Racism In America Term Paper

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Racism in America

Racism is a common topic among Americans. One sub part of racism is inter-rational dating. I believe that inter-rational dating should be accepted. There are several good aspects that can assault from inter-rational dating. The three examples are: equality among races, learning more about different cultures and beliefs, and minimizing racism.

Dating someone from another race can show your family and friends that everyone is equal. It can also get rid of prejudice in families and friends. When you date a person of another race, get together with their groups and start hanging out with them. Get to know the people in their race better. Show other people that everyone is equal and that no race is better than the other.

When you date a person from another race, it allows you to learn more about their culture and beliefs. While you date them, try to get involved in their culture by doing charity with them or studying their beliefs. Do things that will help you learn more about them. When you date a person from another race, try asking them questions about their culture and beliefs. Celebrate their religious holidays and do things that they normally do on that day. And also try to dress the way they do in their culture. This activity will also cause equality among people.

Dating someone from another race can help you get rid of racism. While you date someone from another race, go to the people who happen to be really racist and show them how well you get along with a person from another race. Bring your date home and introduce them to your family. Make other people realize that being racist is not the best way to go about things. Make them realize that getting along is the best way to live.

In conclusion, inter-racial dating should be accepted among the people of today. There are a lot of good things that come from inter-racial dating that can leave a positive influence on people who are not aware of the racism of the world.

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