The Intrepid Traveler

By Travis Scott

You might be wondering what intrepid traveler means. Anyone who is familiar with the Intrepid Traveler

knows that the Intrepid Traveler is a shadow, if you will, that floats around from galaxy to galaxy watching us.

You might ask if he is god or not. Well he's not, he has no religion and doesn't make things and he isn't perfect.

You know those times when you feel like someone is watching you, guiding you, or just helping you out you might

know the Intrepid Traveler better than you think you do.

What does the Intrepid Traveler do? As I said earlier he can help you out, but he can also do many other

things as well. I have various friends who have told me about times when the Intrepid Traveler has come through

them and made them do odd things that they have no knowledge of. For example, a senior named Will showed me

a program on his calculator that had no meaning to the normal person but had a great deal of meaning to him.

The message had him asking me questions about odd things like if I am one with myself and nature. He knew at

that time that it was, in fact, the Intrepid Traveler because he could understand it completely but I had no idea

what in the world he was talking about. The reason why I can't interpret the message even though I know about

the Intrepid Traveler is because it's not a message to me, but to Will. The only way I could interpret any message

by the Intrepid Traveler and not just mine is to become one with myself. To do this I have been reading various

books that keep me in touch with my inner feelings. Hopefully, some day I will be able to understand what he is

saying totally.

However, he doesn't necessarily need to go through a person to contact our visible life. I said visible life

because their is another life inside you called your imagination, but I won't begin to get into that! So far their are

only three people, counting me, that know of the Intrepid Traveler that are in my class and one day we all walked

in and saw "The Intrepid Traveler" written on the chalkboard. We all knew at that time that he was real.

Some people ask me if I have ever had an "experience" with the Intrepid Traveler by myself. The answer

is yes. I was at my last basketball game of the season and I had two free throws to win the game. I was tired as

could be and I knew I needed a miracle to hit both of these shots. I some how made the first one and was left with

my final shot. I could sense his presence so I gave it all up to him, I closed my eyes and shot. Nothing but net, and

we one the game!

The Intrepid Traveler only does good for people whether they realize it at that time or not. He brings out

the best in you and tries to make you succeed at not only your present tasks but at becoming one with yourself so

you can live happy in your remaining earth years.

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