My Thoughts On Prejudice Term Paper

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My Thoughts on Prejudice In a person s lifetime, one is bound to see and or feel the effects of prejudices and racism in one way or another; whether it be directly through an insult or act of violence or indirectly through a joke or movie, racism and prejudices are out there. Racism can be found in places like schools, playgrounds, sports fields, malls, homes, neighborhoods and almost anywhere else. What is racism? What is a racist? describes racism as, The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others, and, Discrimination or prejudice based on race. A racist is a person who practices the act of racism. I believe that racism is like a malicious wave that violently sweeps over a person and washes away their dignity and self-esteem leaving them naked and vulnerable inside. One of my pet peeves is when people use racial slurs in stories, songs and jokes claiming that it does not harm or offend anyone because it is just a simple word or phrase or name. I always find myself offended when racist comments are made; not because they are meant to harm me, but because so many other people take offense to these comments. Furthermore, for one to be prejudice against people of a certain race, religion or ethnic background, I believe that they must be ignorant and stubborn in their ways, narrow-minded and have a feel unsure about their own ways. Undoubtedly, racism is wrong, unjust and everyone should be treated equally In Richard Wright s autobiography, Black Boy, he directly feels the influence of racism while living in the South during the early part of the twentieth century. He was thrown off the side of a speeding car for not addressing a white man as sir , fired from jobs because of the way he acted and looked, called a thief and a liar because of his race and threatened with death by fellow white coworkers for not addressing one as Mr. Richard also feels the effects of racism indirectly through the death of his uncle, his friend s brother and through stories he hears from his peers. Richard Wright is a definite example of how one can be the subject of cruel racist acts yet overcome their harsh consequences. Although racism and prejudices can be found most anywhere, they should not have to be. Strong-minded individuals with high self-esteem can overcome the outcome of racist comments, acts of violence and the undeserved hate towards them.

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