. BSE is believed to be caused by an infected protein in the cow's brain. This became a social issue because of a coincide

There is some good soil there and it can all be used for farming if the land is irrigated enough. There are a few extended areas of dunes only and not too much desert there. We are talking about North Africa and Southwest Asia. The Dead Sea is 9 times saltier than the ocean. It is really a landlocked saltwater lake. It is 1,312 feet below sea level. It is the saltiest body of water in the world. There are some fertile coastal plains that are found along the Mediterranean coasts of the C

Vancouver (British Columbia), city in southwestern British Columbia, Canada, on Burrard Inlet (an arm of the Strait of Georgia), opposite Vancouver Island, near the state of Washington in the United States. It is a leading Pacific coast seaport and the main commercial, manufacturing, financial, tourist, and cultural center of the province. The Vancouver area is the third largest metropolitan area in Canada, after Toronto, Ontario, and Montreal, Quebec. Principal products include wood and me

India is a large country and is located in south east Asia. It was first colonized by the British. Its population has a large variety of cultures. People of many different races, ethnic groups and religions have settled there. Many of them came because of the democratic republic form of government. The country's economy is a mixed one and has been improving. Geography India is the second most populous country in the world with a population of 952,107,697 and a population density

The Tragedy of Macbeth, one of Shakespeare’s famous play in which he captures people attention throughout the play. Most of Shakespeare’s play he wrote by his own experiences or he got a connection to them. Macbeth the main character of the play and his wife Lady Macbeth which had this unique characteristics that change each moment of the play make you wonder if him Shakespeare himself had something in common with them. People actions can change people attitudes and peoples attitudes can

Topic: Geography Review I. Using Geography to study history · Maps are major tools for geography. They also help explain historical developments · Historical maps also explain the Actions of certain people and why they did such things · Other maps help explain why different people did different things with land · The reason Historians use geography is because where they live or the environment that surrounds them affects people. II. Five themes of geography · Locations: T

What is Geography In the article “La geografia: construccion social de una disciplina.” We are shown the standing of geography in modern society. As a discipline the world does not see the use or the actual function that geographers have. It tells a story of a geographer who is presented with the question “What does a geographer do?” He (the geographer) goes on to say that it is sad that geographers don’t have a short, simple and precise way of explaining what a geographer

Geography Geography is a topic that we have covered in class on several occasions. It has also been a focus of some of our assigned readings. Geography is one of the most important sections of Social Studies. Geography is simply defined as the study of earth and its features. This is a very simplistic view of what geography is. I believe that there is much more that goes into studying this section of Social Studies. As we discussed in class, geography deals with five key components. T

Geography in History: a Necessary Connection in teaching Social Studies Geography and history are complementary subjects best taught together within the social studies curriculum. It is part of the collected wisdom of teachers that one cannot teach history without geography or geography without history. Both subjects have been emphasized in high-profile curriculum reform reports produced by various organizations, such as the Bradley Commission on History in Schools, the Education

Since the beginning of humankind, the study of geography has captured the imagination of the people. In ancient times, geography books extolled tales of distant lands and dreamed of treasures. The ancient Greeks created the word "geography" from the roots "ge" for earth and "grapho" for "to write." These people experienced many adventures and needed a way to explain and communicate the differences between various lands. Today, researchers in the field of geography still focus on people