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From time immemorial, people looked for ways to get rid of unwanted pregnancies. The debate on abortion today is intense as both the nonreligious and the religious groups seek to legitimize and nullify abortion. Is abortion right or wrong? Should someone be allowed to take another’s life? Abortion refers to the deliberate process of terminating a pregnancy. Doctors and physicians undertake a medical procedure to save the mother’s life, to prevent the completion of pregnancy result

Abortion Should Be Illegal Getting an abortion is a very tough decision to make with serious consequences. The process requires the pregnant, soon to be mother, to go through a procedure where the fetus in the uterus is killed and extracted from their body. The decision to have this done could be a very regrettable one. Sure, it may feel like it is the right thing to do at the time, but later on in life the mother and father of the unborn child might realize that they wanted to keep the ch

While Doe v. Bolton differs from Roe v. Wade in terms of breadth, it still holds a place as a landmark case in the subject of abortion. As of late, the primary points of contention over abortion are philosophical in essence, attempting to define the starting point from which life springs and claiming equivocating abortion to murder in light of such argumentation. The central dispute in Doe v. Bolton is of practical concern: particularly, abortion as a medical procedure. In the state

Regardless of who you are and what you feel about where life begins, of sex, of women, of motherhood, of God, of Karma, or of the Bible, no one can ignore the fact that women have always resorted to abortion, and they always will. No matter how much authorities argue whether it is right or wrong, abortion is happening whether we like it or not. It is safe to say then that instead of trying to abolish the practice, might as well embrace it and make it accessible to consequently ensure the safe

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), or venereal diseases, affect more than 500 million people worldwide, and 110 million people in the United States alone (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2013). While STDs affect different demographics, about 50% of new cases consist of the youth. STDs are infections passed through unprotected vaginal, anal, and oral sex; blood transfusions; or sharing needles. It can also be transmitted to infants during pregnancy. Some of the most common types

Making passes, non-consensual sexual advances, catcalling, and unwelcome physical gestures are behaviours that can be categorized under sexual harassment. When submission or refusal to this behaviour negatively impacts an employee’s performance or produces an inauspicious, intimidating, and tense work environment, the harassment should be made known to the appropriate department. 

Most common are sexual harassment cases where women are victims. However, often overlooked and d

Every query, at its core, surrounding the issue of abortion finds its roots from a singular, fundamental question: is abortion equivalent to murder? Indeed, this would imply that abortion is a matter of morality – and that, it is. Abortion entails an imposition of the mother’s will over her own growing child’s, such that it leads to the death of the latter. This description may rouse attempts of refutation, particularly on whether what is growing in the mother is alive &ndas

As a landmark case, the Roe v. Wade ruling built the foundation upon which the continuing debate between pro-life and pro-choice stands in the United States. While it ruled in favor of Jane Roe, and thus pro-choice, it also roused the proponents of pro-life to action, all revolving around the concept of the right to privacy, endowed upon each and every individual over themselves. Its significance as a landmark case, however, may soon be undermined by the current political climate of

Abortion has always been on the top of the controversial pile - truths and myths are debated over the issue for quite some time. The arguments range from women’s rights to everybody else’s perspective, including religious notions, and just like all the other issues, the correctness of abortion is weighed with two opposing arguments.

The Legalization of Abortion

It might be a little too much to take for the opposing side, but those who agree with the le

The loss of a life is always aggrieved, either by a loved one or someone who enjoyed his company. Such grievance is nuanced during miscarriage. When the mother loses the child in her womb, she also loses the hopes, dreams, and the chance of experiencing joy with someone that, now, can no longer be. This is the grievance of loss; unfortunately, it is not always felt with miscarriage when it is deliberate. Today, it is commonly called “abortion,” and while it, too, is met