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Theseus and Heracles were very similar characters in mythology. In this paper I plan to point out these similarities, and also tell what is different between them. First of all, Theseus and Heracles were both well know for their strength and hero-like attitudes. They were well known for helping people, or places, out from certain evils such as Theseus killing the Minotaur so that the tributes to it would cease. Much of these similarities are all because of Theseus, who looked up to Heracles

The Garden Archetype An archetype is an image, ideal, or pattern that has come to be considered a universal model. Archetypes are found in mythology, literature, and the arts, and are important factors in philosophy. There are several kinds of archetypes, however, there are six main archetypes that are prevalent in today s literature and usually easy to recognize. The first of these archetypes and the one I will be discussing in this paper is the Garden Archetype. The Garden Archetype is c