Comparison Of Reacism Today Fr Term Paper

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Racism today is both the same and different from racism of the early 1900 s. Some areas of racism that are the same include that of the dark colored skinned population being segregated from whites and groups ganging up against people of a colored skin. Areas of racism that have changed dramatically include that amount of criticism the groups receive and the forms that they receive criticism.

Some people have always looked down the dark skinned population upon for generations and generations. When the United States was formed black colored people from Africa where used as slaves, they where property and not a human being. Since this time many people have believed that whites are the supreme power and beings.

Today, many people do not segregate based upon race or skin color. This was not the case in the early 1900 s. At that time slavery was an issue that was just being put to and end and many people still saw the blacks as property. Other people saw the blacks as a hard worked for a low amount of pay. At this time, it was looked upon as British forming the new colonies. Most of these founders where of the white skin and found other skin colors as intruders or people in there way. These founders then just used them and saw them as cheap labor. Today though, many blacks make more or equal money and live a better or equal life then most of the white population. Look at a basketball or football team, it is mainly consisted of very talented dark skinned people. No longer do whites and blanks have different bathrooms and drinking fountains. We are on our way to becoming all one, being united. Unfortunately not all people feel this way and today there are still people that believed blacks should not exists and that they are just in the way. Blacks are still segregated in some ways today, but not near as much as they had been in the early 1900 s.

Racism is obviously not something God planned, it is a sin, we are all equal with no one being better then anyone else. Racism has changed a lot during the past hundred years, working toward the goal of everyone being equal as we are in Gods eyes.

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