Racism: Still Burning In America Term Paper

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Racism: Still Burning in America

Racism. This topic has been and will continue to be the controversial topic of every generation. Why? The answer is very clear. Racism is very much alive and is felt all over America. We, as a nation, continue to search for constructive ways to challenge racism and some even have the hope that someday all races will be able to experience the true freedom this country claims to have. In order for a change or a reformation to even begin, Society needs to find the root of all this hate, and each individual needs to examine his or her heart. The question many people struggle with is simply why. Why is there so much hate? Why do some people feel the need to discriminate and put people down because of the color of their skin? Why does society ignore the fact that something needs to be done racism? Just because slavery was abolished many years ago does not mean there are no racial tensions. Day after Day, we hear about crimes committed by groups or individuals who have an abundance of hate in their hearts.

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