Discrimination Essays & Paper Examples

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Inequality continues to pervade in women’s daily lives. Exactly how and where it permeates is still difficult to pinpoint, unfortunately, as it so intricately injected in the little fragments of our lives. Many instances of everyday sexism are subtle, and more often than not, they feel like a personal problem. Victims fail to see the problem at a larger level, which makes the battle against sexism even more difficult. Despite apparent progress, men are still assumed to be the breadwinne

One can assume that today’s society, with all its sweeping steps towards progress and modernization, has learned to finally let go of all its biases and prejudices. After all, the horrific crimes against humanity immortalized in the pages of history should have already served as potent lessons. Slavery should never be again, and the basis of worth on one’s skin color, culture, or gender should be deemed ludicrous. As rational beings, certainly we are beyond such baseless presumpti