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John Steinbeck's novel "Of Mice and Men" should not be banned form the grade 9 curriculum. This story of a man and his best friend is a great source for teaching in schools. In the book a mentally challenged character is presented. This book teaches us that people who aren't as smart as some are still good people and can do just as much as anybody else, sometimes even more. "I ain't saying he's bright. He ain't. But I say he's a God damn good worker. He can put up four hundred pound bal

David Castelletti Mrs. Reduzzi Advanced American Literature 11 January 2000 Power and Corruption in George Orwell's Animal Farm Through Animal Farm, Orwell intended to "criticize the communist regime he saw sweeping through Russia and spreading to Europe and even the United States." (Novel Guide) Orwell depicted a farm where the animals were as smart as the people. This book, Animal Farm, divides animals into categories as humans are ranked today, from the animals of lesser

Lord of The Flies Essay I chose to do essay question on the character Ralph In the novel Lord of the Flies, by William Golding the character Ralph, shows some very dramatic character changes. The changes in which Ralph undergoes, include personal as well as social changes. In the beginning of the novel Ralph is motivated and almost convinced that he and the other boys are going to be rescued from the deserted island they now inhabit. Ralph being a natural leader, was elected chief and immed

A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway is a thought provoking anti-war novel. Hemingway's powerful descriptions and direct realism almost moved me to tears by the end. He is an effective writer, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading his work. I appreciated his graphic nature in his descriptions. He didn't sugar coat the war. I often see pieces where war is sugar coated, and after a class reads the book, I hear people say "war is cool". Those people should read this book. War isn't cool, war is

Summary and Response Word Count 366 Summary In the essay titled, "If Black English Isn't a Language, Then Tell Me, What Is?" James Baldwin states what he thinks the role of language is. He also distinguishes between the characteristics of a language and the characteristics of a dialect and also the relationship between language and reality. Baldwin also talks about the fact that little phrases today such as, "jazz me, baby" and "let it all hang out" would not have originated and then la

In the novel Johnny Tremain, by Esther Forbes the main character Jonathan Lye Tremain is an apprentice to an old silversmith Mr. Lapham. In a tragic accident Johnny melts his thumb to his index finger and he can no longer use his right hand for sislversmithing. Then Johnny changes his attitude from a young aragonite boy to a wise man. For example he learned to control his temper. He did this by counting to ten when he was angered. The first time he tried this, is when Sam Adams' slave

An excellent paper, recieved a 97. Sorry for the last upload.... Tris Warkentin Short Story D Essay #1, Usher vs. Bartleby 2/14/00 Men of Science and Death The similarities between the two stories The Fall of the House of Usher and Bartleby the Scrivener, written by Edgar Allan Poe and Herman Melville, respectively, are excellent examples of the effects of romanticism on each of these writers. Poe, one of the pioneers of the American form of the romantic short story, uses v

Robert Louis Stevenson - T r e a s u r e I s l a n d The year is 2000 and there is illegal smuggling going on in a Los Angeles Warehouse. It has been a year since. Here is the story told by Jim Stock. It all started on a Saturday morning, where I was trying to find scrap food in the back of the Pisma Restaurant. I overheard a man with a limp talking to another man with glasses. I wasn't peeping in on them until heard them talking about a big deal. The man with a limp was L.J. Th

The book "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde", by Robert Louis Stevenson gives weight to the argument that evil will always corrupt and destroy good. Dr. Jekyll, through his otherworldly experiments, discovers a way to separate his benevolent and malicious sides into two separate entities. In the course of doing this, Mr. Hyde, the physical representation of all that is twisted within him, begins to gain more of an anchor within the real world than Henry Jekyll has. Jekyll first beg

Henry David Thoreau Henry David Thoreau was born in 1817 in Concord Massachusetts. He spent most of his life in the areas or writing, teacher, essayist and orator. Thoreau attended Concord Academy and Harvard. He was knows as an individualist, often scornful of authority. During these years, Thoreau encountered three men which influenced him: Edward Channing, Orestes Brownson, and Ralph Waldo Emmerson. After graduating from Harvard in 1837, Thoreau and his brother John opened there own

Sexual freedom pertains to many aspects of one's life. We get bombarded with sexual images, ideas and discussions every day, and our degree of sexual liberation affects how we react to these stimuli. Sexuality can be quite a broad topic, but I will focus primarily on sexual orientation, pornography, and one's ability to choose when and with whom to engage in sexual activity. I consider myself very comfortable with my sexuality. Some of the novels that I hold closest to my heart have such a p

Jess Brock American History Script Ragtime Tape Recorded Book Report March 20, 1999 Jess Brock This is Jess Brock, with Real News. I am in front of the Pierpont Morgan property in Manhattan where Coalhouse Walker and a troupe if young Negroes have moved into the Morgan Library after escalating events in the past few weeks. I'm going to tell you the scene here. There is an enormous crater in front of the library stairs, caused by a blast during Mr. Walker's break in. It is oddly quiet

Sanity, what is it and why do so many plays seem to illustrate the loss of this state? The causes for insanity differ greatly from the death of a father to the end of a dream. For centuries this aspect of the human psyche has fascinated audiences. Why - is it derived from a subconscious enjoyment of watching a person whose mental state is worse than that of their own, or is it due to a classic conflict of 'man verses himself'? Hamlet is an excellent example of this question. Hamlet 'preten

Nathan Petersen's Cliff Notes Author (well sort of) The Beowulf manuscript survives in one codex, the British Museum MS. Cotton Vitellius A. XV. In 1731 the codex was scorched, damaging the last two thousand lines of the poem. The manuscript itself seems to be scribed by two different monks, the first scribing the first two thirds of the poem and the second abruptly taking over for the last third. The true author of Beowulf is unknown, although it is likely that Beowulf was an oral story copie

Setting: The setting takes place in March of 1973 in Daly City, California. Characters: Dave Pelzer - Dave is a smart and strong willed boy that gets abused by his mother. "Mother can beat me all she wants, but I haven't let her take away my will to somehow survive." Mother - She is Dave's abusive mother. Most of the time she's drunk and looks like crap. "She still has a hangover from last night's stupor. Her once beautiful, shiny hair is now frazzled clumps. As usu

Lindbergh, Charles Augustus (1902-1974), American aviator, engineer, and Pulitzer Prize winner, who was the first person to make a nonstop solo flight across the Atlantic. Charles Augustus Lindbergh was born February 4, 1902, in Detroit and was delivered by his great-uncle. When he was three years old, his three-story house burned down and a simpler home was built in its place. From the age of six he had his own gun and soon became an expert marksman. His mother,

"Joe DiMaggio - The Promise" By Joe Carrieri The cover definitely grabs you. Joe DiMaggio who has such a "mystique" look to him. I never knew how complicated a man DiMaggio was. DiMaggio was a complex person, shy, conservative and yet he married Marilyn Monroe - he was a man with magic who captured the eye of Americans when America needed a hero. His 56 game hitting streak will never be broke. I saw DiMaggio in a new light. This book shows a human side to DiMaggio with a story that should b

The story "Benito Cereno" is one that puts the reader in the position of making sense out of total chaos. This is done literally in the beginning when Delano steps onto the San Dominick; and is done later when the reader is supposed to figure out who was good and who was evil. The evil in this story is not easy to pick out, due to the timeframe that the reader is allowed to know about and the point of view that the story is told from. What Melville is saying about evil, in this story, is that s

As Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) once said, "Of all the animals, man is the only one that is cruel. He is the only one that inflicts pain for the pleasure of doing it." Twain had this in mind when he was composing The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Throughout this masterpiece there are several strange, yet realistic accounts of human behavior. The purpose of this novel was to inform the reader on the cruel, strange and undeniably true behavior of our own kind, more specifically Twain inten

The disgusting possibilities of criminal human behavior occur with anarchy. Every person on this planet has a mean streak inside them. In some cases people show this side often, others you would never know they owned it. We keep this feeling inside because that's what we're taught. We have been conditioned to keep calm and not speak our mind or express anger. Rage or hate can cause a person to retaliate in violence. Rule has been enforced upon us to show that there are consequences to our

Artificial Intelligence Artificial intelligence is a highly debatable topic. You either believe that it may be achieved or think it can't, and the middle is a little shady. Artificial Intelligence is the study to create a machine that can act like a human brain, including emotions, and consciousness. This speech will cover the subject of if it can ever be achieved and at what level. This would be a giant technological step. If it is ever achieved, everyday activities such as vacuuming, or

Good Earth Essay The Good Earth is a book about a Chinese man named Wang Lung and his relationship with the earth. Wang Lungs view of the earth contrasts with most people's view of the earth today. He lived in simplicity and then when he became rich, his greatest comfort came from that that was still simple. Today many people are "rich" and are living lives where they are only comforted by the very complicated things. In Wang Lungs life, lotus was very like this. To Wang Lung, the eart

Lord of the Flies Why do we choose the leaders that we do?: In the following paper, I'm going to attempt to explain why it is that we choose the leaders in which we do. There are many various reasons why we pick certain individuals to lead us. The first one, which is in no relation to Loard of the Flies, is by being appointed. People are often predetermined leaders. One of the most obvious examples of this is royalty. For thousands of years, sons and daughters of royal famlies are g

John Knowles' novel A Separate Peace, involves a young boys' attempt to understand the world around him and himself. It is an age-old conflict set against a greater one: World War II. Gene Forrester, the narrator of the story, is fighting a war within himself concerning whether to live within the secluded and safe values found in a peaceful prep school or to move out of this security and into the confusion of the adult world. At the same time, he is waging a war against the domination of his bes

A WAY OF LIFE In the novel Shoeless Joe by W. P. Kinsella, we are able to figure out that in many ways the game of Baseball, is a way of life. Saving Ray Kinsella's farm, that gives us a basis for what the American culture should imitate. We are able to see how his farm can make a dream come true, how baseball can withstand a test of time, and how if you chase your dreams they might be better than expected. In the novel, Ray is able to change a passionate love for baseball into a realit

Stephen King : Master of Horror Stephen King, author of the books Different Seasons and Desperation, has risen to be one of the most famous writers in the horror industry. This is because of his ability to go on for page after page of massive descriptions on scenes of people's death, pain, and suffering. He digs deep down to every last detail to bring out the best in a book. King digs deep into the human psyche to reveal a person's inner and most deep emotions. In one scene in the no

World War I was one of the greatest military conflicts of all time. During this time of great death and destruction men came together and formed support groups. In Paul's group as in most groups there emerges a single leader, someone who can guide and protect its members. Katczinsky was the leader of Paul's intermediate group of friends. This is a quote from a literary analysis of the book "Kat is such an intermediate figure; an army veteran, he stands out as the classic soldier-representative

Song and Dance Man Song and Dance Man is a unique and entertaining story that touches on the joy and happiness that a grandfather experiences while reminiscing about his past. He enlightens and excites his grandchildren as he vibrantly acts out his past performances from when he was recognized as the "dance man". The clear and creative illustrations by Stephen Gammell and the simple, yet accurate text by Karen Ackerman, are what make Song and Dance Man such an enjoyable book to read. Havi

Nathaniel Hawthorne Nathaniel Hawthorne was an excellent and creative user of allegory and symbolism in his writings. Examples of allegory and symbolism can be drawn from many of his stories such as "Young Goodman Brown", and "The Minister's Black Veil". The story I will touch on will be "Young Goodman Brown". In this story Hawthorne uses allegory, or religious symbolism to make certain connections with the characters, places, items, and situations. "Hawthorne, in his metaphysical moods,

Or Shwartz 28.1.00 Book: The Green Mile (Part 1): The Two Dead Girls Author: King, Stephen Number of pages: 92 Short Summary: Paul Edgecombe tells his story as the head jailer of Block E (where people who got the death penalty stayed waiting (definitely not impatiently) for their execution) at the state penitentiary, Cold Mountain. He tells about how sad it was being in charge of the electric chair ("Old Sparky"\"The Big Juicy" as prisoners called it) executions in the 1920's

This book was about the Civil War and a certain hero named Stonewall Jackson. On January 21, 1824 Tom Jackson was born in a rural city in Virginia. When Tom was only 2, his father died leaving him, his three siblings, and his mother to fend for themselves. His mother made a living teaching and eventually they bought a cottage with their money and the help of charity. At the age of 7, Toms mother died and he was left with one of his rich uncles on a farm. Within a few years, both sisters and

Prejudism in To Kill A Mockingbird MR. Teacher English Course Code *Savior* July 12, 2000 Prejudism in the 1930s, down in the Southern United States, was not good. In the novel To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, we see many instances of prejudism against certain groups of characters. Tom Robinson, a Negro, has been discriminated due to his skin color. Scout's father, Atticus Finch, is also being prejudized because he is defending a Negro. Prejudism is also seen with Boo Radley, a.k.a.

The Great Gatsby is an excellent embodiment of the Roaring Twenties. F. Scott Fitzgerald, who was often called the spokesman for the Jazz Age, captured the essence of this time period in what is considered to be his finest work, The Great Gatsby. Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald was born September 24, 1896, in St. Paul, Minnesota. He was named for his famous ancestor, Francis Scott Key, who wrote "The Star-Spangled Banner". He enrolled in St. Paul Acad

A Character I admire From Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry A description means saying in words what something or somebody is like and admire means regarding somebody with respect, pleasure and satisfaction. The character I admire in Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry by Mildred D. Taylor is Little Man aka Clayton Chester Logan. I admire Little Man because he is brave and stubborn, is loyal to his family, likes to be very clean, and understands a lot about racism. Little Man is the youngest child in

Criticisms of Steinbeck and His Novels One of the most realistic, compassionate, yet controversial writers of all time was John Steinbeck. The novels written by him take readers through experiences that make deep impressions in their minds and are not easily forgotten. The devastation and pain that Steinbeck embarked on his characters, and their struggle to survive, is written with such immense description and realism, that readers can't help but feel the characters pain. The main subje

Within the text of The Great Gatsby, many examples of imagery are shown. Imagery is anything that makes the reader imagine a vivid picture in his or her own mind. This is what F. Scott Fitzgerald, the author of The Great Gatsby, does well. Fitzgerald impressively use such detail which make his novels all the better. Imagery is throughout this novel such as when the characters are eating brunch, at many of Gatsby's Parties, and at Mr. Wilson's Garage. Many examples of imagery are shown when t

The movie a thin Red Line was mainly about a battle that happened during World War II. It showed realistic examples of the combat style of the World War II, and how the Japanese fought. The movie's title was named because it was said at the beginning that there is a thin red line that divides the sane from the mad. In this movie some will earn metals others will do anything to get out of the war before they die. This movie was an excellent example of combat and face to face fighting. At

Dicey's Song takes place in Chesapeake Bay, Virginia. The setting helps with the mood of the story. The mood is relaxed and calm. This novel's point of view is third person (he, she, they, and them). The protagonist of the story is Dicey Tillerman. Dicey is the "hero" of this story. Dicey is very caring. Also, Dicey loves her family, and she does everything possible to protect her family. The antagonist of Dicey's Song, is her life. Her mom's sickness (she was crazy and left Dicey and her famil

In the beginning of the story, Nick is introduced. He has moved from the Midwest to New York to get rich by becoming a stock broker. Also living in New York is his second cousin, Daisy, who is married to Tom Buchanan. Nick, being liked by everyone, learns a lot. First of all, he learns of Gatsby who is his next-door neighbor. Secondly, he learns of Daisy and Gatsby's past relationship. They used to be a couple but broke up due to the fact that Gatsby was away at war and had lost his money. This

The Chocolate War "The Chocolate War" by Robert Cormier is a realistic fiction book about one boy's struggles to fight for what is right in a school ruled by a group of sharp-witted, clever individuals. This group, known as the Vigils, play the largest role in the story. True, they're not exactly the people you want to be rooting for in the end, but they keep the story interesting. Because of this group, the story never turns out how you think it will or how you want it to. Which is why

Silas Marner Paper Andrew Purcell Deadline Draft 2.7.00 The Cass Family and the Seven Deadly Sins Thesis: Through the deeds of Squire Cass, Dunstan Cass, and Godfrey Cass, the family, as a whole, serves as the embodiment of the seven deadly sins. Outline: . Squire Cass . Anger . Sloth . Dunstan Cass . Envy . Gluttony . Covetousness . Godfrey Cass . Pride . Lust In literature, both the positive and the negative aspects

As society changes around us, we spot things we never noticed before: high divorce rates, murder rates, and drug use just to name a few. James Riddley-Scott and Mary Shelley noticed and had a fear of child abandonment. In Frankenstein, Shelley explores this subject through the viewpoint of a man, Victor, who creates a child so hideous that he cannot bear to look at it, and consequently deserts it. In Blade Runner Scott explores this matter through a businessman, Tyrell, who makes replicants of

Through the study of two of American literature's classics, F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby, and Tennessee Williams' A Streetcar Named Desire, the decline of the American Dream is evident. Fitzgerald uses the East and West to compare the moral decline of each, while Williams uses the Old South and the New South to distinguish the differences in morality. The American Dream is just that, a dream. A long-lost hope based on the idea that anyone can succeed in America. The phrases, "from rags

Sula By Toni Morrison In recent years the African-American community has seen the formation of a class of intellectuals (scholars, critics, and writers), a formation continually plagued with conflict both within and without. Toni Morrison is one of those African-American intellectuals. Her book, Sula, reveals some of the conflict within the African-American community. Although all Morrison's novels focus on the relationships between black characters, Sula stands alone in its lack of

Spain By: Danilo Ananias Formal Name: Spanish State. Short Form: Spain. Term for Citizens: Spaniard(s). Capital: Madrid. Population: 38.8 million in 1986. Projected 40 million by 1990, 42 million by 2000. Rate of annual growth from 0.8 percent to 1.2 percent from 1930s to 1980s. Growth rates expected to level off or to decline slightly for remainder of twentieth century. Education and Literacy: Primary education (age six to fourteen) free and compulsory. Insufficient number of state schools a

Arthur Miller enriches the reader's experience of "The Crucible" by strategically portraying various themes throughout the play. Miller's themes include social drama, personal tragedy, hysteria, superstition, greed and vengeance, authority and judgment, theocracy, justice, historical drama, and fear of the unknown. The theme of social drama is a direct result from the time period that Miller wrote "The Crucible". The play was written during the Red Scare, when Americans were in fear of

The Necklace Essay Vanity-"There are no grades of vanity, there are only grades of ability in concealing it" Mark Twain (1835-1910), U.S. author, 1898. In the story The Necklace by Guy de Maupassant is about this women who learns a valuable lesson in life. Mathilde at the beginning of the story was an arrogant woman who did not appreciate the comforts of life that she had and did not realize how well her life was compared to the poorer people. However she has matured and has grown up by ta

The Catcher in The Rye By: Xiao Feng Huang (Charles) Catcher In the Rye Holden cannot accept change in his life. He wants everything to stay the same. Since his brother, Allie's death, Holden has trouble adapting to new situations. He is most afraid of adulthood. He would like to remain a child forever and be the catcher in the rye. If everything was as changeless and as pure as the exhibitions under glass in the museum, Holden would be satisfied in life. Adulthood scares Holden. He

DO NOT TURN THIS PAPER IN!! ESPECIALLY IF YOU ATTEND THE UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE - KNOXVILLE, AND HAVE MARILYN HARDWIG FOR A PROFESSOR. THANKS - ASHLEY In the play, A Streetcar Named Desire, author Tennessee Williams does a wonderful job developing the character of Stanley Kowalski. To me, his character seemed most like that of a true person. On the other hand, Stella, Stanley's wife, is mainly displayed as being the loving type, and because that is basically the only character trai

In a secluded valley, enclosed by mountains on every side, the Abissinian prince, Rasselas, dwells in the kingdom of Amhara. This valley, with a lake at the lowest point, collects all the world's diversities, and contains all the blessings of nature, but excludes all evil. Telling nothing but the miseries of public life, Sages continuously instruct the practice of every art to the Abissinian sons and daughters. Rasselas, a man of twenty-six years, delights himself in solitary walks and silent me