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Hi my name is Juan Brito I am in the sixth grade. In this project I am going to talk about a goddess of ancient Greek. This goddess is called Nike he is the goddess of victory. Nike was the personification of victory in mythology. In the poet Hesiod words Nike was the daughter of the Titan Pallas and the Oceanid Styx. Styx was the daughter of Okeanos lay in love with Pallas.Then she gave birth to Zelos and Nike. Then Okeanos gave birth to Kratos and Bia now Nike has tree siblings. Who

The Greek Tragedy The tragedy was a large part of people's lives in ancient Greece. Tragedies became prominent long before Christ was born. A tragedy, or goat-song, usually were seen during festivals in ancient Greek times. Tragedies gradually increased in seriousness until they were given utmost importance. Greek tragedies began at a festival in honor of a god, there were three great tragic authors, and all tragedies include a tragic situation. Greek tragedies began at a festival in

Women in Ancient Greek Society Homer and Greek society were strongly machista. The Odyssey presents stories in which men were heroes, won wars and governed countries while females were in second plan and didn t play any expressive role in society. Women were always servants of the men throughout the poem; their existence was based on serving the men in the book. Culture in ancient Greece suggested that women had lower status than men. The Greek Herodutos visited Egypt in 15 BC and found queer

The movie “The Clash of the Titans” was very good because it was a fantasy-adventure based on Greek mythology and Greek history. Perseus, the son of Zeus, must face a variety of awesome challenges in pursuit of his destiny. It is a long and episodic movie with fine elements that focuses its story on ancient mythology. The actors and actresses are great and interpreted the story including its Greek history to the audience very well. There are also plenty of well-realized ch

Hunt for Ancient Greece an Internet Treasure Hunt on Ancient Greece created by M.Kelley O'Donnell Middle School Introduction | The Questions | Internet Resources -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Introduction On this page you will be touring Ancient Greece.Your assignment is to answer the following questions by visiting the web sites below. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Quest

Ancient Greek s art of healing was mostly associated withthe worship of Apollo, for whom the oracle at Delphi wasbuilt. According to legend, medicine was taught to Chironby Apollo. Chiron then passed on his knowledge ofmedicine to Aesculapius, who may have been a real manwho lived about 1200 b.c. Aesculapius was later seen as agod and therefore was worshipped in the Greek temples ofhealing. These healing temples were inscribed withrecords of disease treatment that consisted of; rest

Looking around Eugene, one can see the obvious heritage of architectural ideas. There are domes, fluted pillars, arches, and many other styles that were originally conceived in the ancient world. The influence of Greece, Rome, and the Renaissance can be seen literally everywhere. One place these ideas come together is the fa ade of the Christian Church at 1166 Oak, between 11th and 12th Street. The front of the building would make any citizen of ancient Athens feel at home. The wide steps ris

Ancient Governments: A comparison of ancient Greek democracy and Roman republic Even today, the ideals of government expressed and used by the ancient Greeks and Romans are well known. Although the Greek democracy and the Roman republic have many resemblances they also have many differences. Ancient Greek democracy and the ancient Roman republic may seem the same but they are actually both similar and different in three significant ways: how the system of a democracy and a republic work, how

ANCIENT EGYPT Ancient Egypt - Info on pyramids, temples, king and queens and hieroglyphs. Ancient Egypt's mysterious Language: Hieroglyphics - This site has a hieroglyph translator that can tell you the meaning of an ancient message, or can translate your message into hieroglyphs. If that link doesn't work try this one. Ancient Egypt Think Quest - Learn about Ancient Egypt, then test your knowledge by playing a game or completing a puzzle. Guardian's Ancient Egypt Kid Connec

INTRODUCTION The origin of the universe can be explained by modern astronomers and astrophysicists, while archaeologists and historians try to clarify the origin of human societies. In the distant past, however, before any sciences existed, the beginnings of the world and of society were explained by MYTHOLOGY. The dictionary defines mythology as the myths dealing with the gods, demigods, and legendary heroes of a particular people. The word myth is often mistakenly understood to mean fi

The Olympic Athlete I always have respected Olympic athletes, for they spend all their time training. Victorious athletes were professionals in the sense that they lived off the glory of their achievement ever afterwards. Their hometowns might reward them with: free meals for the rest of their lives, honorary appointments, or leadership positions in the community. The victors were memorialized in statues and also in victory songs, and commissioned from famous poets. Today, the Oly

The Greek Gods Many people would blatantly state that the importance of the gods in Greek society derives from the fact that Gods in any society are usually used to explain phenomenon that people cannot logically comprehend, but in ancient Greece gods were actually entities that took part in the workings of society itself. Even simple aspects of day-to-day life such as sex and disputes between mortals were supposedly influenced by godly workings. Unlike modern religions such as Catholicism,

Ancient Greek and Roman similarities. The ancient Greek and Roman civilizations of Europe began to progress toward a more civilized order of society. As there were no previous establishment to base their ideals on, it was understandable that there were some difficulties in their progression as a society. Although the ancient Greek and Roman governments fell, both had similar paths of creation, conquest, and destruction. Greek society began by the formation of the city-state. "The city-state,

The Persian Wars A long time ago Croesus the king of Lydia took over the Greek colonies on the east coast of Asia Minor (Turkey). Croesus was a kind and fair ruler so the Greeks did not really mind. But around 546 BC King Croesus and his empire was overthrown by Cyrus the Great who was Persian. About fifty years later Asia Minor revolted against Persia. The rebellion was assisted by Athens. The rebellion was successful. After the rebellion had stopped Darius I took complete

Larson, Jennifer Greek Heroine Cults. University of Wisconsin Press, 1995. Jennifer Larson’s extensive knowledge on the subject of ancient women, goddesses, gods, and mythology is very apparent in this book. I found the book difficult to read as one would read a novel or even a textbook. However, I thought that Larson’s very detailed (and referenced and cross-referenced) descriptions of heroine cults would make an excellent reference book. This comprehensive book details Greek he

Erin Livesey May 7, 2000 Extra Credit “Ancient Faces: Mummy Portraits From Roman Egypt” a special exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art concentrates on 70 portraits painted in Egypt during the first few centuries of Roman rule. Rome controlled Egypt as it controlled much else, through a policy of calculated multiculturalism. Egyptian customs were tolerated; Romans brought practices and beliefs of their own. Before long, things shaded together. The mummy paintings are

To represent the 'splitters' I single out the collection of essays by the late Jack Winkler on gender-protocols in 'ancient Greece', which he interprets more widely than Cohen to include texts written in Greek in Egypt or elsewhere in the Greek-speaking half of the Roman empire as well as in democratic Athens. Indeed, the close reading of texts is of the essence for Winkler's anthropological hermeneutics of ancient Greek culture - a deliberate challenge to the conventional philological ap

Helios, the Greek sun god, was also known as Sol in Roman mythology. He was the father of Aeets and Circe. He was married to Perseis. He had two sisters, Selene, the goddess of the moon, and Eos, the goddess of dawn. Ancient Greeks believed that everyday Helios drove a chariot pulled by four horses across the sky with a giant flaming ball in it. He rode with his sister Eos, the goddess of dawn. There are several different stories about how he got

“HOSPITALITY” Greek mythological stories contain many entertaining features: terrible monsters-Medusa and Hydra-, adventurous heroes-Perseus and Hercules-, and amazing gods-Zeus and Athena-. In addition to entertaining the reader, Edith Hamilton’s Mythology contains many Greek values and morals that can educate the reader. Many scholars study these values to learn more about the ancient Greek culture. One particular value shown throughout Greek myths is hospitality.

In early Greece, most drama and poetry grew from Athenian celebrations honoringthe god of wine, Dionysus. Greek plays were performed outdoors to an all maleaudience. The plays were performed in theaters that were built into hillsides. All ofthe actors were also male, and they had a chorus which explained the play as itwent. The actors wore high boots and intricate costumes, while the chorus just worenormal clothes. Most early Greek plays were tragedies and usually ended in a disaster.Trag

battles against Centaurs, Amazons, also friezes of Athena figthing the giants. Interestingly these sculptures are all of either battle or celebrations, this in way show cased the Athenian ambitions. Pericles of Athens and The Birth of Democracy Donald Kagan The free press 1991 Art and text in Ancient Greek culture Goldhill & Osborne Cambridge university press 1994 "Oedipus" is the quintessential Greek tragedy, in a classical tragedy the character is from a distinguished or unu

Since the days when man lived in caves and struggled to survive, he has wondered about the world that surrounds him. What makes the sun rise and set? Why are there seasons? Where do things go when they die? To the ancient Greeks, there were simple explanations to all these questions it was the gods! Things that seemed unexplainable could suddenly make sense when there were gods and goddesses involved. And these stories of the gods that the Greeks created to help make sense of the unive

In ancient Greece there was a belief that an equal, but justified, negative event offset every positive event. Likewise, a positive experience justified every negative escapade. This Greek belief is apparent in the epic Iliad by Homer in the scenes that Hephaistos fashions onto Achilleus’ new battle shield. The scenes painted on Achilleus’ new shield reflect to the reader the belief that the Greeks had in balance in their lives. In one such spectacle Hephaistos depicts a Greek wed

Response Paper Many of the stories written by Greek authors fill the mind with questions that parallel those asked by Christian minds throughout the world. Does God or the Greek gods predestine what will happen in a person's life? Many Christians in the world believe that this is the case and it is obvious that the ancient Greeks had these types of beliefs. The idea that the Christian God has it in for a person is flawed. The idea that separate gods get angry with different people an

Divine Power in Greek Religion Most religions have some sort of a divine being or beings. Some religions focus on one god or higher power while others have multiple gods. Usually a god is omnipotent or all- powerful if he or she acts alone versus multiple gods who usually have respective limited powers. The Christian religion has a central being that is all-powerful and controls every aspect of mankind from fate among the living to the outcome of one after he has perished whereas the Greek re

The two most dominating city-states in Greece of their time, Athens and Sparta, were great rivals with two very different ways of life. Sparta s overbearing military and Athens impartial justice system and government are models for many modern day countries. Even though these two city-states differ greatly from one another, they share many characteristics of their country and their time period. Athens and Sparta were the two most powerful Greek territories of their time. Like most cities

Aristotle: The Most Influential Greek Thinker Aristotle was one of the most influential thinkers in western culture, and a Greek philosopher, teacher, and scientist. He was probably the most scholarly and learned of the ancient Greek Philosophers. Aristotle mastered the entire development of Greek though before him and employed this knowledge in his writings. He criticized, summarized, and furthered the development of the Greek philosophies. Aristotle, along with his teacher Plato, a

Loyalty to family, community, and the gods is an important quality in the lives of ancient Greek citizens. These qualities are clear demonstrated in The Odyssey through Penelope, Telemakhos, and Odysseus. Penelope shows her loyalty in several ways. She shows loyalty to Odysseus by waiting for his return for twenty long years. She did not choose a suitor until she knew for sure that Odysseus was dead. To delay the decision of choosing a suitor, Penelope said she would marry a suitor after she

The Art of Ancient Rome The Roman sculptures and architectures were greatly influenced by the Greeks and also some effects by the Etruscans. Romans were influenced mostly by Greek art in many ways. It was because the variety of paintings, sculptures, and the different style of early architectures presented in every period of Roman history. They had pasted and copied many art works from the early Greek to build up their empire. Although the Etruscans had contributed and influenced the

Ancient Greek and Roman civilization have made many lasting contributions to western civilization. Contributions such as law, religion, sports, and trade are present in western civilization because of Greece and Rome. Justinian’s code was Roman law that was introduced by Justinian, the emperor of the Byzantine Empire. Justinian ordered a systematic review of Roman law that was more thorough than any that had taken place before. He issued the Corpus iuris civilis (Body of the Civil

While visiting the Capitol Square, I felt like I had stepped back into an ancient Greek culture. From the colossal pillars supporting the building to the bronze statues of Greek goddesses among our “war heroes” it is easy to mistake the Capitol building for a Greek temple. I want to share with you what the architecture communicated to me, what the subject of the art was that I observed, and why the building was placed where it now stands. Anyone who possesses basic kno

*P**B*Title*/B**BR*The postman always rings twice *P**B*Author*/B**BR*James M. Cain *P**B*Characterisation*/B**BR* Frank, a man who falls in love with Cora. He’s a type of guy who’s rough but smart. His passion for Cora makes him mad of love. Cora, the Greek’s wife (He’s always called the Greek in the book so I’ll better call him the Greek, his real name is Nick) Cora is in doubt weather she would go with Frank or stay with her husband, the Greek. She chooses for Fr

Greek Independence The Greek war of Independence was the result of several factors. One of the most important events was the Orlov Rebellion of 1778-79. Inspired by the belief that Russia’s war with the Turks that countries were ready to liberate all the Christians in the Ottoman Empire, a short-lived uprising took place in the Peloponnesus, in the beginning of 1778. This venture however failed because of poor organisation, but it set a model for violent resistance to Ottoman rule. T

Greek Vase Painting Greek vase painting is a very important part of Greek history. Greek vases provide us with important stories and information about ancient Greek life and mythology. This is acheaved through painted scenes on fired clay. These vases give us an idea of what life might have been like for ancient Greeks. This is why we study the different styles and periods of Greek ceramics. The evolution of Greek vase painting includes four main development periods. These perio

I never imagined that the museum trip was going to effect me the way it did. Not being in a museum for almost 6 years made me forget how remarkable they can be. It was totally unreal to see thousand-year-old artwork, art within my reach. I am not saying this because I am supposed to like all school trips. Instead I was truly amazed and will have to visit the museum again. The trip to the Metropolitan museum of art gave me a glimpse at the role of women in the ancient Greek and Chinese societ

Ancient Mathematics Mathematics is an essential tool in today’s society. Everything we do, in one way or another revolves around some kind of math. Everything from planning out your weekly schedule to cooking dinner involves forms of math. Math is all around us but not many people know how math came to be. In this paper I will discuss the origins of Mathematics in our most ancient societies. I will also show how it evolved from simple arithmetic and counting into the most complex

The Greek culture had vast effects on the formation of every culture thereafter. Had Greek culture never existed the art styles, philosophies, literature, and governments of most of cultures that followed would have been extremely different. One of the major areas that Greek culture effected was philosophy. The Greeks were the first people to think in a systemic manner and categorize things according to logic and reasoning rather than emotion and faith. Many groups of thinkers develo

4. discuss the values which helped the Romans build an empire from a city-state.From a city-state to Roman Empire, the values such as individualism and Greek idea helped the Romans build an empire from a city-state. During a city-state period, the Romans were very concerned about maintaining the customs or traditions of their ancestors. They emphasize parental authority and, above all, their obligations to the state. The highest virtue was pietas the dutiful execution of one s obligations

Oedipus is a very interesting character in Greek mythology. He encounters many episodes on his journey, escaping the dangers of the prophecy he was told. Oedipus the King us the is quite exciting to the readers because of the dramatic irony Sophocles uses throughout the trilogy. Dramatic irony is when the audience is aware of something that is going to happen in the story, and the charatcer really has no idea. Oedipus the King is a Greek tragedy. There are five basic elements of

The following discussion will concern the works, Oeconomicus and Lysistrata, by Xenophon and Aristophanes. These two works will contrast the perception of the power of men as related to women in Greek society from 412 to 354 BC. In the work Oeconomicus the author uses a conversation between Socrates and his friend Ischomachus to discuss a wife s role in the household. From this conversation a number of general statements telling the power of men and women in Greek society can be formed. The

In the Early and High Classical periods, it is clear that the Greek sculptors have moved away from the rigid frontal pose of the human body, for example, the Archaic examples of kouroi and korai statues. One of the best and earliest examples of a freestanding statue to exhibit more lifelike and natural qualities is the Kritios Boy from the Acropolis in Athens. The Kritios Boy is a example of portraiture sculpture. This shows us that the Greek sculptors believed that the head or mind and the

Plato and Aristotle are among the most influential Greek philosophers of our time. Both have made equal contribution to Ancient Greek History by putting forth theories that can impact every aspect of our lives today. One theory in particular in which Plato and Aristotle studied is the theory of the soul. The soul is said to be one of the trickiest areas of study in philosophy because of its various meanings, and continues to captivate philosophers around the world. In this paper I wi

ILIAD The Iliad is an epic poem written by Homer .Homer is traditionally believed to be the author both of the Iliad and the Odyssey , the two major epics of Greek antiquity. It is believed that Homer was a blind bard and dictated the epics. Nothing further is known about Homer as an individual , and in fact it is a matter of controversy whether a single person can be said to have written both the Iliad and the Odyssey .Linguistic and historical evidence , however , suggests that the p

Oedipus Rex by Sophocles is the definition of Greek tragedy. All elements of Greek tragedy can be found in Oedipus Rex. The main character, Oedipus, King of Thebes, is a male of noble birth with noble characteristics. He is brave, "You saved us from the Sphinx," (38-39), he is loyal "You shall see how I stand by avenge the city and the city's god," (137-138), and he is caring "...But my spirit groans for the city, for myself and for you," (65-66). He is on a quest for justice. He

Greek gods vs the Judao Christian GodWhenever we refer to the literature from which the Greek god's come from, we refer to it as mythology, i.e. Sophocles', Oedipus Rex. And yet, when we refer to the literature of the Judeo-Christian God, the Bible, this is not referred to as mythology. Both pieces of literature were written around the same time period, and yet, in modern day, we read one book to help teach us daily lessons, and we read the other for purposes of pleasure. I began to wo

Greek gods vs. Judeo-Christian God Whenever we refer to the literature from which the Greek god's come from, we refer to it as mythology, i.e. Sophocles', Oedipus Rex. And yet, when we refer to the literature of the Judeo-Christian God, the Bible, this is not referred to as mythology. Both pieces of literature were written around the same time period, and yet, in modern day, we read one book to help teach us daily lessons, and we read the other for purposes of pleasure. I began to

“GREEK FIRE” The original Greek fire was an invention used as a weapon of the Eastern Roman Emperors. It is also said to have been invented by a Syrian engineer, one Callinicus, a refugee from Maalbek, in the seventh century. The Byzantines of Constantinople originally used it. But they never used the term Greek fire because they claimed to be Romans, and never called themselves Greeks. It was like an insult to them because in their times to be Greek was to have a bad reputation.

The relevance that the themes of tragedy could have to issues affecting the city-state even in plays whose plots had ostensibly nothing to do with life in a polis shows up clearly in Sophocles' play entitled Ajax, presented in the early 440s B.C. The play bore the name of the second-best warrior (Achilles had been preeminent) in the Greek army that besieged Troy in the Trojan War. When his fellow Greek soldiers voted to award the armor of the dead Achilles to the wily Odysseus instead o

The second event that I attended at Iowa State University was Vespers. It is an awards ceremony for the greek community here on campus. It was a formal event, which began with introductions for the night. The men and women in charge of Greek Week were announced and a few minor awards were given out. The next event for the night were two guest speakers on the subject of HIV, sex, and alcohol. The two speakers were men in there mid to late thirties, one of which having HIV. The tw

The Greek Orthodox ChurchThe Greek Orthodox Church is one of the three major branches of Christianity, which "stands in today's society as one of the communities created by the apostles of Jesus in the region of the eastern Mediterranean, and which spread by missionary activity throughout Eastern Europe" (Meyendorff 5). The word orthodox comes from Greek, meaning right believing. Currently the orthodox religion has more than 174 million followers throughout the world. The Greek Orthodox