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At the top of the Canadian Corporate Ladder With the turn of the century approaching at lightening speed, the "Old Boys" corporate club remains intact since it first began more than a hundred years ago, during the great expansion of the industrial revolution. It is a club reflective of a society in which men control the center of political and economic power. What has prevented women, in a nation where they represent 51 % of the population and 45 % of the labour force from reaching

Our generation receives an abundance of credit for the technology and innovations we, as creators, invent. We probably receive too much recognition for the sciences that the geniuses of our era bring into existence. Without the help of previous generations, the modern day world would look somewhat like it did 200 years ago. There have been countless contributors toward our high-tech, busy lives that are not acknowledged and do not get the credit that they deserve. Pythagoras was both a mathem

Tiffney Quin Mortensen Humanities 201 Honors Journal Entry - Renaissance Art The Birth of Venus There are few paintings that are as stunning and intricate as Boticelli's Birth of Venus. Painted for the villa of Lorenzo di Pierfrancesco de' Medici at Castello, the artwork is probably the most famous Renaissance piece today, with the exception of Da Vinci's Mona Lisa. In the quest for balance and perfecion, Boticelli was among the Florentine artists of the second half of the fifteenth c

Born May, 25, Ralph Waldo Emerson came from a long line of merchants on his mother's side and preachers on his father's side. It is possibly this unique conglomeration of life experiences that lead Emerson to be possibly one of the greatest and most influential essayists and thinkers of all time. Emerson was taught at a very young age not to be dependent on others (a corner stone in his transcendental beliefs) but rather to believe in himself. His grandfather once said, "I pray every night

THE STRANGER The Stranger, by Albert Camus, is about the life of a very complex character named Meursault. Meursault is a very stolid person, who isn't given to shows of emotions. He remains this way through most of the book, but towards the end, he starts to become more feeling. He is what would be considered an "existentialist" today and examples can be selected to show how he supports the nine tenets of existentialism. In the opening scene of the book, we find out that "Maman died tod

The new United States emerged from the Revolution sovereign but in a state of fiscal chaos. The Continental Congress had been forced to resort to printing fiat money, the so-called continentals that sank quickly into worthlessness. The various states had borrowed heavily to meet the demands of the war. The central government under the Articles of Confederation was financed solely by contributions from the various state governments (just as the United Nations is funded today)

Salvador Dali Salvador Dali was born on May 11th, 1904, at 8:45 AM at 20 Montreal in Figures, Spain. His Mother loved birds. You may see some of them in his paintings. Nine months before Salvador was born, his brother, Salvador died. Salvador's parents named him after his brother. This confused Salvador. He always thought he was his brother, Salvador. But he knew he was himself. Three years later his sister, Ana was born. He always wanted to get attention. Once he kicked his sist

My state is Alaska. The capital of Alaska isJuneau. Juneau wasn't always the capital of Alaska. When Alaska was sold from Russia to America it was New Archangle. They changed it in 1900 to Juneau. The motto is " North to the future", the bird is Willow Ptarmigan, the tree is Sitka Spruce, the flower is Forget-Me-Not, and the flag has blue in the background with the bigdipper on the left and the North Star on the top right. Alaska hangs off of Canada to the west. The closest towns in

Outline In William Golding's Lord of the Flies, the civilized boys regress to savages in terms of their appearance to show how they regress I. Correlate the civilized boys' outward appearance to the savage boys' outward appearance to show how they regress A. Explain outward appearance of civilized boys 1. Describe clothing of civilized boys a. "gray, blue, fawn, jacketed or jerseys" "badges, mottoes even, stripes of color in stockings and pullovers" b. Explain quotation as i

Minister of Labor and Social Affairs of Germany- Dr. Norbert Blm Opportunities for Foreign Investment and Cooperation and Domestic Development NARRATIVE The change on the world's political stage that followed the collapse of the Eastern bloc have brought about fundamental changes in the framework in which development and development cooperation take place. The realization that a market-oriented, social economic order and a society built on the basis of popular participation in the pol

Flamenco is one of the greatest musical forms of Europe, and is considered to be one of the most passionate and complex forms of music. Flamenco is a multicultural art form, that arose in Andalucia, the southern region of Spain, evolving from the interaction of many migrating cultures-¬Ěincluding the Moorish, Jewish, Spanish, and especially the Gypsies. It is the Gypsies from the south of Spain that created this improvised music day by day since their arrival to Spain in the 15th century.

"The Beasts of England" is all about animals coming together and joining each other for a common cause. The cause is revolting, taking over mankind, and overruling the humans. At first, Mr. Jones and the farmers pay no mind to the singing. Slowly, they start becoming a bit worried, but don't show it. Finally, after the animals run Mr. Jones out of his own farm and create animal farm, they really start to get worried. They never realized that all the animals could join together so quickly. The

UFO`s Do You Believe or Not? ? Presented to Mr. Klinck From Jordan Foster March 7, 1998 Unidentified flying objects or in short, UFO`s are any object or light, reportedly sighted in the sky, that cannot be immediately explained by the observer. Sightings of strange aerial phenomena dates back to the ancient times. Medieval monks saw them as signs of wonder or works of Satan but UFO`s really only became widely discussed after the first widely public

Early Roman Religion In the early know part of history 7th Century BC Romans had formed a religion that dealt with the worship of new high gods. This was enabled by the influence of the Greek religion, which in most aspects was the same. In this style of religion there were different gods for every element that made up the world. The main god that controlled most of the power was Jupiter. His control was over the sky and the weather so he was very important to the farmers. With him was t

The Prisoner: Phiber Optik Goes Directly to Jail January 12, 1994 Phiber Optik went to prison that week and if you ask me and a whole lot of other people think that's just a shame. To some folks, of course, it's just desert. Talk to phone-company executives, most computer-security experts, any number of U.S. attorneys and law-enforcement agents, or Justice Louis Stanton of the Southern District of New York (who handed Phiber his year-and-a-day in the federal joint at Minors

Archimedes was one of the greatest mathematicians and inventors of his time. He was born in Syracuse, Sicily around the year 287BC. Archimedes was educated in Alexandria, Egypt, but spent most of his life in Sicily. When in Sicily, he stayed in or near Syracuse and did nothing but experiment and research. Archimedes made many contributions to mathematics. One of the more important discoveries Archimedes made was he found a way to measure the areas and volumes of objects that are irre

Massachusetts February 6,1788 Massachusetts is the sixth smallest state. Boston is the capital as well as the largest city in the state. Boston is a major seaport and air terminal for the U.S.. Massachusetts is a very mountainous region with the Berkshire Hills and the Taconic Range to the west. Massachusetts has many islands off its coast One of them is Martha's Vineyards a famous resort island with many beaches. It is also one of the three main islands off the coast of Massachu

Delaware December 7,1787 Delaware's Dover Air Force Based houses the largest cargo planes in the world. Delaware was the first state to join the United States of America. British captain Samuel Argall sought shelter in a bay off the Atlantic Ocean in 1610. Delaware has two major land regions, the Atlantic Coastal Plains covers most of the state. Delaware has many rivers. Ships from around the world sail into the Delaware Bay. These beaches and sandy soil of the Atlantic C

So You Want To Be a Citizen: What Michael Walzer Thinks You Should Know Jason Pyrz PLSC 100 Essay #2 Prof. Mayer 11-5-97 Jason Pyrz Page 1 of 5 Distribution of membership, in this case citizenship, has its own set of rules. Wrong or right as they may be, Michael Walzer, author of Spheres of Justice, has his own theory on the way things should be. Since the idea of membership is a fairly easy and universal idea to grasp, for the purposes of this discussion, we will look at citiz

"Costa Rica" Costa Rica is a Spanish speaking country in North America (Central America.) Its borders are, to the north Nicaragua, to the south Panama, to the east the Caribbean Sea, and to the west the Pacific Ocean. Costa Rica is 19,730 sq. miles. It is a great place to visit in the winter because it is always hot and humid. Its capital is San Jose; other cites are San Juan, Alajuele, and Puntarenas. The major mountain range in Costa Rica is the Cordillerus. There are also some large

# Nelson Mandela frequently reiterates "The struggle is my life,"1. What struggle is he speaking of? Is he being flippant? The struggle to end racism in South Africa, where it plagues denizens of all races has certainly affected Mandela, as it has all Africans, how can he say he devoted his life to the cause of anti-racism? Racism became official policy with the passing of an apartheid law in 1948. The term 'Apartheid' means "apart": not necessarily racial victimization and converse fa

Niels Abel and Evariste Galois: Life and Theories Niels Abel's life was full of poverty. After the death of his father, who was a Protestant minister, in 1820 Abel had the responsibility of supporting his mother and family. Abel's teacher, Holmboe, raised money from his colleagues to enable Abel to attend Christiania University. He entered the university in 1821 and graduated in 1822. In 1823, Abel published papers on functional equations and integrals. Abel gives the first solution of an int

Lawyers circling over 2000 time bomb Summary In the year 2000 on January 1, there will be a shutdown of half the computers world wide. This is due to the much talked about year 2000 bug. The bug deals with a computers ability to read years as two digits such that 1997 reads 97 and 2000 reads 00. Unfortunately the 00 is understood as 1900. This means that any computer on Jan. 1, 2000 will either shut down or be damaged. It is this idea that leads to the judicial area of the problem. The

The Search for Intelligent Life A pioneer in NASA's Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI), Frank Drake, proposed an equation that calculates the number of civilizations in the galaxy. It is based on the fraction of stars with planets, the proportion of those that are inhabitable and the life of technological civilizations (Overbye 46). Optimists, using the equation, have arrived with 1 million civilizations in the milky way alone. Looking at the size of the universe and how commo

Ending the Pain Inside Euthanasia is a controversy that has risen in the later part of the 20th century. It has shown up in courts such as the Michigan Supreme Court in 1994 with Dr. Jack Kevorkian and, voting ballots in California, Washington, and Oregon. However, only the state of Oregon approved assisted suicides. According to Richard L. Worsnop in the CQ Researcher, these are the main factors that make up the controversy, "The controversy over aid-in-dying, involves not a single pra

The Transformation of the Reverend Master Dimmesdale The Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel Hawthorne, is a classic novel that tells the story of two adulterers, except in this account, only one is punished publicly. The other, although just as guilty, is not exposed and therefore remains held in high esteem by the public eye. As the unknown guilty party, the Reverend Dimmesdale not only becomes a hypocrite, but on the inside, he is torn apart. As Dimmesdale becomes more and more distrau

Louisa May Alcott was an exceptional novelist in a time when few female authors were recognized. She lived in the midst of the turmoil caused by the American Civil War. As a nurse in that war, she saw horrors that no one should have to experience. Later, she would draw on these experiences to write Hospital Sketches (1863). Bronson Alcott, Alcott's father, was a pioneer of the transcendentalist movement, along with Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau. He founded several schools tha

The Challenger disaster was not only a disaster in terms of the destruction of the spacecraft and the death of its crew but also in terms of the decision-making process that led to the launch and in terms of the subsequent investigation into the "causes" of the disaster. The decision to recommend for launch was made by lower-level management officials over the objections of technical experts who opposed the launch under the environmental conditions that existed on the launch pad

When I began researching for this paper, I thought I was writing a paper about the affect of AIDS on a person's life. I drove to Detroit and met with my friend Jake, who was recently diagnosed with HIV. As I talked to him, his courage and positive outlook startled me. He had gained an amazing attitude about life fulfillment, love and appreciation. Jake had become a totally new person. He now appreciated everything in his life, found meaning in what he did and really lived every minute

Literary Patterns of European Developement Trinity College The Consolation of Philosophy was written in the early 6th century by Boethius. A statesman and intellectual, well educated in liberal arts, Boethius fell from the favor of the Gothic emperor Theodoric, under false charges of treason by his enemies. He was imprisoned in Pavia, and while there used his time to reflect on his situation and attempt to answer many of the questions which have plagued human kind throughout hi

Caroline Bucher final paper Humanitarian Aid. Playing the wrong role in the right game For the United States the Human Rights position in Latin America is based on image. History has taught us that as in any game, the United States also plays by their priorities, this meaning that depending on time, decisions change from "good" to "gains". Selfishness is presented in many of the United States's actions and inactions. Therefore, it is fair to say that image is and will always be

Brandy Bruckert Kim Gunter Rhetoric 105 25 November 1997 Bilingual Education: Structurally Ineffective Bilingual education for language minority students is a controversial concept that invokes heated arguments among those people in and associated with many of the nation's educational systems. Bilingual education, in most cases, is the instruction of a student's core classes, such as history, math, and science, in his or her native language and the instruction of a supplementary Engli

Political Involvement Concerning Violence in Television Looking back in time, it is evident man has mastered his resources in an effort to increase his technology. This technology has had a measurable effect on society. To a certain extent, we have embraced, as well as feared, the growth of this technology. As far back as 390 BCE when Plato warned about the danger of storytelling (Cooke L19), to the 1930s and 1940s when "studies warned of the harmful effects radio was having on

Euthanasia submitted by ??? Euthanasia, as defined in Microsoft Encarta 95', is "the act of painlessly ending the life of a person for reasons of mercy." This paper will examine the history of euthanasia and the issues surrounding assisted suicide. There are as many reasons for supporting assisted suicide as there are reasons to not support it. However one looks at this topic, we will all be confronted with this in one way or another. Medical technology has allowed life to be

Shirley Jackson was born in San Francisco, California on December 14, 1916. Jackson began writing in journals at a very young age. She took an interest in the supernatural at as a child as this 1933 New Year's Resolution shows; "seek out the good in others rather than explore the evil" (Ragland). Jackson started college at the University of Rochester. She dropped out of school, and transferred to Syracuse University, in the fall. At Syracuse University, she met her husband Stanley Ed

Charles Darwin's theory of natural selection was widely rejected when it was first introduced in 1859 in On the Origin of Species. The Church was reluctant to accept it since it contradicted its teachings. Even the scientific community hesitated to embrace such a revolutionary, yet logical, new idea. Since then, much evidence has been uncovered that lends support to natural selection. The evidence has come primarily in the form of fossils, which lends support to the tenets of natural selecti

Marijuana Did you know that there are over 460 chemicals in marijuana, which may have medicinal uses? Marijuana at this moment is illegal in forty-nine of the fifty United States. Last year, in California, Proposition 215 was passed to legalize marijuana for medical uses. As a result of Proposition 215 and the legalization of marijuana, many glaucoma patients have found another remedy, vomiting, nausea, and loss of appetites from chemotherapy have been safely

Wilson 1 The United States of America was going through very uplifting times just before the 1920's. Before the outbreak of World War I Americans were experiencing feelings of great Patriotism. New inventions were coming about at a rapid rate, bringing new luxuries to the common American. At the same time jobs were plentiful and money seemed abundant. With so many new changes, Americans were blessed with more financial freedom and the ability to expend more of their time in leisure activit

Child Labor In The US In the early years of the 19th century children between the ages of 7 and 12 years made up one-third of the work force in U.S. factories. The shortage of adult male laborers, who were needed for agriculture, contributed to the exploitation of child laborers. In addition, the majority of adults, ostensively imbued with puritanical ideas regarding the evils of idleness among children, cooperated with employers, helping them to recruit young factory hands from indigent

The prisons in America seem to cause more problems than assistance in today's society. The country's penal system is overcrowded, expensive, and some argue that is ineffective as well as inefficient. The costs to staff and support these facilities increase dramatically every year. Prisons, which are supposed to be correctional facilities, are currently filled with violence and hostility. These institutions are created to control crime by deterrence, incapacitating criminals, which protects s

Innicent men have been executed in the United States. According to a report published by the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty, or the NCADP, 23 innocent men have been executed in the U.S. this century. About 4.5 people are wrongly convicted of capital crimes each year. Willie Darden was executed in Florida for a crime that he couldn't have committed. The key witnesses in his case were not allowed to testify. The person who did testify against Darden admitted that, in her opini

Australia - Monarchy or Republic Even before James Cook discovered this continent that later would be named Australia, there where people living on this continent. They are being called Aboriginal and are the origin population of Australia. In the year of 1788 the first convicts are being sent to Australia because of over crowded prisons in Britain. These people, with free settlers from Ireland were to become Australia's new population and the forefathers for many Australians today. Britain t

Middlemarch Vocabulary (157 terms) assizes: a judicial inquest anodyne: soothes, comforts anomaly: deviation from the common rule; irregularity anachronism: political theory holding all forms of governmental authority to be unnecessary, undesirable, and advocating a society based on voluntary cooperation and free association augury: omen; portent adroit: clever Apocrypha: 14 books of the Septuagent rejected in Judaism and Protestantism: 11 are from the Roman Catholic Bible aver: t

What is nuclear power and what does it produce? Nuclear power is energy given off from a splitting atom and it produces heat, wastes, and electricity if used properly. Electricity is the main use for nuclear power, but baking electricity from nuclear power depends on how the reactor works, the storage of its wastes, the different kinds of power plants, and the dangers and accidents in nuclear reactors. There is a good advantage to nuclear power plants and that is; that they have an endless am

In the stories "Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been" by Joyce Carol Oates and "A Good Man Is Hard To Find" by Flannery O'Connor both of the main characters are trapped by men who are going to eventually kill them. They both say how you can't talk your way out of danger, evil. When dangerous men trap you, your sweet talk or pretty face is not going to get you out of trouble. In the end, they may even be the cause of your demise. In "Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been" the main chara

Q. Compare and contrast one poem from the Songs and Sonnets with one poem from the Holy Sonnets in terms of topic, setting, theme, stylistic features, and tone. The similarities and differences between Song, from the Songs and Sonnets collection, and Holy Sonnet VI are examined in this essay. I will compare and contrast these poems by exploring their topics, settings, themes, stylistic features, and tone. By comparing and contrasting these two poems, I expect to find the major similariti

The Fundamental Theorem of Algebra states that every polynomial equation of degree n with complex coefficients has n roots in the complex numbers. In fact, there are many equivalent formulations: for example that every real polynomial can be expressed as the product of real linear and real quadratic factors. Early studies of equations by al'Khwarizmi (c 800) only allowed positive real roots and the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra was not relevant. Cardan was the first to realize that one coul

The St. Lawrence Seaway Jamie Ferguson-Woods and Brian Tod Mr. Sarellas Due: Thurdsday, November 27th, 1997 The St. Lawrence Seaway J. Ferguson-Woods B. Tod The five great lakes offer access to world class Canadian and US ports. These ports deliver goods to most of North America. The St. Lawrence Seaway reflects the evolution of the North American shipping trade during the past one hundered and sixty years. The seaway is made up of two sectsion. the Welland Canal and the Montre

Environmental Racism in the U.S. Environmental racism is the social injustice represented by the disproportionately large number of health and environmental risks cast upon peoples of color in the communities in which they live. These minorities are the most common victims of toxic Environmental racism is now well documented in America's communities. From Baton Rouge's Cancer Alley to South Central Los Angeles millions of Americans live in housing and physical environments that are over bur

Adam Krieger Global II 5\18\97 The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a nation that rests on the strength of its faith. To understand Saudi Arabia it is necessary to understand Islam as the driving force in Saudi life. These ideals are best displayed in the nation's official emblem, the date palm, symbolizing vitality and growth, and the two crossed swords, representing justice and strength rooted in faith. The importance of the Al-Saud family dates back to the