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Almost every story is a reflection or a past experience of its author s life. Every author, often even unconsciously, leaves a trace of his own psyche in his or her work. Moreover, it is the purpose of literature to tell about life.According to our assignment, my partner and I will try to show how Doris Lessing s life experience influenced one of her own stories, The Old Chief Mshlanga, which we chose, and how the chosen story reflects Doris Lessing s life in its symbols.Doris Lessing, t

A Rose for Emily by William Faulkner is a unique piece of literature. It has a plot which seems somewhat bland, and it is not particularly exciting. However, the ending is quite suprising, and for me it made the story worth reading. I think there are some interesting aspects of this story if you look at it from a feminist point of view. The feminist movement has attempted to elevate the status of the woman to a level equal with men. Feminists have fought for the right of women to b

Shall I Compare my Poem to a Women? When we talk about sex we can mean one of two things. One is being physical with someone else and two to say whether a person is a man or a woman. People contain physical characteristics which distinguishes them from either being man or women. The sex of someone is what a person is and the gender of a person is how he or she present and express themselves. They can act more feminine or more masculine. Typically the women are more feminine and the males

The widespread sexual misconduct towards women, and the tendency of many accusations to fall on deaf ears took on a new, torrential form with the #MeToo movement, popularized by American actress Alyssa Milano via Twitter in October of 2017. The #MeToo movement brought to public awareness the prevalence of sexual mis