1900: Born in Vienna, Austria

1921: Receives a Ph.D. summa cum laud in theoretical physics from the University of Munich

1919: three of his papers on the relativity theory were published

1921-1922: Works in Gottingen as an assistant to Max Born

1922: Moves to Copenhagen at the invitation of Niels Bohr.

1924-1925: Formulates his exclusion principle

1928: Becomes a professor of theoretical physics at the Federal Institute of Technology of Zurich

1930: Receives the Lorentz Medal

1931: Proposes the existence of a new subatomic particle later named the neutrino

1933: Publishes "Die allgemenien Prinzipien der Wellenmechanik" (general principle of wave mechanics)

1940-1946: Becomes a visiting faculty member at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey

1945: Awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics

1952: Receives the Franklin medal

1958: Receives the Max Planck Medal

1958: Dies in Zurich, Switzerland

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