Metric Poem

The metric system is really cool,

We use it all day long at school,

Forget America's inches and feet,

They're way too boring and put us to sleep.

Let's take the meter for example,

The basic unit of length in metric measure,

It's really simple and very neat,

It makes any math a simple feat.

Measuring volume is truly easy,

You don't have to use American gallons to please me,

You can break out the liters that all else abuse,

Since congress in 1866 said metric was okay to use.

In metrics the unit for weight is a gram,

It's so small it can fit in the palm of your hand,

Believe it or not the pound will go away,

The gram is what will hold it at bay.

Metrics is the supreme system for more than one reason,

Don't think of using it as being treason,

Moving a dot to the left or the right,

Is so much easier than dividing and multiplying by 12 all night.

If you learn the prefixes in no time,

You can use them on any unit mentioned in this rhyme,

It may not come at a drop of a dime,

But look at it this way, all of my work may not be mine.

You may add Deka to meters, liters or grams,

And "No" you may not start saying "Damn",

The learning curve is not very steep,

Just move the decimal to left, is that going a little too deep?

Move the decimal once to the right and you have deci,

That's in the 10th's place if you listened,

Of course now you have made the unit smaller,

So big deal you can always make the unit taller.

Next goes hecta two places to the left,

This makes any unit larger and more deft,

It leaves deka in the dark,

But it's just doesn't have the kilo bark

To the right two places it's centi,

The pretty for the 10th's place,

Don't get lost in space,

Because it's almost the end of this race.

Kilo the prefix 3 decimal places to the left,.

Is really the most used of the them all,

It's used to measure things in quantities,

And it's so easy that no one needs to get on their knees.

Milli is the last prefix I will use,

It's is here for all of America to abuse,

So please come-on and take the hint,

It's 3 places to the right so please think.

Metrics is really neat,

It makes the American system feel the heat,

So while you sit there and look at your feet,

Just imagine what metrics can do for you in a week.

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