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There is a grave matter affecting all students these days. Whether you're still in grade school or in a post-secondary institution. The brainwashing that takes place over us is undeniable! And it's not the teachers in which I am talking about.


Throughout life you look at your parents as a lifeline. They supply money, clothes, and shelter. This is not them just being nice to you. It's there way of staying in your good graces. As students, we should be naturally rebellious, especially against our own parents. Without the rebellious nature, you believe that society is right, and that 100% is perfect. Well it's not. Its abnormal. The goal of 100% is as wrong as 2 + 2 = 4! It's a standard that's been set and left unexplainable! Everyone is different in the way that they learn to read, write, act, play sports and do everything done everyday. All those who are different are weeded out. They are the ones who fail, do poorly on tests, or drop out because of the lack of academic abilities. They are the ones with the true skill. They have leadership qualities that are not found in brainiacs and geniuses. Look at bill gates, dropped out of college, now a billionaire. Because of this secietall belief that everyone needs to go to university, those who should be at the top are left scrumming for food and scraps because of lack of respect, not lack of education. So I say, if everyone units to voice out the wrongs being done upon us, we can change the future for ourselves. We can create a balance that will ensure our survival as Canadians! Remember although book smart students may get by acedemically, doesn't meen they will be good out in the workplace. Its time to give everyone a fair and equal chance at education with better and more well rounded education programs and a decrease in the unobtainable expectations set forth by your parents!!!!

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