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Ulysses S. grant was born on April 27, 1822. He was born Hiram Ulysses Grant but had later changed it to Ulysses Simpson Grant, Simpson had come from his mothers maiden name. His father never had much money, but somehow got an appointment for his son to attend the Military Academy at West Point, New York. During the Mexican War he had served in Zachary Thomas? and then later Winfeild Scott?s armies. After the war he was transferred to garrison duty in the Great lakes area with his new wi

Manifest Destiny What does the painting Manifest Destiny represent? Does it show an image of hope, or one of despair? To answer a question like this one would have to understand what manifest destiny is. Manifest destiny was a term first used by an American journalist, John Louis O'Sullivan. The term describes the inevitable territorial expansion of the United States of America to take over the rest of North America. The painting shows exactly this by illustrating the westward expansion of t

The Roswell Incident Almost everyday there are programs on television which involve or relate to UFO's (Unidentified Flying Object's) or aliens from other planets. Programs including X-Files, Unsolved mysteries, and Sightings, often deal with aliens and UFO's. Many people believe in other life-forms and some will do anything to convince themselves of their existence. Many of societies thoughts and views toward the world as a whole, aliens and UFO's, and toward the government have be

Patrick Henry Patrick Henry was a great patriot. He never used his fists or guns to fight for his country, but he used a much more powerful weapon at which he held great skill: his words. Possibly the greatest orator of his time, his speeches such as "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death" struck a cord in the American spirit of those who opposed oppression and tyranny. Henry was born on May 29th, 1736 in Studley, Virginia. His schooling was basic; elementary school, then trained in the classic

Antonio de Lopez de Santa Anna Perez de Lebron was a great man. He was strong, humble, smart, and clever. But he was also a weak, arrogant, stupid, foolish, and these are what most people remember about him. That is not how he really was. In the following paragraphs I will tell about the life and times of Santa Anna, and of his mistakes and achievements, I will tell of the age of Santa Anna. On February 21, 1794, Mexico received a great leader, who would affect her dramatic history to the

The Three R's: Relief, Recovery, and Reform America is in turmoil. The country is in the midst of the worst tragedy it has ever faced, The Great Depression. The American people are sick and tired of hearing the old hands off, the country will heal itself crap. They were in desperate need of a true leader. One who would lead them through these horrible times and set the country right again. How ironic that the man who stepped up was handicapped, and would have been viewed as nothin

Lessons of the Vietnam War "American imperialism has suffered a stunning defeat in Indochina. But the same forces are engaged in another war, against a much less resilient enemy, the American people. Here, the prospects for sucess are much greater. The battleground is idealogical, not military. At stake are the lessons to be drawn from the American war in Indochina; the outcome will determine the course and character of new imperial ventures." (Noam Chomsky, 1975) Quite often the less

The LeGaCy oF maLcoLm X (El hajj Malik El Shabazz) The 1960's was the heart of the civil rights movement. Amidst the chaos, nonviolence policies, the marches and the police brutalities, many black leaders strived to unite the blacks and win them their rights. Among these leaders was a man named Malcolm X, also known as El Hajj Malik El Shabazz. The most common response to his legacy revolves on what he did wrong. People, regardless of race will say, Malcolm promoted violence, he hated whi

The New Deal During the 1930's, America witnessed a breakdown of the Democratic and free enterprise system as the US fell into the worst depression in history. The economic depression that beset the United States and other countries was unique in its severity and its consequences. At the depth of the depression, in 1933, one American worker in every four was out of a job. The great industrial slump continued throughout the 1930's, shaking the foundations of Western capitalism. The N

Have you ever heard of a person named Charles Manson? If you have not, you have probably been living in a hole for most of your life. Manson Manson, and his followers, who are referred to as "The Family," committed some of the most gruesome murders of the 20th century. I am going to tell the story of these murders and tell why Manson is still so well known decades after the murders were committed. Charles Manson was a brainwasher. He brought people into his twisted world and made them do th

Abraham Lincoln, based on facts in "The Assassination, Death of the President", by Champ Clark, was one of America's greatest President's ever. Throughout this book, Lincoln's life was told with great detail as well as the lives of all the other people that were explained. Also, the events that took place were presented by in depth information and impressing pictures. In the beginning of "The Assassination, Death of the President", Clark opened it up by telling of how Lincoln had a hauntin

Watergate Political scandals are not strangers to the United States. They date back as far as 1830, with the presidential sex scandal and Thomas Jefferson, and in 1875 with the Whiskey Ring and President Ulysses S. Grant (Time and Again 1). Today we have the Iran-Contra affair with Ronald Reagan and Whitewater with Bill and Hillary Clinton. Even with these, it can be argued that Watergate could possibly be the worst scandal in the history of the United States. Richard Milihous N

(TITLE) Chinese Immigration into the United States: From Railroad Worker to Businessman Immigration into the United States by persons from foreign nations is not as it used to be. The immigration system which exists today has evolved from many regulations, restrictions and quotas. The Chinese people came from their country in the mid 1860?s mostly as rail workers. Today most come as businessmen and students. The first documented immigration of a Chinese person

Leaping over the side of the boat, passengers splash into the icy waters below. With one lifeboat left, proplr are fighting to get on. All of a sudden, a thunderous crack is heard, and a crewman screams out, "The boat has cracked in two!" Now the frightened travelers are moving frantically toward the stern. (This might have been the scene 86 years ago.) The unsinkable Titanic went down catastrophically and the safety on the liner as well as the prevention of the incident became issues after

Captain Cook Geographers of the eighteenth century were positive that a huge continent could be found in the southern waters of the Pacific or Atlantic Oceans. When King George III of England was having trouble with his rebellious American Colonies, he was sure that settlements could flourish on the southern continent. James Cook was the son of a poor farm laborer. During his spare time he taught himself mathematics, astronomy, and navigation. At forty years old he was singled o

Gary Cone was one among many Vietnam Veterans that had a difficult time dealing with the horrors of the gruesome war. Drugs and alcohol became his escape from life. Not being able to deal with the images that continued to fill his mind long after the war was over, he drugged himself up to dull and block out the pain. He also had to deal with his uncontrolled fits of rage and anger that somehow took over his body with out his consciousness. He was depressed with no real understanding of what

A wise man once said that 'the good of the many outweigh the good of the one'. The question which remains is that of the innocent few. During the latter-half of this century, the name Roosevelt has been associated with a strong-willed individual who brought a nation out of economic decay and enforced it as a world superpower. How would the United States, as well as the free-world view F.D.R's presidency if evidence was viewed in a more liberal light? Evidence that proved he was not only a strong

GOVERNMENT LIES FROM VIETNAM For nearly a decade, the civil conflict in Vietnam was merely a footnote to the evening news in the United States. But with the first reports of an "unprovoked attack" on the U.S. destroyer Maddox by the North Vietnamese in the summer of 1964, Americans were faced with a whole new vernacular of war. The United States government consistently lied to the American people through propaganda, censorship, and disinformation during the Vietnam War in order to gain supp

BUILDING THE FIRST TRANSCONTINENTAL RAILROAD From the time when locomotives first set their immense wheels onto the frigid iron of parallel rails, Americans longed for a means of transportation which would connect the separate regions of California and the Eastern states. This need for connection, fueled by manifest destiny led to the building of the first transcontinental railroad. Expansion of the railroads would have been postponed indefinitely without the unfair support the government

I never got this back so its prolly a piece of shit. It works though. ~Suicide Angel~ of Montgomery, NJ The Concept of the Melting Pot Vs The Mixed Salad Culture of America in the 1900 is considered to be a "melting pot" because of the immigration of many cultures and their melding together to form one American culture. Today it is felt to be a "mixed salad" because even though we live together we can still be separated to our separate traits leading back to our origins. Contrary to po

Comics: In the Beginning The modern comic, as we know it, began in Joseph Pulitzer's New York World on February 17,1895. The comic, drawn by Richard F. Outcault, was based on the life of Mickey Dugan, an Irish immigrant child in the city. Although the strip had no name, people have dubbed it the "Yellow Kid" because the nightshirt worn by Mickey Dugan was the projection for an experiment in yellow ink by the newspaper. Eventually the comic came to be known as "Hogan's Alley." Soon comics we

Mike Prochaska Oil Spills The Issue Oil Spills are large-scale accidental discharges of liquid petroleum products which cause pollution along shorelines. The most spectacular involved the supertankers used for oil transport, but many other ship also spill oil, and offshore drilling operations contribute a large share of the pollution.Of every million tons of oil shiped, one ton is spilled. Some of the largest spills thus far recorded involved the tanker

Convict number 9653 at the federal penitentiary in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1920, brought friendliness and concern to his fellow inmates and prison officials. He dropped out of high school at age fourteen to work in the Terre Haute railroad yards for fifty cents as a painter. He was born of immigrant parents with a vision of justice. On September 14,1918, "Convict Number 9653" became the alias of Eugene V. Debs, who was a Hoosier union organizer, writer, lecturer, and five-time presidential candi

October 20, 1996 Robert Bourassa Robert Bourassa died at 5:45am on Wednesday, October9th on the eighth floor of the Midtown Montreal Hospital.Bourassa was 63,and succumbed to malignant melanoma cancer. He was a skilled politician and strategist to some, but to most was just a nuisance. He had been a fixture on this country's political terrain for the most part of the last three decades and will not be easily forgotten. Robert Bourassa was the son of a minor federal government functio

Glory, a word used to dignify or praise. If you look glory up in the dictionary you will find it described as great honor, praise, or distinction. It goes on to praise worthy asset, it is adoration. I myself think that the dictionary's definition that says " a height of achievement, enjoyment or prosperity" would best suit the title of the movie. I believe that the word glory was chosen for this film because what these men went out to fight for was glory. They were fighting old bat

Dr. King is the one individual who brought us a keen awareness of the issues of civil rights for all citizens of America. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s historical importance has been stated not only by the creation of a national holiday in his honor, but also by the growing public and scholarly interest in his life and teachings. Martin Luther King was born on January 15, 1929. When he was 16 he was licensed to preach and help his father in a church in Atlanta. At the age of 19 he went to study

Political Authority and Morality When a political authority assumes the power to enforce a particular view of morality as well, it obtains absolute power over its subjects. As the saying goes, absolute power corrupts absolutely. A government which dictates moral behavior to its public can not do so without oppressing and infuriating most of the population. It has happened in the past and it still happens today; when a political authority enforces a particular view of morality, the people su

Many factors led to the diversity found in the British settlements in America. More than simply for religious freedom, economics played a large role in the settlement of various geographic regions in North America. Like the Spanish and the French however, the first successful English settlement Jamestown, was dependent on the trade of tobacco back to England for its success. The differences in the settlers' reason for moving to the colonies can also be explained by where they decided to settl

The Industrial revolution was a time of drastic change and transformation from hand tools, and hand made items to machine manufactured and mass produced goods. This change generally helped life, but also hindered it as well. Pollution, such as co2 levels in the atmosphere rose, working conditions declined, and the number of women and children working increased. The government, the arts, literature, music and architecture and man's way of looking at life all changed during the period. Two re

Scott Pollack 11/23/97 11/23/97 Independence, now what? This phrase best describes what many of the first Americans thought following their independence from Briton. They had spent all of their time and energy trying to win the war, and they had not thought ahead to what was to come of them afterwards. Fearing a strong central government, they drafted the Articles of Confederation. This weak constitution and lack of unity in the new states would plunge these former colonies into th

I. Industrial Revolution A. Around the middle of the eighteenth century, Europeans began to substitute machines for human labor on a large scale. B. This process is known as industrialization. It transformed society to such a degree that, historians came to refer to it as a revolution, the industrial revolution. C. Industrialization began in England, because the nations growing population created an ever increasing demand for goods and services. D. England had an abundant supplies of

Causes of the War: Taxation Programs Some of the major causes of the Revolutionary War were the taxation programs set up by the British government in order to increase profit from their colonization investment. The five biggest programs were the Townshend Act, the Sugar Act, the Stamp Act, the Tea Act, and the Currency Act. These acts led to loss of money among the colonists and businesses at such a large rate that they could no longer afford to continue doing nothing to resist the British

The Titanic Disaster In its time the TITANIC was a state of the art ocean liner and deemed unsinkable. It was 85 years ago, that the Royal Mail Steamer (R.M.S.) Titanic, on her maiden voyage in 1912, struck an iceberg. The collision was not head-on. The berg bumped and ground along the starboard side and then was gone into the calm, moonless night. At first, few thought the damage serious. It was difficult to coax passengers into the lifeboats. Yet three hours later, the Titanic slammed into

The Desert Storm War, like almost all wars throughout history, did not happen overnight. There were many events which led to the war. It could easily be seen that a conflict would arise in the Middle East. The sign of war were evident. On July 17, 1990, Saddam Hussein accused Kuwait of oil overproduction and theft of oil from the Rumailia Oil Field. This was the first sign of a future conflict. One week later, April Glaspie, US Ambassador to Iraq, tells Hussein that the Iraq/Kuwait dispu

The Constitution was indeed a noteworthy advance in government. It was, however, opposed by many. There were many reasons for opposition to creating a new form of government. These reasons included both greed and a belief that a change could easily lead to a loss of all that was fought for in the Revolution. The formation of a new form of government was a bold move and to change that slowly falling government, known as the Articles of Confederation, to a new form during a convention held under

GENERAL ROBERT E. LEE General Robert Edward Lee was one of the most brilliant leaders in United States history, and possibly the greatest general. He was one of the sole reasons the Confederate States of America survived for four years in the American Civil War. Lee came from an honored family. His father was the Revolutionary War hero, Light Horse Harry Lee, who was a friend of George Washington. Several other people in Lee's family had also played important roles in Virginia's history.

Warren G. Harding Introduction Warren Gamaliel Harding, (1865-1923), was the 29th President of the United States. He was elected president in 1920 by an overwhelming vote in a postwar reaction against President Wilson's international policies. The first American president to take office after World War I, Harding was also the first president to be born after the Civil War. Harding himself felt that his administration would be remembered in history for the treaties negotiated following t

The Twenties have often been known as one of the most prosperous decades in our history. It was the decade of high times following the Great War's additions to our economy. But it was these additions that eventually led to the largest stock market crash in America. Millions were affected by the resulting depression, which eventually became so massive that the leaders of the time started referring to it as the Great Depression. The summation of these effects is a job best left to historians,

ANDREW JACKSON Part 1 Andrew Jackson, the seventh president of the United States, was born in a backwoods settlement in South Carolina on March 15, 1767. He attended frontier schools and learned to read. He was often called on to read aloud the newspaper from Philadelphia to the community. Jackson in the Revolutionary War The Revolutionary War did not reach the Carolinas until 1780. Jackson, who was 13 years old, became an orderly and a messenger in the Mounted Militia of South Carol

How England Instigated The American Revolution Soon after England established the colonies in the New World, it began a period of salutary neglect. The English rarely intervened with colonial business. It was during this time that the colonies began gradually to think and act independently of England. This scared England, and initiated a period in which they became more involved in the colony's growth. Parliament tried to establish power in the New World by issuing a series of laws. The

Soon after England established the colonies in the New World, it began a period of salutary neglect. The English rarely intervened with colonial business. It was during this time that the colonies began gradually to think and act independently of England. This scared England, and initiated a period in which they became more involved in the colony's growth. Parliament tried to establish power in the New World by issuing a series of laws. The passage of these laws undermined the Colonist's l

Analyze the degree to which the Articles of Confederation provided an effective form of government with respect to foreign relations, economic conditions, and western lands. The Articles of Confederation were a primitive version of the current Constitution of the United States. Back in the 1700's all 13 states approved the Articles of Confederation. The Articles of Confederation served as the only way to keep the states unified. Though they were weak (most people were afraid of having a s

The Iroquois are an American Indian confederacy of New York originally consisting of the Cayuga, Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Seneca, and Tuscarora tribes. When the constitution of the United States was being written it was proposed that the new government should be formed along the lines of the Iroquois League of Nations, which had been functioning as a democratic government for hundreds of years. The Iroquois had a system that seemed to meet most of the demands put forth by the parties at the

A.P. History 10-15-98 By 1750, colonials in America were not as yet unique, but there were differences between European/British patterns of behavior as seen in the New England, Middle, and Chesapeake Bay colonies. During the mid seventeen hundreds, colonial America was rapidly changing. America was a new territory, and eager to break away from England. Although

Latin America Latin America affects Florida, the Southwest and California in many ways. Three of the most obvious are food, holidays, and the people. These influences are mainly for the good though some can have negative influence as well. The food found in the Southwest is very similar to that of Latin America. Though some of the foods and restaurants aren't exactly the same or as good, they still come across as being from Mexico. Taco Bell is a great example of this. The food is not

When the United States was first getting started and all the laws were first being made the citizens were afraid that the government was going to become too powerful. Therefore they wanted many different people to be running the government instead of one person or one small group of people. This added to the fear of having political parties. If one political party had control of the government then it would become an oligarchy in a way. A central authority was something to be distrusted, watc

Gettysburg is arguably the Army of the Potomac's (AOP) only great victory on the battlefield. Antietam, certainly a strategic victory, showed Robert E. Lee's unstoppable killing machine was indeed stoppable. And the AOP did, of course, eventually force Lee's Army of Northern Virginia (ANV) from its impregnable Petersburg trenches. But Lee's surrender at Appomattox Courthouse finally came when the Rebel army was so weakened that surrender was almost a foregone conclusion. Therefore, such Union vi

The lives of David Crockett and that of Black Hawk have similarities and differences. They were both men of the same time era, who had memoirs and views of issues of that time period. Even though their views might have been different, they both lived through the same controversial issues of the time. David Crockett and Black Hawk both had strong ties to their fathers. David Crockett who was the prodigal son who came back home to his father worked one year to pay of his father's notes. The

There are many reasons and events that sparked the revolutionary movement. Many of the reasons were based on England's need for power and money. The colonists, who were being taxed and governed against their will decided it was time to break off from the mother country and form their own country with their own rules. The main events that got the colonists fired up were all the new taxes being forced on them by the British crown to help pay for war reparations. The colonists, though fewer in

The writings of Henry David Thoreau are manifestations of transcendental thought in a variety of ways. First and foremost is the aspect of the individual defiance against established orders of society. Thoreau conveys strong sentiments toward the beliefs in the essential unity of creation and the goodness of humanity. Another key element to transcendental thought is the supremacy of insight over logic and reason, in which Thoreau was a devoted disciple. Through his various essays, Thoreau ex