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The "Invisible" Problems of RacismThe problem with racism is that many people don't think it is. Many live their lives noteven realizing what is happening the world around them. "Racism, here, nah." Others know allabout it, but they don't realize that they themselves, yes, themselves, are racists. "Huh,I'm not racist. What do you mean? I'm more open minded than that. Give me some credit." Thenthey turn around and discriminate against someone else's human rights. Not racist, yahright.What is one of the main problems with racism? It's that many people live in racistconditions, without even seeing it. It flies right over their heads. Schools, the workplace,our community, our friends house, even our homes. We hear a racial slur, oh well, it's justa joke. Hardly. If you think racist joke are harmless than you should take a reality check. Racist jokes are just the start of it. Many people think the jokes are funny. Maybe theyare, but they still hurt the people the jokes are about.Some of the worst racists are the ones who think that they are not racist and really are. They really have to come to grips with reality. Why are they some the worst racists? Theyare, because they can't comprehend what is happening. They don't realize what they aresaying and doing are racist. Until they come to grips with it there is no problem. Noproblem, in their minds. They say that they aren't racist, even when they don't hire theEast Indian employee who was the most qualified of the candidates. Even when the basketballteam that they coach is all white. And even the time when they moved from their seat at themovie theater because of the black person next to them. Well, gee, they could have been a

criminal. A robber from "the hood." After all, isn't that what most of "them" are. No onedeserves to be prejudged like that. The prejudice of people in the world is disgusting. Theworst part of it all is that they don't even know that they are doing it. They think it's just normal behavior. It doesn't even phase them when they do it.Then there are those who are completely unaware of racism in the world. They walk down thestreets, through the stores and working at their job, completely oblivious. They're soblind! Why can't they see what is happening around them? Have they really lived suchsheltered lives? Or do they just not want to believe it is happening? If you take someoneand put them in the heart of a racist area, they still won't notice the problems. They willsee it with their own eyes, but it won't register in their mind. If these people don't opentheir eyes, they will never see what is happening. What is going to happen to the world ifpeople don't start realizing what is happening? Will we be plunged into a time where racialtension is everywhere? Will we soon start having racial wars? Will racial violence be anormal every day occurrence? I don't know. No one could know. Unless we start taking actionand helping people come to grips with the way they are we can't combat racism.People who don't see that racism is a problem are almost as bad as the racists themselves. Now, don't take that comment in the wrong way, but as long as they are unaware, racism won'tstop. I am aware of racism. I am also not a racist myself. I have lived in a racistcommunity for most of my life, thank god I haven't turned out like the rest of them. Thereis hope for everybody.

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