Racism Term Paper

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We have all heard about or been involved with racism. It is the ugly side of people we often see. Racism is an important and controversial subject. The government has banned racism, but its use continues in different forms. Even though you may not realise it, racism has been around for generations and still continues because of past family experiences with other cultures. Myths and established traits are one example. For instance , were a cat to disappear in front of a Chinese shop, it would bring out some people's racial prejudices because of fear or refusal to understand other cultures. Racism has evolved into cultural affairs. It destroys the hope for peace in multicultural communities. Brunswick is a multicultural community. One shocking indicator of just how prevalent racism remains, is an informal survey I conducted in Brunswick. Of 23 Brunswick residents polled, 18 said they were not racist. This may bring hope for other suburbs. Nonetheless, five people still admitted to being racist.

Is there an excuse for racism? According to one respondent,"There are no excuses for racism". But other respondents gave poor excuses. One of the people said "You're black, you don't belong here.", which most people find offensive and uncalled for. You wouldn't appreciate it if were you who was discriminated against. By Jack Milton

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