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Star Trek: First Contact Space! The final frontier, as many Star Trek stories go. This newest Star Trek movie incorporates two story lines. Half the crew fighting their enemy on the star ship Enterprise and the other half on earth. The time they are fighting the Borg is also important since the Borg went back in time to stop the Earthlings from making first contact. This story is based in the 21st century instead of the 24th century. Most of the action is based on one of two places.

Satanism What is Satanism and what do these satanic people do? There are many things people do not know about this organized and evil religion. Satanism is the worship of the devil or to make a pack with him. Satanism was developed from the belief that there are two supreme beings on good and one evil. It involves black magic, sorcery, the invocation of demon, and the forces of darkness. Satanism is absolute evil in the complete antithesis of God. The people in these cults engage in physica

Fairy Tale Of A Princess Who Would Not Sleep Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there lived a princess who could not go to sleep. Her parents, the King and Queen spent the whole day from morning until night coaxing, pleading with begging and crying for her to take a nap or just lie down, but she refused. For some odd reason, Princess Penelope would not go to sleep. The King and Queen got so desperate that one day the King made an announcement to the people of the town from his castle

Barney is The Hitler of My Generation 1992 marked a dark year in our nation's television history. That was the year a small production company brought to life an over-sized, giggling buffoon on the Public Broadcasting System (PBS). Barney & Friends was born. Oh, if only we had known better. Barney rode the crest of a dinosaur wave that swept the country in the early 1990's. Since then, researchers have proven Barney to be the spawn of Satan, and even educational leaders ponder th

Dear Journal, It felt good to have the hard road under my feet again. Nobody thought of danger, everyone was cheerful today because it was Saturday, market day in Penrith. The overwhelming crowds gave a rather uncomfortable feeling at first, but once I reached the center of town, the narrow streets broadened and there was room for everyone on the big town squares! Exciting strangers caught my eyes. There were acrobats, a man without any ears, a sword-swallowe

Dear Diary, I have to leave soon to go to my new job. I'm very happy to have gotten a baby-sitting job at the Hagen's. These days, its so hard for a young girl to find a job, unless you are someone famous. I consider myself lucky to live in a nice house with a good family. It bothers me to think of the poor families who suffered during the Depression or the wives of soldiers who receive a telegram telling them that their husband has been killed in the war. Thinking of the war makes me sca

She slowly made her way down to bottom the stairs, moving a little from side to side, she gently and tediously pushed open the glass doors and trod out onto the gray sidewalk. "Now, where is that toy store... every town's got to have a toy store," she said to herself. She stopped a nice young man in a blue pinstriped suit to ask for directions. He told her it was two blocks down, and across the street. "...a small yellow building, with big square windows out front. Called 'McCleary's Toy

Ethics in Business From a business perspective, working under government contracts can be a very lucrative proposition. In general, a stream of orders keep coming in, revenue increases and the company grows in the aggregate. The obvious downfalls to working in this manner is both higher quality expected as well as the extensive research and documentation required for government contracts. If a part fails to perform correctly, it can cause minor glitches as well as problems that can carry s

Help Put Out the Butt in Teen Smoking You could probably walk around your neighborhood and see groups of teenagers smoking. In fact, there 6,000 teens that start smoking everyday and 3,000 of them will make the choice to continue smoking. Throughout this essay, I will give you facts on why it is smart to either stop smoking now or never start. You probably ask yourself, "Why do teens smoke?" There are many explanations to that question. Many teens say they started because of peer pressure

The Worth of Kindness Everyone has feelings including those who act as though they don't therefore , in our everyday walk through life we must be considerate and stay sensitive to those around us. Staying open to others hurts and knowing they may be struggling through lives battles , one must remember to be kind. The kindness and understanding we give may be life changing to that person. I have always been willing to give kindness but I have never had the chanc

Regardless of the group one wants to enter, there is usually a closed gate which is only opened to a selected few. It is a gate that distinguishes who is "in" and who is not. Obviously, if you are "in"-you receive the special privileges and rights associated with that group, while, if you happen to be the unlucky one, who is left outside in the draft and rain and cold, you are "out"-and you are considered an outsider; you are never to receive any welcoming gestures, information, or hospita

Hail the spoon, most righteous of all silver and table wear. The spoon, piously accepting his place at the right side of the plate alone with only a brother spoon to keep company with. Condemned to but two, at most a third appearance during a desert course, but usually two courses of a meal. There it sits through salads, entrees and vegetables, untouched, unaccepted while the knife gets credited with things like cutting the meat and spreading butter on bread. All the while the spoon wai

The Role of Sir Edmund Orme In Henry James' story, Sir Edmund Orme, the ghost played a mysterious role. It first appeared that he was haunting Mrs. Marden, but in the end, it seemed like he was not trying to hurt anyone at all. It almost seemed like he was trying to help Mrs. Marden and her daughter Charlotte find happiness in their lives. The ghost of Sir Edmund Orme might not have been around to hurt Mrs. Marden like she thought he was. As the story started, the man who wrote the lett

Boiling Over Scribbled By: Mark Cotterill of Markham District High School On the same day I bring home both an "A" and a "D"; my parents are not impressed to say the least. They go threw their spiel and tell me I should be doing better, I agree. My "A" is thanks to extra resources and study time in history; the "D" is from lack of attention and or interest in math. My simple dilemma is that I enjoy writing so I do. I don't enjoy math so I do something else (I w

Run for your Life In these short stories "The Water Ghost of Harrowby Hall" and The Wastwych Secret" John Kendrick Bangs and Constance Savery tell the stories that bring a chill to your heart. through these stylistic devices: Setting, Characterization, and point of view, Bangs and Savery express the horror of a ghost coming back yo kill, every night of your life. For instance in "The Water Ghost of Harrowby Hall," Bangs uses the stylistic device of Setting to show the horrorific scenes

Chewing Gum is a mixture of natural or synthetic gums and resins, sweetened with sugar and corn syrup or any other sweeteners. Also added is color and flavors such as, Watermelon (everybody's favorite), grape, orange, cherry, raspberry, Strawberry, even pineapple. The first chewing gum was patented was in 1869. The basic material for all chewing gum is the natural gum called Chicle. It is obtained from the sapodilla tree. Chicle is kind of expensive and hard to buy

Gothic Story "So what are we going to do?", asked Brad. "I don't know. We always just hang out around town until we get sick of it and go home," I said. "That's so boring, though," Mike said. "We should do something different tonight." "What, though," Brad said. "Everything else costs money. And we don't have any. You got to have a job before you get money, and why would I waste my summer by getting a job?" "Hey! I know what we could do," Mike said with sudden excitement. "

One of the topics in the novel A Tale Of Two Cities is the idea that excess breeds excess. Although this is true in many of times in real life, it is well proved in this novel. During the French revolution, the setting of this novel, the Aristocrats and the Revolutionists both go to extremes in their beliefs. The Aristocrats were so overly wealthy and egotistical that they didn't care for the commoners or peasants and took them for granted. The Revolutionists were so firmly determined to br

F. Scott Fitzgerald describes the lifestyles of the rich people of the roaring 20's in his book "The Great Gatsby". Tom and Daisy Buchanan were wealthy, careless and selfish. Nick Carraway held him judgement until the very end, although he could have judged them at many points in the book. Their behavior was so superficial; they cared only of wealth, material possessions and themselves. If anything went wrong in their plastic world, they could ignore it or pay someone else to fix it. Daisy c

Oil spills mostly occur when a tanker goes on a reef or something and this makes an enormous leakage. One of the biggest releases of oil ever was during the gulf war when Iraq released an estimated amount of 11 million barrels of oil into the Persian Gulf; the oil formed a slick 45 km long and 12 km wide. This particularly slick ahs killed an estimated 30,000 birds. The biggest problem wasn't all the oil itself, but the fact that The Persian Gulf is only 35 meters deep, and only has a narrow

November was frostbitten, and the snow drizzled down slowly like a feather falling from the sky. Winter was the best of times for me because as a youngster I played in the snow as if I were a king. I created jolly snowmen, which filled my body full of warmth and happiness. These feelings would explode out of my body as I smiled with excitement, always glad of what I had created. However, on one of these November days I passed through a thick, cloudy forest, with extreme difficulty in seeing

Marx'sAndWeber's Views on Capitalism Name: Gil Petersil Teacher: George Turski Course #: "Wealth and Power Realities" 325-BXH-03-39 Date: Monday, May 12, 1998 Marx's and Weber's Views on Capitalism During the nineteenth century, Karl Marx and Max Weber were two of the most influential sociologist. Both their views on the rise of capitalism have many similarities and differences. They believe that capitalism is relatively new to the modern world. Their views differ on the rise of c

Cause and Effect Essay. Intoxication isn't necessarily a negative thing, but rather a pleasant as well as popular state of being. An intoxicated person can be a "good drunk" or a "bad drunk". If the drinker consumes the right amount, of alcohol, he will have no unpleasant after-affects. When intoxicated, a person can be a very social and pleasant person, it also decreases your shyness towards the opposite sex. Beer and other intoxicating beverages are a good thing if used in moderati

Critical Analysis Eudora Welty's "A Worn Path" depicts the journey of Phoenix Jackson, an elderly black woman. At first, this journey appears to not be for any apparent reason. Phoenix travels over hills and through the woods, enduring multiple hardships, encounters with disrespect, and moments of loneliness. By the end of the story, the reader realizes that Phoenix's trip does have a goal. She walks to get medicine for her sick grandson who "swallowed lye"(p. 105). The theme that runs t

The novel Pet Semetary by Stephen King is definitely a well researched novel. A lot of research must have had been done on the Micmac Indians because King describes and uses them frequently in his novel. He uses facts which can be proved and make the story more interesting. He uses real life facts about cemeteries which make the book a little more scary. Since the novel is a horor story, if the facts were to be fictional, it would make the story unbelievable and not as scary. The soil in

Having a relationship is a lot like growing a garden. With careful planning, you choose what you are going to grow and you select a location for the garden. The garden is started when you plant the seeds. Before you start a relationship, you choose who you are going to befriend, and the planting of this relationship is a simple "hello." Planning and planting the seeds, however, are only the beginning -- the plants don't begin to grow immediately, and neither do relationships. You must water

Having a relationship is a lot like growing a garden. With careful planning, you choose what you are going to grow and you select a location for the garden. The garden is started when you plant the seeds. Before you start a relationship, you choose who you are going to befriend, and the planting of this relationship is a simple "hello." Planning and planting the seeds, however, are only the beginning -- the plants don't begin to grow immediately, and neither do relationships. You must water

The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery The combination in the book of fantasy, satire, philosophy, poetry, science, imagination, and childish gaiety can capture the hearts and minds of 'grown-ups' as well as 'children' in only ninety-two short pages,moreover, this little boy teaches the reader many values that older people seem to forget more often in everyday life. This mystical adventure begins when Saint-Exupery makes a forced landing in the Sahara Desert.

OPEN CAMPUS OR BUST Michael Parker is a teacher from a high school who has closed campus and doesn't even think that it is working. "It hasn't reduced the number of 'bad' things students do, merely relocated them" (Parker, 1997, 1). That's what the very respectable teacher said about the so called "solution" of closed campus. If closed campus doesn't eliminate problems, the new Reedsburg High School and school board shouldn't make such a foolish rule. The lack of freedom will create more

CAPITAL PUNISHMENT by Paul Schonfeld Say that a man packs a hundred pounds of plastic explosives into a school lunch item such as mashed potatoes and turkey gravy, and then detonates the bombs after everyone is done eating. The man then goes back and freezes the lunchroom in a huge, clear cube of ice and puts the scene on display at a private museum that only psychopaths can access. A man who would do something like this is obviously a nut case who likes killing people. As you see here,

What is your main worldview? My perception of the world is one that I have honored all my life. I don't force my opinion on others. I respect and welcome different beliefs and enjoy arguing their validity. A philosopher by the name of Foucault inspired me in 1993 when I first purchased a book written about his work. He reasons that knowledge is just what a group of powerful people get together and decide is true. Whether we are discussing what can be defined as normal or even more simply, wo

Nicholas Alexander Bostic Period 2 February 20, 1997 AP English 6 My appeal was overthrown today. At least, that's what my lawyer said. It doesn't much matter to me, what's done is done. I've been scheduled to meet my death by beheading this coming Friday, only three days away. I'm not sure if I'm scared, I just pass my time staring out at the sky, really seeing it for the first time. I'm amazed by the colors in the morning, more so by the ones at night. My death sentence has mad

I am a truth-seeker. I am contemplative, rational, and logical. I constantly debate every concept presented to me in a cynical manner. I am very intuitive and my thinking is complex. I explore all issues in their entirety. I am also patient and stoical and at the same time evil and vengeful. I can be numb to my surroundings when I choose to be, or I can generate great hatred and act on it. My characteristics contribute to my views on life. I have had several significant influences sin

People have an inherent fear of what they don't know or what is different. This is the underlying concept behind the prejudices encountered by the protagonists in all of the stories I have read. Ignorance leads to hateful views and actions. Discrimination occurs based on standards such as origin, race, and appearance. Although it is clear that racism and various forms of hatred are rampant in society, the origins of such strong emotions are varied and unknown in many cases. Danger Zone o

Once, in the small town of Pentagram Village there lived a man named Robby McGee. He was a Little man, in body and in heart. Although Robby McGee was a butcher by day he was a monster by night. He lead a horrible life and many horrors did he inflict upon many innocent passers by and his life is a horrible story, the one which you, in fact, are about to read. Robby McGee Died at the age of 69, a bitter man old before his time and to the townsfolk just a grumpy old recluse but those who kne

It was the middle of springtime and across from my house where the incident took place. There was a lake there in which my brother and I loved to explore from time to time. The humidity and waterdrops where reminiscent of a fully functional sauna. The onslaught of heat and burning glow of the sun was relentless. Nonetheless, this fact did not bother us one bit, but gave us more incentive to dance with our cool and embracing "long-lost love". The first step of this operation was maki

"My main object in this story was, to exhibit in a variety of aspects the commonest of all the vices: to show how Selfishness propagates itself; and to what a grim giant it may grow, from small beginnings" - Charles Dickens about the purpose of his novel: Martin Chuzzlewit (130) "Because the selfish man sees no common interest or bond between himself and the rest of his world he is free from moral compunction, free to construct a false self, mask, role, or persona, an

Eternal Seeds The table lies abandoned and neglected suffocating fresh blades of grass. The blistering sun's arms chip away at the decaying paint. The only attention it receives is from a colony of black ants which infest the cracks and crevices. This splintered wooden table once had a life, when it provided rest under the shadow of an umbrella made of orange tree leaves, where grapefruit pits replaced ants and banana peels adorned the surface like a table cloth. We spent countless

Nothing can bring you peace but yourself. "Nothing can bring you peace but yourself." "Yourself,"… I am thinking about the time when my best friend died, and when I stopped being myself and my life started going to hell. It happened maybe two or three years ago. The day is very clear in my memory. The weather was cold and nasty. The monotonous rain made everything outside look gray. I was at home, waiting for my girlfriend to arrive. I was sitting on the couch drinki

At precisely 10:30 A.M. I got a call from a Mr. Machiano saying while renovating a palazzo his men found the bones of a human. When I got to the scene one of his employees showed me to the bones. The clothes were still on the carcass. I asked Mr. Machiano how the body was discovered, "My men were knocking down the walls and one of them found a skeleton with its clothes on, and that's when I called you." I asked whom he bought the palace from. "A man I would say in his early eighties, named

Castle Life Supported by the brawn and taxes of the peasants, the feudal baron and his wife would seem to have had a comfortable life. In many ways they did, despite the lack of creature comforts and refinements. Around the 12th century, fortified manor dwellings began to give way to stone castles. Some of these, with their great outer walls and courtyard buildings, covered around 15 acres and were built for defensive warfare. Even during the hot summer months, dampness clung to the

Their journey to London was not a long one, but in the night, it was a treacherous one. A rolling fog covered the land, one couldn't see twenty feet ahead, but in the still, quiet night, sound carried for a mile. They began their trek in the early evening, the sun had yet to dip below the horizon. The passengers needed in London, could not wait for the next morning. The stage driver was the best to be found, his fee large, but his experience was priceless. He was accompanied by another ma

Far From The Madding Crowd is one of the most memorable novels written by Thomas Hardy. In an attempt to fight a changing society, Thomas Hardy has portrayed his own phylosophy throught the charactor of Gabriel Oak, as displayed in theor views on women, social institutions, and rual/urban life. The role of women was seen as changing throughout the Victorian era, they were also seen as essential, and Thomas Hardy's view on this is made clear through the views and actions of Gabriel Oak.

In the world of Landover, Ben Holiday lost his power as king. He had to find a way to convince his friends and defend them from their real enemies. Through his journey, he makes a great leader. Ben also acted calm, to keep his companions feeling safe. When he had convinced his friends that he was the high Lord of Landover, and not Meeks, he had taken the responsibility to guide them. His companions followed and listened to him throughout the entire novel after being convinced, showing ho

THE JEROME BROWN STORY BY: Andrew Mantell, Anthony Aquilino, and Evan Most, Announcer: (sitting in the announcer booth) "5.4 seconds left, Kennedy down by two. Ho Ming Ching inbounds the ball to Jose Lopez, Muhmud Mohammed sets the pick for Lopez, Lopez goes around the back pass to Jerome Brown Narrator: After the game Jerome Brown is walking home when a big muscular man pulls Jerome over. Pablo Rivera: You wanna' make some quick money? Jerome: Doin' what? Pablo: All you gotta'

I had always heard that a computer can be the most versatile and powerful tool in your home. Thus, throughout my life I always dreamed of having a personal computer. About five years ago, my parents purchased a used computer which was nothing more than a word processor. I was excited with having it, however I soon realized that this was not the computer I had always dreamed of. Then last summer, before going to college, I was able to purchase my own personal Packard Bell computer, conse

to their being a couch potato. On the other hand, people who incorporate physical activity into their daily lives can be considered an exerciser. With today's technology it is very easy for a person to become a couch potato. Many occupations, including going to school, involve hours of sitting. People drive everywhere, ride elevators, and hire others to do physical work around the home. It seems that everything is automated and requires little energy from a person body. For example

The ability to take notes during a lecture can mean the difference between passing and failing a class! A person can be a good listener and try to remember everything that was said, but if it is details that you need to remember, you will probably need to take notes. Have you ever been sitting in class and you realize that the girl in front of you resembles super model, Jenny McCarthy? Suddenly, reality sets in! You are supposed to be taking class notes. Being distracted is only one of

Joe Henderson 8-29-97 The Pain of Death When I awoke one evening with voices in my head, it was about 3:00 am. I noticed that outside the sky was a reddish black, and there were voices that seemed to come from the street. I decided to take a look outside and see what was going on. As I stepped outside, I noticed a strange putrid odor that seemed to be a part of the wind. I stood there, not knowing what was going on. I noticed a man standing on a porch. As I approached, he didn't move.

Eveline returns to her miserable existence. She was afraid of starting a life with Frank. She felt responsible for taking care of her family. Eveline is insecure about her life. Eveline was afraid to start her new life with Frank, as she just met him at the beginning of his holiday. Frank N. Magill suggests that a similar event happened to James Joyce; When he met the love of his life, Nora Barnacle, and wanted to take her away from Ireland(1745). Eveline knew nothing of his family backgr