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From 1509 to 1512, Rafael Sanzio created The School of Athens, a fresco that famously reflects the humanistic interpretations of the Italian Renaissance. This magnificent work is located in the Stanza della Segnatara in the Vatican at Rome, the city Rafael died in April of 1526. At a young age Rafael traveled to Florence, where the Renaissance began, he was influenced by Leonardo da Vinci, Plato, and Aristotle, as well as Socrates, Plutarch and many other great writers, philosophers and theolo

What is Art? Art is any expression through any medium. It has to have meaning to both the artist and the viewer. Art is an expression of a person's thoughts and feelings. Art has to have meaning to both theartistand the viewer. Art is feeling. The artist needs inspiration through stimulation of visual, sonic, and mental senses. The artist has to havean idea and a reason for the art they create. Art is never without reason.Theartist has to have inspiration and experience to create meani

Renaissance is a French word meaning rebirth. It came from those who thought of the Middle Ages as a dark time from which the human spirit had to be awakened. The Renaissance marked a new era in thought and feeling, by which Europe and its institutions were to be transformed in the long run. The revelations that occurred in Italy influenced other countries for at least 200 years. Outside of Italy the Renaissance was more a blend of the old and the new with religion being the most importa

The art of surrealism goes way beyond and above reality, so did Dalí.

Salvador Dalí y Domenech is a prominent face of surrealism known for his melting watch, burning giraffes, free-floating eyes, and elephants with disturbingly long thin legs, all of which Dalí dreamt of and transferred to a canvas. Of course, we all remember that surreal goatee that at times appears turned up, other times like an unmade bed. Salvador Dalí embraced the surrealism art movement